Mid-East Prophecy Update – November 26th, 2017

Mid-East Prophecy Update – November 26th, 2017

I’ve got to start today’s
prophecy update this way something happened last week on Wednesday and for
those of you who are students of Bible prophecy I’m certain it did not escape
your notice but not only was it historic it was profoundly prophetic and what I’m
speaking of is the meeting in Sochi Russia that Putin had with Erdogan of
Turkey and Rouhani of Iran now listen I went through my notes this morning and
I had to redo a lot of them because what happened last week has never happened
before in history and I don’t know if it’s possible to and I know that
saying this this way has the potential of coming off sensational and I don’t
want to do that I think those of you who know me well enough know that I’m not
like that I mean if something happens and it has prophetic significance I’m
going to tell you that but if something happens that has unprecedented prophetic
significance I’m going to tell you that too and that’s what’s happened this has
never happened before let me see if I can put this in
perspective and you’ll bear with me right
I didn’t hear any amens on that one so but we’ll just assume that you’ll bear
with me in 1978 let’s just say that just to put
it into perspective that we’re having a prophecy update in 1978 you know what’s
happening in 1978 at that time Iran is one of Israel’s greatest allies Iran
this is pre 1979 when it became the Islamic Republic of Iran under the
Ayatollah that was 1978 let’s say we’re still in 1978 and we’re doing a prophecy
update how about Turkey Turkey was the place where the Israeli would go to
vacation Turkey an ally of Israel a friend to Israel 1978 here we are today
2017 Russia Iran and Turkey I’ll call them the big three and I’ll call them
the big three because they’re the main three that will be at the helm of this
alliance chiefly with Russia and Iran that is prophesied about in Ezekiel
chapter 38 some 2,500 plus years ago I want to put a slide up especially for
the benefit of those for whom Ezekiel 38 is unfamiliar it’s probably one of the
most important prophecies in all of the Bible and it foretells this allied
attack against Israel and I just want to take you through it quickly and I want
to read getting in verse one I’ll read through
to verse eight and then I want to read verse 13 let me preface it this way
again at the risk of sounding sensational as I read this we are
reading today’s news what I’m about to read and explain is happening now now it
has never happened before it is happening now listen verse 1 the word of
the Lord came to me son of man set your face against Gog of the land of Magog
who’s that all the modern-day area known today as Russia the chief Prince of
Meshech and Tubal prophesy against him this is the leader and say this is what
the sovereign Lord says I am against you Gog chief prince of Meshech and Tubal I
will turn you around put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole
army your horses your horsemen fully armed and a great horde with large and
small shields all of them brandishing their swords listen verse 5 Persia Iran
in the last century they were called Persia this name changed to the
modern-day name of Iran was just in the last century up until that point they
were always known as Persia and by the way in Iran they’re not Arabs they’re
Persians and they don’t speak Arabic they speak Farsi these are Persians then
Cush Cush is the northern area known today of Ethiopia and Sudan and then the
next nation by its ancient name is Put and this is modern day Libya and
also including parts of North Africa will be with them with who with Iran and
Russia with shields and helmets verse six
here’s another nation Gomer with all its troops and interesting Beth Togarmah
beith in or beth in Hebrew is the same word in Arabic it’s house the house of
Togarmah we would call Saudi the Saudi ibn beth Saud the House of
Saud so this is the house of Togarmah or known today Gomer and Beth Togarmah as
Turkey that’s Turkey Gomer and and by the way we know that because of the
ancient records but it says in Ezekiel from the far north with all its troops
and the many nations with you so if you get a map like I have here and you go
all the way to the north that is Turkey get ready verse 7 be prepared you and
all the hordes gathered about you and take command of them after many days you
will be called to arms in future years you will invade a land that has
recovered from war whose people were gathered from many nations to the
mountains of Israel which had long been desolate almost 2000 years they had been
brought out from the nations and now all of them live in safety better translated
in security and prosperity which explains what we’re about to read in
verse 13 listen Sheba and Dedan who’s that
oh Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia oh they’re they’re aligned with Russia and the Iran
and Turkey no listen to this and the merchants of Tarshish and all
her villages or as some of your translations render it the Young Lions
thereof these are the young countries which is why some believe this is a
reference to the UK of which the national symbol is a lion and the young
nations from the UK the US so if that’s the case then what do Saudi Arabia and
the UK and the U.S. do oh they just protest they questioned the attack
listen to what they ask have you come to plunder have you
gathered your hordes to loot to carry off silver and gold to take away
livestock and goods and to seize much plunder or as another translation
renders it to take a spoil this presupposes that there’s a spoil to take
in Israel oh is there you know there is you remember wasn’t that long ago that
they found natural gas and oil that makes the oil and natural gas in Saudi
Arabia and even Russia look like child’s play oh you’re exaggerating not really
there is so much oil and natural gas that Israel has now not to mention the
technology the prosperity Israel is dwelling securely and is prospering like
no other nation on earth today and the spoil is there for the taking and make
no mistake about it this is exactly what is happening and this is exactly what
this is about what we witnessed this last week with Russia Iran and Turkey is
now I believe the aligning of every nation to a nation
exactly as was recorded in this prophecy in Ezekiel I want to very quickly have
you consider the following breaking news reports out of Israel and I want you to
as I quote from them know that they were just from the last few days just the
last few days let’s start with this Ynet news report on Wednesday they
refer to this meeting as Putin’s victory summit this meeting with Erdogan
and Rouhani Putin in discussing what he calls Syria’s post-war prospects
was quoted as saying we’ve reached a new phase now of course he’s declaring
victory over the Islamic state which I think the jury is still out there does
seem to be a vacuum now that is created certainly in Syria as well as Iraq but
here’s what’s interesting the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad paid a visit
to the Sochi resort there in Russia where the leaders were meeting and
according to Ynet Putin told Rouhani and Erdogan that quote Syria’s collapse
Syria’s collapse was prevented thanks to the country’s trilateral efforts Syria’s
collapse yeah I’ll continue president Rouhani replied that the time was right
for a political settlement of the conflict and that he was pleased that
Russia Turkey and Iran were collaborating so closely on the issue of
get this Syrian peace Syrian peace but nevertheless emphasized that foreign
intervention in Syria must cease what wait foreign
who’s he talking about oh you know who he’s talking about the United States of
America the great satan remember any foreign military presence in the country
is only legitimate if it enters at the behest of the Syrian government well
that’s not going to happen the Kremlin added Putin also intends to
speak with other leaders about the Syrian conflict these have already
included listen this was last week Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu with whom he spoke on Tuesday for half an hour U.S. president
Donald Trump with whom he spoke for an hour on Tuesday and Oh Saudi King Salman
bin Abdulaziz Al Saud you know who that is that’s the father of bin Salman Mohammed
bin Salman who we talked about at length last week soon many believed to be
crowned King in Saudi Arabia several interesting details stand out here and I
want to take just a moment and point them out before we go any further
first notice I don’t know if you caught this or not but Russia is now the
prominence of Russia in Syria and in the Middle East the geopolitical landscape
of the Middle East is contrasted with America’s absence it wasn’t that long
ago that nobody did anything in the Middle East unless America signed off on
it first not anymore thanks to the previous administration
dare I say the United States of America has become inconsequential in the Middle
East and one Barack Hussein Obama basically
signed over the title deed of the Middle East specifically in Syria to Russia
Russia please don’t be ignorant I not saying you are I’m just that’s what the
Apostle Paul said in many of his epistles don’t be ignorant please
another detail I want you to notice there’s this conspicuous alignment of
sorts between who knew Saudi Arabia and the US and Israel yeah
wait isn’t that exactly what we just read in verse 13 of Ezekiel 38 keep in
mind Saudi Arabia are Sunni Muslims and in
Iran they are Shiite Muslims and please know that in Saudi Arabia you have Mecca
and Medina and that’s a problem for Iran and so now you have Saudi Arabia at odds
with Iran for that reason and with Russia for another reason I don’t want
to get ahead of myself here one more detail
the only reason Syria is not a ruinous heap yet according to Isaiah 17 is
because Russia Iran and I’ll add Turkey still need Syria as a means to an end
what is that end and why are they in Syria oh they’re in Syria because they
want to attack Israel from the north exactly as Ezekiel 38 says and to me the
question isn’t so much that of why they’re in Syria I mean that they’re
answer they are in Syria the question is why and here’s why Iran
via Russia has military installations in Syria within about 30 to 35 miles of
Israeli territory in the Golan for those of you who go to Israel with us we go to
the Golan you can actually see Damascus sometimes you can hear it if there’s
warfare going on from the Golan I remember one time our tour guide told us
and he wasn’t you know exaggerating he said we know what newspaper Bashar
al-Assad is reading in Damascus from Israel you know everything that’s going
on it’s that close it’s that close okay so Iran is there now establishing these
military installations why and what’s in it for Iran and what’s in it for Russia
well I believe that Russia and Iran are keeping Syria propped up for different
reasons for Russia its economic and for Iran its prophetic let me start with
Iran and this Breaking Israel News report in which they asked this question
is Iran trying to bring Islamic end-of-days in Syria answer is yes by
the way spoiler alert but let me just quote the article Iran is establishing
bases in Syria but according to some sources their preparations to engage
Israel are motivated far more by messianic aspirations than military or
political ones the escalation of Iranian military efforts in Syria are
religiously motivated Ryan Mauro a political analyst for the Clarion
project explained to the Iranian regime this is the fulfillment of prophecy not
Bible prophecy Islamic prophecy Islam’s tradition holds that
Mahdi is the redeemer of Islam listen to this the arrival of Mahdi this is the
Muslim Messiah if I can say it that way they believe will coincide with the
arrival of the Christian Messiah who will be the Mahdi’s assistant in
fighting the bin Masih ad-Dajjal that’s Arabic for the Antichrist or the false
messiah so Jesus is according to Islamic eschatology or prophecy Jesus is going
to come to assist this Mahdi to bring about the fulfillment of
Islamic prophecy are you still with me here on this it gets worse so I just want
to make sure you’re okay before I read on the Mahdi will reappear along with
Jesus who will declare himself a Muslim okay all right and oh listen to this and
kill Christians who refuse to convert Shia Islam holds that the end of days
will be a bloody battle this is interesting
killing off two-thirds of the world population that’s in Revelation by the
way and leaving the rest to convert to Islam in a speech in front of the UN
General Assembly in 2008 in fact I remember the prophecy update that year
former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left the gathered
politicians aghast as he explicitly begged Allah to hasten the return of the
Mahdi Iran believes they will lead the battle against Sunni adversaries
continue down into Israel and eventually take over
Jerusalem oh that explains a lot doesn’t it he believes that the recent
destabilization in Saudi Arabia is a direct result of Iran’s apocalyptic
agenda I’m telling you I’m telling you please please please if this is not
Ezekiel 38 I don’t know what is I don’t know how else to say it I don’t want to
scream and yell you know I can I’m telling you if this is not Ezekiel 38 I
don’t know what is that’s why Iran is there that’s why Iran needs Syria
there how about Russia oh let’s talk about Russia and this Russia Times
article from Friday with the headline PutVin crowned world’s energy czar with
Saudis bowing to reality let me quote quickly The Times Russian President
Vladimir Putin has become the most influential player in the Organization
for Petroleum Exporting Countries also known as OPEC the Russian leader is
currently calling all the shots one senior OPEC official told Bloomberg on
condition of anonymity Russia which is not even a member of the group has
reportedly stolen Saudi power which for many years was overwhelming when the
Riyadh could move crude prices with just a few words Putin is now the world’s
energy czar said Halima Croft an analyst who directs global commodity strategy at
New York-based RBC Capital Markets as quoted by the
media the energy czar oh wait a minute so is that what Ezekiel is talking about
about the spoil one has suggested all you have to do is
take the SP off a spoil and you have oil that’s what Russia wants that’s why
Russia is in Syria and that’s why Russia and Iran together with Turkey et al are
all at the ready to attack Israel for Iran it’s the fulfillment of Islamic
prophecy as satanic as it is by the way and blasphemous as it is and for Russia it’s
all about the money it’s all about the spoil it’s all about the oil and the
natural gas well I believe that it’s just a matter of time before the Russian
Iranian led alliance of Nations makes their fatal move and I say fatal not for
Israel but for them you want to know why Oh
Ezekiel 38 goes on to declare that God’s hot anger will be aroused so much so
that God will pour down torrents of rain hailstones
and burning sulfur on them that they will know that He is God that’s how it
ends for them not from Israel not for Israel
it has to do with what the Bible calls an everlasting covenant
you know what everlasting means yeah I want to quit hitting the mic now but it
means it lasts forever He has a covenant with Israel let me see if I can bring this to a
close it’s happening very fast I have to confess that this has got me a little bit
taken back by just how fast all of this is coming to pass I was thinking about
this yesterday I think it was that it’s like being in a car driving very fast in
order to arrive at your final destination and the closer you get the
more frequent the signs are I was reminded of a experience that my wife
and I had in 1997 we were staying with my aunt in Egypt she lives in Giza
she’s actually in Australia part of the year and then she has a place in Egypt
Giza’s where the pyramids are so we were staying with my aunt but we wanted to go
to Alexandria and we had to go by way of train from Cairo but because of the
traffic we got this is 1997 this is BC not before Christ before children when
we could travel and we missed our train from Cairo to Alexandria which is my
father’s birthplace there on the Mediterranean beautiful beautiful and so
we ended up having to take a cab when I say that this was the cab ride from
H E double toothpicks I mean this was the cab ride from H E double toothpicks I
thought for sure this is how it ends we’re going to see Jesus so we’re
driving it’s about a depending on how fast you drive you know it’s a couple
hours well apparently this cab driver wanted to get there in
world-record-setting time so he’s driving very fast and no AC and it is so
hot and we’ve got the windows down and my wife’s in the backseat
she’s got her sunglasses on it’s kind of funny because we finally arrived she
took her sunglasses off and she had raccoon eyes because it was all dirt
from you know the I mean it was anyway so it was so frightening and at one
point I told in my native tongue of Arabic my fellow Arab cab driver who
wouldn’t see Jesus if we but I basically told him in Arabic if you don’t slow down I
will not pay you one penny when we arrived in Alexandria and you can let us
out here if you want I was hoping you wouldn’t because yikes so he slowed down
but not very much and not for very long well what happened was I began to take
notice of the signs to see just how close we were to arriving at our
destination in Alexandria and I have to tell you that the closer we got the more
frequent those signs became and how encouraging were those signs especially
one of the last ones that said you’re only a couple of kilometers from
Alexandria I’m like oh my Jesus thank you hallelujah I’m going to make it I’m going to
make it but the closer we got the more frequent the signs and that’s how I see
what’s happening today the closer we get the more frequent and welcoming I might
add those signs become I think about what Jesus said it’s recorded in Matthew
talk about the harsh words in our study in Galatians the harshest words from the
Savior’s mouth were for the legalists and the hypocrites and the Pharisees and
the Sadducees and such is the case here in Matthew 16 verses 1 through 3 the
Pharisees and the Sadducees came and they wanted to test Jesus and they asked
him to show them a sign from heaven this was Jesus’
answer when it is evening you say it will be fair weather for the sky is red
and in the morning it will be stormy today for the sky is red and threatening
you know how to interpret the appearance of the sky but you cannot interpret the
signs of the times wow you know my hope I mean with any and every prophecy update
that we have it’s always my hope that it in some way is a help to you but
particularly for today I hope that in some way today’s update has been some
help in better interpreting the signs of the times the signs for Ezekiel 38 are
there and they’re coming more frequently as we get closer and interesting with
those signs when we were there as we got closer to Alexandria the signs
became more detailed the signs became more detailed with more information and
I see Bible prophecy that way we are seeing with specificity the details of
these prophecies in these signs that I hope were interpreting here’s the bottom
line it’s what Jesus said in Luke 21:28 and the key word in what he said is
beginning he says this when you see these things begin begin to come to pass
then look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh we’re seeing
as Ezekiel 38 begin to come to pass and Jesus said when you see that sign
interpret those signs that are beginning to come to pass
and look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh now I would
be disingenuous if I didn’t close by telling you that that only applies to
you if you’re born again of the Spirit of God Jesus said a man a woman must be
born again to enter the kingdom of heaven I’m almost done if you’ll just be
patient with me and I know you’re patient with me and I appreciate it
but this is so important please I just need your attention for a couple more
minutes you must be born again if you have never been born again of the Spirit
of God your redemption doesn’t draw a nigh judgment draws nigh and
unspeakable horror and terror during the seven-year tribulation is what draws
nigh for those of us who are born again of the Spirit what draws nigh is our
redemption the rapture of the church when Jesus comes and takes us out before
the seven-year tribulation so maybe the question for you today is how do I
become born-again well I want to share with you how and I want to start by way
of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ using what’s known as the ABCs of
salvation first the A is for admit or acknowledge that you’re a sinner in need
of a savior this is Romans 3:10 that says there is no one righteous not even
one and Romans 3:23 that says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of
God and it’s Romans 6:23 that says for the wages of sin is death that’s the bad
news but here’s the good news the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus
our Lord and the B is for believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord
Romans 10:9 and 10 says if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from
the dead you we’ll be saved and then the C is for
call upon the name of the Lord or if you prefer confess with your mouth which is
what Romans 10:9 and 10 also says that if you confess with your mouth Jesus is
Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be
saved and here’s why for it is with your heart that you believe and are justified
and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved and here’s all you
have to do call Romans 10:13 upon the name of the Lord all who call upon the
name of the Lord will be saved and here’s what happens when you do when
you call upon the name of the Lord He then gives you the Holy Spirit who now
indwells you and seals you the Holy Spirit seals you you are now saved and
the seed of God’s Word has been met with the fertility or if you prefer the egg
of your life and there’s conception that’s how you know you’ve been born
again spiritually if you’re born physically how do you know oh my
goodness there’s conception the seed has
implanted the egg and there’s conception and there’s new life and when that baby
is born what happens oh my goodness that thing wants to be nursed everyday and
everynight just ask any woman here who’s nursed their babies and they’re so hungry
and they need to be fed and that’s how you know you’re born again that there’s
been conception because now you crave the milk of God’s Word and then as you
begin to grow you go from crawling to walking and you go from and you start
teething boy remember those days parents yeah
when your kids were teething they’re growing their teeth and and now all of a
sudden they don’t need the milk anymore now they’re ready for solids and as we
grow spiritually we begin to eat the meat of God’s Word and we go from being
children of God to men and women of God as we mature in Christ and grow in grace
and that’s what happens and that’s how it is to be born again why don’t you stand
and we’ll pray and I’ll just simply ask for anyone here today that has never
called upon the name of the Lord has never been born again of the Spirit of
God that today you would humble yourself acknowledge your sin believing in your
heart Jesus Christ is Lord that He was crucified buried and rose again from the
dead is even now seated at the right hand of the Father and that you would
confess with your mouth and call upon the name of the Lord so that you will be
saved let’s pray Father in heaven I thank You for the
free gift of eternal life free to us it costs You everything Your very life I
thank You that we’re saved by grace through faith that it is a gift from You
and it’s not of works anything that we can earn lest we should
boast Lord I thank You that there’s nothing in and of ourselves that we can
do because You did it all for us and instead of us so Lord I just pray for
anyone here today or watching online that has never called upon You that
today would be the day of their salvation we pray in Jesus’ name

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    Angel Uriel taught Enoch to count off God's Calendar Months in cycles of 30, 30, 31. He was also told that in future Mankind would err in the Calculations of the Calendar. I now believe this error originates from observing the 1st Day of the Month after the New Moon, when it should be observed on the Day after the Full Moon. 

    In addition, this Year the Jewish Calendar is off by 30 days. So Month 1 was suppose to have started after the Full Moon in May and not after the New Moon in April.

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    Day 1 of Month 1 May 11, 2017

    Day 1 of Month 7 November 9 2017 -Trumpets

    Day 10 of Month 7 November 18 2017 – Day of Atonement

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    Day 21 of Month 7 November 29 2017 – Last Great day.

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    Thursday, 11 May 2017

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  23. TURKEY is a NATO country, I can see some back stabbing is going to happing against NATO by them and NATO secret info being handed over to these countries RUSSIA/IRAN ECT.. before they attack ISRAEL..JUST THINKING, MAYBE WRONG IDK….

  24. Watchwomen from Saudi arabia.iwas goingthrogh a percicution in my religious beliefs the same day Nov.4and5 I heard from crown Prince he want to give religious freedom. Thank you Jesus.god told me I will shuffle this kingdom.pray for our family.

  25. YeHoVaH bless you and keep you
    If you do not know Father's name how do you call on it?
    Revelation 12:17 and 14:12
    Those that call on the name of YeHoVah,
    keep His commands
    and have the testimony of Yehoshua Messiah will be saved.
    Love you guys,
    All religion is messed up,
    Come out of Babylon
    I invite you to listen to my playlist ARE YOU READY
    Yah's peace be with you

  26. Is that definitely Russia or the Southern Muslim region south of Russia. I see no reason why a Russia-Orthodox people would stand up against the Jews.

  27. Lets see – Did Libya and Ethopia align themselves with the Russians? I haven't heard that….don't get too quick on the gun.

  28. Amen hallelujah praise the Lord, the signs are certainly getting more frequent !!! for those that are mocking and laughing ,get your selves right before it's too late! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT!

  29. The scripture states in Ezekiel they invade a land of un walled villages. From pictures of Israel there are many fences and walls in the land? Ezekiel 38, 10-11 (NIV)
    “‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: On that day thoughts will come into your mind and you will devise an evil scheme. You will say, “I will invade a land of unwalled villages; I will attack a peaceful and
    unsuspecting people—all of them living without walls and without gates and bars.

  30. Watchwoman from York South Carolina. JD, you, Amir Tsarfati, and Jack Hibbs have taught me so much in the last few years. You have given me the assurance in the word I needed, and from that I get the peace of God. He tells us what we need to know. How loving and wonderful is that! If I were not a believer, if I had not been studying bible prophecy with you all, I would be really scared. Thank you for what you do, for being true to the word of the scriptures and for not being hysterical or pushing any false thoughts. Love you JD and keep you in prayers.

  31. I wish you would do updates more often than once a week! Especially when something major happens, and they don't have to be real long; just enough to inform and explain! Thank you!

  32. Good Stuff. So exciting to be alive at this time on earth. Come check out simplybiblical777. Its a new channel That talks about God's word, testimonies and current events as well. Come support! It will all be worth it if just one comes to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  33. I have been having dreams poss from God. Time will tell. I know this sounds crazy but i had a dream where i believe america was attacking and or putting pressure on israel. I asked why america was attacking and was told because of a food shortage. I dont understand it myself as i know america and israel are tight. But we dont know who will take over America's presidency in the future. It doesnt make much sense to me but just wanted to share this dream. Ive also had many other dreams one was i believe a dream telling us we need to repent. We need to look at our hearts and truly repent.

  34. Please Lord come soon – and Pour out Your Ruach Hakodesh on all peoples. Let them come to know you and our Savior Yeshua HaMashiach!!!!

  35. Dr. James Custer taught Ezekiel 38 and Dr. Jack Van Impe on several occasions identified the nations associated with the Russian invasion of Israel. It was Primeminster Churchhill of England in 1925 that changed the name Persia to Iran.
    The Mahadi Muslim prophecy that Jesus returns with the Mahadi as the messiah is false. The true Messiah is Jesus Christ who came an lived, preached, died for the sins of the world, burried and resurrected from the grave 3 days later and ascended into heaven 40 days later. He will return in two phases, the rapture in the air, Acts 1:9; and second coming.when Jesus touches His feet on Mt. of Olives, Zech. 14:4.

  36. Thank you my brother and sisters for your valuable prayer and encouragement
    How many trials and problems I face in my 25 year faithlife.i can't write it down.i lost my ministry job b.s. of my faith.my second child died and Jesus gave back that child b.s. of my husband.he is not saved.afterthat I go through divorce.and I am admitted in mental hospital in 2 times
    Like Joseph.job.daniel I am still going many many problem. But Jesus is with me.so I am not worried. He had a very big plan for my life.i think this year I will be blessed.2017 is the jubilee year for life also.praise the Lord.

  37. I will always bear with you, JD–so glad that I found you , through the diligence of another lady in Christ who recently passed away.

  38. this is right they are setting up for the end of the great Babylon or this democracy this started when they overthrew the constitution and changed the voting system in the usa and began building this one world system.which is what Russia is after.but iran motive runs deeper it is a direct move of the antichrist.jd looks at the whole picture more that most by a long shot

  39. Several days ago…i believe he's a moslem guy upload a false video and made a statement in comment section saying that Jesus was a moslem…what an absurd and such a heresy. I'm shaking my head. Maybe he's desperately need a saviour yet keep denying that Jesus is the only way.

  40. Y-DNA Haplogroup C* (C-M130 includes C6 C-P55)
    Chinese and Mongols
    The descendants of Magog are often associated with the Scythians, however there was more than one nation of people known as Scythians. Several people-groups were known as "Scythians" in antiquity; at least one was European in race (these later migrated into central Europe) and at least two Asiatic races.The historian Josephus, in the 1st century, stated:
    “ Magog founded those that from him were called Magogites, but who by the Greeks called Scythians. ”
    Magog's descendants formed a branch of the eastern, Asiatic Scythians. In 584 BC, they were finally driven out of Anatolia and sent back to the areas north of the Caucasus. When residing in the Middle East in the early centuries after the flood, Magog was closely identified with Mushki (Meshech) and Tabali (Tubal) and moved in Asia in advance of them.
    The name "Mongol" appears to be directly derived from the name Magog. For example, in India Mongol became Moghul and a large part of China was known as Mangi when Europeans first visited it. The Arabs called the Scythian tribes of Tartary Ya'jūj and Ma'jūj (Arabic: يأجوج و مأجوج‎) which means "Gog and Magog"] and the Great Wall of China as "the wall of Magog" (Arabic: حائط الماجوج, Haa'it al-Ma'jūj). In the 13th century AD, Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler to the Orient, knew that the Mongols were descendants of Magog. He further understood the names of "Ung and Mungu" in China to be "Gog and Magog."
    The descendants of Magog migrated via southern Russia to their current homeland, leaving behind such place-names as: Moğolistan, the Mugodzhar Hills, and the Mogoltau Mountains. Among the people of Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, central and much of northern and southern China, Korea, and Japan are descended from Magog. There are just over a billion people in China today. It is no wonder that the name of their ancestor, Japheth, means "expansion", implying a large or expanding race of people. Other peoples descended from Magog include the Aleuts and Inuits (whose facial physiognomy is very similar to the Chinese), and the Samoyeds (Nentsi) who, although having adopted a Finnic language, are Mongoloid by race. Many American Indians also descend from Magog. We also find the Maghs, the town of Magok, Mogadok Mountain, the Mogaung river in Myanmar (Burma) and a tribe known as the Magars in Nepal.
    In the 5th to 3rd centuries BC, northern China was divided into several separate kingdoms, constantly battling for supremacy. The Qin or Ch'n controlled the western parts and this may be the origin of the name China. This dynasty was successful in unifying almost all of China by 221 BC. The impact of marauding Mongols restored power to the Han dynasty which stayed in power until 220 AD. after the end of this dynasty, three kingdoms arose, the most northerly found itself exposed to the aggression of the Turkics and others. In the 6th century, the Sui reunited China and the Great Wall was reconstructed. About 400 years later, the Sung dynasty took over almost all of China with the exception of the north which fell to Genghis Khan in the 13th century, who had managed to unite the various Mongolian, Turkic, Tatar, Uyghur, and Kyrgyz tribes under his leadership. His hordes conquered the Indus region, the Euphrates region, the Caucasus and the Black Sea lands. In 1233 AD, he encountered Russian troops and moved relentlessly westwards. Various descendants of his attempted to conquer all of Europe, but failed, due to the sudden death of their leader in two cases. However, it was left to his grandson, Kublai Khan, to conquer most of China and to establish a Mongol dynasty with it's capital at Beijing. Under the Mongols, four classes were established: 1. the Mongol elite, 2. Turkic peoples and other Mongols 3. the northern Han Chinese, and 4. the southern Chinese, who were regarded as "barbarians."
    Over 300 years later, the Ming successfully organized a rebellion against the Mongol rulers and drove them out, establishing their capital at Nanking and later returning it to Beijing. They were in turn overthrown by the Ching dynasty which originated in Manchuria. Today China has just over 1.3 billion people. Yet, according to a census of China about 1 AD comprising almost all of the area which is today still known as China, she had 60 million inhabitants. Although it is thought that this figure may have been underestimated as there were advantages in not being counted. China, although inhabited in the main by descendants of Magog, also includes some descendants of Gomer and Javan.

  41. Do you know that you're saved? Salvation is not from what you do. It is what Jesus Christ did for you. You are saved by God's Grace through your faith. Faith and belief in the Gospel (I Cor. 15:1-4 KJV). Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures. Trust in the Blood Atonement of Jesus Christ (God the Son) (Rom. 3:25 KJV). The Rapture is very near. Are you ready?

  42. JD … when you read ezekiel please use only modern day terms. it would be so much more powerful. Don't use the biblical names for countries. your understanding of modern day names is very beneficial. When you use the old names for countries and then the new names it become a little … busy.

  43. My friend who’s name is Cheng Shi needs your prayer desperately! Please pray for his sickness. He decided to get baptized after he got his surgery on his head in 2014, but his body couldn’t function properly after the surgery. He can hear and see but couldn’t move any of his body parts since the surgery. Even he couldn’t talk. Because long time lying in bed without any movement, he picks up more disease in his body especially his lung. Please pray for his recovery and the salvation of his family.Thanks.

  44. Thank you very much for the simplistic way you gave the Gospel. It’s just a simple as that thank you for making it simple. It is very encouraging to see how prophecy is coming true and very soon we will see our wonderful Saviour!!

  45. I love your preaching pastor Farag! May GOD bless you and your family and friends and congregation! Love from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

  46. I agree with his statement but I don't believe is coming twice of the Church but as Matthew 24:29 But immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give ger light, and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of heavens shall be shaken. and then shall appear the sign of the Son of men in heaven and shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. "And he shall send forth his angels wit a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds from the one end of heaven to the other. We are in the time all this will befafilled. explains after the tribulation. Ezekiel 38 is during the tribulation. Act 1:10 – 11 And whoever they were looking stredfastly into heave as he went, behold two men stood by them in white apparel: who als said, Ye men of Gallilee, why stand ye looking into heaven this Jesus who was received up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as you behold him going into heaven. THE LORD SPOKE TO ME IN 1980 AMERICA WILL BE JUDGED BEFORE HE COMES, JUDGEMENT BEGINNS IN THE HOUSE OF GOD. 1 Peter 4:17

  47. I just found your channel!! And I really NEEDED it. Very Impacting. Put things in perspective for me. Oh… the things our Great Lord will lead us to. I imagine I will be listening to a-l-o-t more of your messages.

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