38 thoughts on “Mike Love "Leaders" Live at Salt

  1. Good song, but man that long generic intro is so cringey and offputting. He does it alot too, and its such a huge barrier for potential listeners of such a genuinely amazing and talented musician.

  2. Please, can someone help to where i find the whole lyrics? Just cheking the one i wrote. God Bless Us. 🤙

  3. Brah, mahalo nui loa e Mike Love no kau hana no keia honua a me ka Poe o keia aina. He mana ko keia mele. E huli I ka pohaku a e inu I ka wai Ola o ke kanaka!!! Chee pono!!!

  4. Awwww My Favorite In A Long Long Time Yah Guys Are Listening Waking Them Planting Seeds And Growing Sturdy Trees Outta Them Babes!!

    Thank Yew Soooo Much For This Powerful Tune!!! I Love Yah Brothers I Am Angry It Is Time My Boys!!!!!! One Love!!

  6. I really wish this song was on spotify in this version. There's one on there but it's not the same. This is such a great Reggae bass line. Well put together song.

  7. I love the band, but when it´s only Mike and Sam it´s pure magic. We truly need more teachers like these two healers, come out of hiding.

  8. Thanks for the calling!
    Keep shining beautiful souls <3
    Is there anywhere the lyrics of this masterpiece?

  9. Mike Love… One of a kind .. got more talent in his little toe (literally) than most will ever have period!

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