hey guys I’ve been really looking forward to doing this video for quite some time now I’ve been reading some awesome little great graphic novels and I’ve just been dying to like talk about them and share them with people so I’m really excited about this I have a lot here but I’ll go through them quickly and I’ll tell you a little bit about them and hopefully you’ll pick some up because I think they’re all great my first book I have here is guts by Reyna talgamite and this book was so good it is about childhood anxiety essentially and it’s sort of memoir esque and the main character Reina she’s a middle school and she’s going through she has like these stomach issues at the beginning of the book and it leads to like other things and she has to go to therapy and all the stuff but it was just so touching there’s stuff about friendship in here about food about kind of those like those weird awkward middle school moments and yeah it was so beautiful so good I highly recommend this and Sally and Kelly have also told me to go read her other books like ghosts and smile and braces I believe um so yeah I’m really excited to dive into all her other stuff but I don’t recommend this one my second graphic novel recommendation is stargazing by Jen Wang Jen Wang wrote the prints and the dressmaker which was so so good I believe it’s why a but I given it to some of my middle grade cousins and they also really liked it but this book is for at 8 to 12 year olds and I loved it it is about two girls moon and Christine and they both come from the same ethnic background they’re both chinese-american but it talks about how even though you come from the same ethnic background how diverse and different your lives could be and I think she just did such a great job like capturing capturing that and capturing those like little moments in in middle school and she deals with like kind of childhood jealousy sometimes where like sometimes mean things that like kids can do but they’re still really good at heart yeah this was fantastic and I really recommend this also the art was beautiful in here the third book that I have on my list is best friends by Shannon Hale and Leon Fram um this one I actually just read today like sitting sitting at my desk Sally just had it she just took it up in the library and I was like ooh what’s interesting and boy was this good this is also kind of like a memoir esque novel um the main character Shannon is just entering great sex and she is friends with like the most popular girls in school but she kind of is still figuring out some of those like unwritten rules like there’s all these like rules I keep changing and she doesn’t know what to do and there’s all this drama among the girls at her school and it just felt so real and some parts were like so cringy like I was like oh I’m so happy that I don’t have to deal with this but also like it just felt so real and true and yeah I feel like a lot of kids could relate with this book and the issues in this book I would probably recommend this for like older middle grade readers just because there’s just like there’s there’s just things like like first boyfriends and first kisses and things like that but I I really enjoyed this highly recommend my next book is be prepared by Vera for hostile um and again I would also recommend this probably for like older middle grade readers but it is about a girl who gets sent to Russian summer camp and it is so funny and so sober light of look so relatable and also like the art is just is just stunning I I love this type of like color scheme where it’s just just a few colors but it’s just it’s very emotional and it’s very good okay my final contemporary middle grade book is aldolpho by Cece doll I wish I had a copy of this with me I’m about to give it back to the library and that book was just so so heartwarming and it was about a girl who is deaf and kind of just like what her life is like it spans like quite a few years of her young life from the time that she’s like in preschool to like I believe middle school um and I learned so much about what it is like being deaf things that like I didn’t even know like some some biases that even I had um so yeah it was a really good book it’s also memoir ask yeah and I highly recommend it and then and the drawings were we’re so we’re so beautiful okay so that is it for my kind of contemporary middle-grade list now let’s go into fantasy because that’s always fun this book this was our pepper behind Andrews I love this book so much i gifted it three times in the past month and I’ve read it like more than five or six times I think the art in this book is so stunning it’s such an experience to like flip through the pages and go through this story it’s it’s so beautiful and the characters are awesome yeah it’s it’s beautiful it has kind of like studio ghibli vibes to it and some like stranger things vibe to it as well yeah I don’t want to spoil it too much cuz like all like what happens in this book was so unexpected for me like I was all of a sudden like transported into like a whole different story that I didn’t expect it to go so I’ll just like leave it up to you to read it but this was so good my next book is called pillow of the woods or pilu of the woods I’m not actually sure how to pronounce it by my cane un um and this was such a cute read for me I like like I was crying but the end of it but basically it’s about a girl willow and she loses her mom and she’s like dealing with the grief as she gets into a fight with her sister and she runs away into the woods and in the woods she meets this she meets this like forest spirit or a tree spirit um named pilu or pillow not sure um and yeah and they they go on an adventure together and this book is really about how to deal with your emotions and how to express your emotions and it’s something I’ve never really read before and it was really good and I really related to it because I’m someone who like sometimes doesn’t deal with their emotions very well or like doesn’t like really talk about their emotions so I thought this book was really well done and yeah and the art is stunning I yeah I want to just like take print like almost like photocopy or scan pages and like put them up on my wall cuz it’s so beautiful my next recommendation is the amulet series the series has been on my radar for quite some time the first book up came out the first book came out years ago um but I just like never got around to reading until recently and I’ve just been life flying through the series um there’s so many books in this series I think there’s eight or maybe nine I’m not sure but I’m on book 5 and it’s so good I love the art um I think the world-building is so cool all the different characters and the creatures in this world are just amazing yeah I really recommend this fantasy series I love one thing I really love about this is that the mom is in in the story usually in kids books like the parents kind of like are not in the picture but I like that this book in this book my mom stays in this series and she’s kind of part of the adventure at least so far um so yeah really really like like these series so second last book recommendation is the gravity follows lost legends graphic novel so if you’re a fan of gravity falls I really really recommend this book I love this show and I just thought this graphic novel was perfect it’s by it’s like written and it’s made by the creator of the show so that makes it even better um but I have not laughed out loud from a book and so like this much and so long every single page was just perfect and it was just so funny and yeah it was it was great um I don’t think you need to watch the show to be able to enjoy this but I think it will help but yeah it’s it’s so funny the last recommendation is The Wizard of Oz graphic novel series as published or as publisher Marvel and it’s by Erik Shanna word I believe that’s how you pronounce it um and he just does such a great job with this series the illustration is so beautiful I’ve never actually read The Wizard of all is like original stories but I feel like I don’t have to after reading these graphic novels there so he’s such a huge fan of it and it stays so true to the story apparently um and yeah I just I love the series and if you’re a fan of the movie I would also recommend it yeah it’s it’s great if you have any more recommendations for middle grade graphic novels leave them below in the comments I’m always on the look at them always I always want to be reading more if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe yeah so that’s it for me happy reading and stay awesome [Music]


  1. Great video! My son, 16, read Smile and really liked it. I think Iโ€™m gonna surprise him with Guts! Thank you ๐Ÿ’œ

  2. I've been loving Reina Teldgemeier (probably botched that spelling) for years now, her previous graphic novels Smile and Drama were my favourites for a really long time and just so relatable. Middle grade books should never be underestimated

  3. My 9 year old loves Amulet. We just checked out the whole series from our library so he can finish it and I can read it ๐Ÿ˜.

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