Mid-East Prophecy Update – April 30th, 2017

Mid-East Prophecy Update – April 30th, 2017

before we get to today’s prophecy update I need to
correct an error and right a wrong on my part and it’s concerning the word translated falling
away or departure in some translations and it’s in Second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse
three I have taught over the years and realize that my interpretation and understanding of
this verse was wrong I have now thanks to some brothers and a sister in Christ actually
who I respect so very much that brought this to my attention I have now come to the conclusion
that were this a physical departure in the rapture then Paul would have used the Greek word
harpazo in Second Thessalonians 2:3 instead of the word apostasia of which is
translated in some translations rebellion or falling away or departure meaning spiritual
departure and I have taught it over the years as a physical departure now there are those
one more recently that was on Gary Stearman’s Prophecy Watchers program Andy Woods and he
made a very interesting argument contextually and hermeneutically for it being a physical
departure I have cited Dr. Thomas Ice who has also teaches it as a physical departure as in the
rapture but I have to admit that Paul would’ve used to word harpazo this catching away
if it were a physical departure and not a spiritual departure from doctrine and apostasy
a falling away from the faith and by the way I would humbly ask for forgiveness for any
confusion that this may have caused I am deeply concerned about those who have taken this
Second Thessalonians 2:3 controversy for lack of a better word and used it against those
of us who teach and believe in a pre-tribulation rapture which by the way as of late has come
under such intense satanic attack unbelievable I say Satanic because well who’s the author
of confusion who’s the accuser of the brethren who’s the father of lies the devil himself
I have seen some of the most vile and foul comments on our YouTube channel concerning
those of us who teach and believe in the sound doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture it’s been a
number of years ago now but I a number of years ago did a seven-week series on why the rapture
has to happen before seven year tribulation it has to it’s the I don’t want to start getting into
that man don’t get me started we’ll be here till the rapture actually there’s something else I want
to mention I appreciate your patience with me it has to do with my qualifications and
my credentials as a pastor and teacher I have I hope been very forthcoming with all of you
concerning my having no formal education I’ve never been to college I actually barely graduated
from high school I’m not proud of that I’ve never been to a seminary and I hope I have never
presented myself as a Bible scholar certainly not a Greek scholar I’m just a guy that loves
God and loves the word of God and has a passion for Bible prophecy especially as it relates to Israel
I’m even uncomfortable when someone refers to me as a prophecy expert that’s not a title
I wear very well doesn’t feel-good doesn’t fit right for me I don’t see myself
as a prophecy expert I really see myself as a donkey through whom God can speak and I
really mean that and I’m not just a donkey I’m an Arab donkey and please know that nobody is more
shocked that God speaks through a donkey than the donkey and I think about with Balaam
how shocked that donkey must have been to have God speak through him to Balaam he was even I think
bear with me I think the donkey was more shocked than Balaam was because Baalam just
starts talking back to him there’s no record in the account of Balaam saying did you just
say something did you just actually speak donkeys don’t talk no he answers right back to him I imagine
the donkey’s going I cannot is this really happening God is speaking through me
I’m just a donkey and if God can speak through a donkey then certainly God can speak through
me and please know that I never want to come off as being an expert I never
set out please know this I never set out to have this huge online church with people all
over the world in fact when I was approached by a brother in the church who asked me he said hey
pastor J.D. you want to put this on YouTube can I put this on YouTube I’m like yeah sure why not
probably have like eight views and half of them will be my family so yeah go head and then all of a sudden
it went from 8 to 80 to 8,000 to 18,000 and so now it’s some huge number I never set out
to do that that’s just God taking just an ordinary guy like me and speaking through him and so I never
want to come off as being a prophecy expert one last thing and again I appreciate your patience
with me and we will get your prophecy update today this is probably good time to mention and
I mention this from time to time often enough I hope that it’s important to be like the
Berean Jews who we’re told in Acts 17:11 were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica
by virtue of how they received the word of God with an eager readiness so much so that
they would actually search the Scriptures on a daily basis to find out whether or not
what they heard said was true or not you need to be Bereans never take my word for it for
that matter don’t take experts scholars word for it I mean they can be really impressive with
their knowledge of the Greek I mean I can barely speak Arabic let alone Greek okay but I mean they
come up with these you know big they rattle off these things you’re just going wow that’s really
impressive have you seen my resume you know what my resume consists of a lot of white on the paper because
it’s like probably a couple of lines you know what my resume is First Corinthians where Paul says that
he takes and confounds the wise by calling the foolish he shames the strong by calling the weak
what I love is when somebody says to me man if God can use someone like
you He could use someone like me thank you thank you I never want you to look at me and say
man whoa I wish I could do that you can you can are you kidding me just be a donkey and He can
do it through you okay let’s get our prophecy update thank you I want to look at the seriousness
of what some suggest is a world that’s now on the brink of all-out war seems that the
drumbeat of wars and the threats of wars are increasing in both their tempo and their volume
with each passing day when I was preparing for today’s update I was struck with the prevalent
use of words and phrases like imminent and nearing an end and what struck me was these
are from secular sources they’re starting to use words like that and phrases like that
and I know that words and phrases such as these have been around and have always
been used in the past but I would argue that today it is unprecedented the likes of which
we have never seen before and I say that because never before in human history has there been
the propensity for that which seems to be coming now namely that of the use of weapons of mass
destruction that in effect could kill a third of the population of the entire planet consider
what Revelation chapter 9 says concerning this I’ll read verses 13 through 16 and as I do
please note that this takes place during the seven-year tribulation unique to the book
of Revelation you have this divine outlie for the interpretation Chapter 1 is past chapters
2 and 3 are present Chapter 4 verse one and on to the end of chapter 22 are all yet
future Chapter 4 is the rapture Chapter 6 through 19 the seven year tribulation and oh
by the way the 7 year tribulation chapter 6 through 19 you know how many times the word church
is found in Chapter 6 through 19 dealing with the seven year tribulation 0 0 you know how many times the word church is found in chapters 1 2 and 3 19 19 why is the word church not found even one time in chapter 6
or 19 in Revelation because the church is not in the tribulation what about those
that cleansed themselves that did not take the mark of the beast that’s
not the church that’s not the bride those are tribulation saints there’s a distinction there okay I feel
better let’s get back to the prophecy upldate already in progress here verse 13 then the
sixth angel sounded and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is
before God saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet release the four angels who are
bound at the great river Euphrates so the four angels who had been prepared for the
hour and day and month and year interesting were released to kill listen a third of mankind
now the number of the army of the horsemen was get this 200 million I heard the number of them
again this will ultimately find its fulfillment in and during the seven-year tribulation in
Luke 21:28 Jesus said this and I know you’re familiar with the scripture now when these things
hang on to that these things begin keyword to happen look up and lift up your heads because
your redemption draws near what things is He referring to I believe that Jesus is speaking
about those things that will ultimately be fulfilled in and during the seven year tribulation
beginning to come to pass prior to the seven year tribulation which is why when
we see them begin to happen prior to the seven year tribulation then we’re going to know that
our redemption draws near as a result I love Pastor Chuck’s analogy and illustration
of this he says about one day he’s at the mall with his wife Kay and he says to
his wife oh look at all the decorations that are up for Christmas oh I just love Thanksgiving
to which Kay responded honey you mean you love Christmas no I love Thanksgiving what
in other words all the Christmas decorations are up and Thanksgiving comes before Christmas
so you see the world decorated for Christmas as it were you know that the rapture is first and so that’s
how close it is now here’s the question are the things that are beginning to happen now that which
will ultimately find their fulfillment in the seven year tribulation I would argue that
absolutely yes they are and if you’ll indulge me and hear me out I want to argue that case
I want to start with this Fox news report from Thursday where they quote a senior U.S. Navy
officer warning that the North Korean crisis is listen this quote the worst he’s ever seen
he told lawmakers that the North Korean crisis is the worst he seemed testifying that it’s
only a matter of time before Kim Jong Un has the capability of launching a nuclear
warhead toward the United States he already has nuclear capabilities what he may not
yet have keyword yet what he may not yet have is the capability of delivering it that’s what they’re
testing but the way they already have the nukes they’ve just got to have the delivery system in order
to deliver the nukes he went on to say that Kim Jong Un is making progress and all nations
need to get this take this seriously because their missiles point in all directions if
left unchecked they will match the capability of his hostile rhetoric he then underscored
the importance of what he referred to as a quote unquote shift in Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric
after threatening nations like Australia and the US by name this week and here in Hawaii
we know that we got those things pointed right at us first his rhetoric is going in one direction
and his capabilities are approaching the lines of his rhetoric he said where those lines
cross I believe we are at an inflection point and we will wake up listen to this we will
wake up to a New World wow that was Thursday on Friday Ynet News published a report
in which they quote Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister as saying that any use of force against
Pyongyang would “completely unacceptable” this is Russia adding that the combative rhetoric
coupled with reckless muscle flexing has led to a situation where the whole world seriously
is now wondering whether there’s going to be a war not one ill thought out or misinterpreted
step could lead to the most frightening and lamentable consequence I’ve not read statements
like that that I can remember that’s what I mean by unprecedented well according to Ynet
News Russia isn’t only warning that any use of force against North Korea would be unacceptable
they’re also condemning Israel for launching airstrikes on Syria did you hear about this last week on
Thursday let me quote the report Russia has denounced what it called aggression against Syria in
the wake of an apparent Israeli missile attack on a Syrian military installation near the
Damascus international Airport Israel appears to be striking at military convoys and installations
in Syria at a listen quickening pace quickening pace maintaining it has the right to prevent
the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah a Lebanese militant group that fights alongside Syrian
government forces I suppose this analysis published in Ha’aretz should come as no surprise
concerning the attack from Israel on Syria however what may come as a surprise is according
to the analysis Israel’s policy of ambiguity is now quote nearing an end here’s some of
what the writer’s concluding in his analysis concerning the confusing and complex crisis in Syria and it is
confusing and it is complex on the strategic level Israel has a problem Russia’s military success
in the war means the salvation of the Assad regime and a gain for Assad’s other allies Iran
and Hezbollah should Russia decide to promote the interests of these other members of the
Assad alliance it could come at Israel’s expense listen in his talks in Russia Lieberman has
been emphasizing the new red line drawn by Israel no Iranian or Hezbollah military presence
near the Syrian border on the Golan Heights as Assad’s forces have advanced southward there
have been initial reports of the arrival of members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
Hezbollah and related Shiite and Palestinian militias in the border area mainly in the
northern Golan Heights should it decide to take action to enforce its stance as Lieberman
has spoken about Israel will have to weigh the possibility not only of listen heightened
friction with the Iran but also a shift in relations with Moscow can you say Ezekiel
38 pastor you say that every week there’s a reason I say it every week because every week we move
closer inch closer to the ultimate fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 which by the way speaking of that
which is fulfilled in and during the seven-year tribulation I’m still of the belief that Ezekiel
38 will find its ultimate fulfillment after the rapture in other words if it looks like
Ezekiel 38 is already beginning to come to pass and the rapture happens first how close
are we how close are we and that’s why I mention it every single week it seems well speaking of
heightened friction and a shift in relations according the times of Israel an Israeli newspaper is
reporting that Trump will recognize the entirety of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital during his
upcoming visit in late May what no way way do you know what this means oh my goodness okay let
me try to explain something here since Israel declared independence in 1948 you know what the policy
the US policy has been since 1948 it’s been not to recognize any party as sovereign in any
part of Jerusalem and Trump is announcing in his visit upcoming in about four weeks
that not only is he going to recognize a part he’s going to recognize the whole enchilada you’ll forgive my Mexican metaphor to food now if this isn’t unprecedented enough then consider this no US president
in history has visited Israel in the first months of his term not one president not the
pro-Israel Ronald Reagan no president in the first months of his presidency has visited
Israel very interesting is that not unprecedented enough for you I’ve got something for you else consider
this the question that many are asking is whether or not Trump will make good on his
campaign promise to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem while he’s there
recognizing the entirety of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as you might imagine this is riddled
with controversy and it’s evidenced by the Times quoting an unsourced front-page report
that says Trump will not announce an embassy move during his visit whew let’s just take one thing at
a time here right we’re going to recognize the entirety of Jerusalem but that was on Thursday
yesterday the Times published a subsequent report about how Trump is now refusing to
confirm reports concerning the transfer of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem when
he’s there visiting Israel next month he is however hinting that he may clarify the issue
at that time but when asked about the relocation by Reuters Trump demurred ask me in a month on that
he told the news agency you’ve kind of got to love that you know it’s kind of like that when I get
there I’ll see you can ask me about it then this is going to be very very interesting
you know what’s even more interesting it’s not so much even the I mean controversy this will
spark said World War III some believe if he actually moves the embassy now it could be
very symbolic that he just you know says okay Jerusalem is the capital of Israel could just
be a symbolic you know gesture but if he moves that embassy I would just say don’t buy green
bananas because you may not be here to eat them when they are ripe okay lot of food metaphors today but let’s move on here’s what’s even more interesting is Times reporting on Trump’s frustration with
not having a peace deal listen to this according to Times Trump also appeared to express frustration
that Israelis and Palestinians continue to not have a peace deal saying there was no
reason for the conflict to persist oh yes there is I want to see peace with Israel and the Palestinians
Trump said there is no reason there’s not peace between Israel and the Palestinians none
whatsoever oh yes there is Trump had said several times that he would work to broker
an agreement to end the decades old conflict citing his business acumen and saying peace would
be the quote ultimate deal that’s Daniel 9:27 enter his son-in-law one Jared Kushner very
interesting gup very interesting guy I’m just going to say this I’m going to keep my eye on that guy and I’ll tell you why that all rhymed didn’t it my eye on that guy and here’s why Trump during
the campaign said if there’s anybody that can bring peace to the Jews and the Palestinians
it’s my son in law be careful what you hope for you know who is actually going to do that
according to Daniel 9:27 okay see you guys are such a well taught group let’s just close in prayer
you already know all this right let me close with the bottom line everything that is now
beginning to come to pass was revealed prior in the word of God John 13:19 listen to what
Jesus said He says now I tell you before it comes that when it does come to pass you may
believe that I am He He basically echoes the same thing in chapter 14 verse 29 He says and
now I have told you before it comes that when it does come to pass you may believe and it’s
better translated that I am the great I am I am who I said I am now get this God is saying
that He has told us in His word what’s going to happen before it happens so when it happens
we’ll believe oh my goodness this was prophesied over 2500 years ago down to the gnats eyebrow
and yes gnats have eyebrows that specific that this is exactly what would happen Russia Iran that
Jerusalem would be the intoxication of the entire world that Damascus Isaiah 17:1 would
become a ruinous heap many wonder if it’s going to come at the hands of Israel sure looks like
it now doesn’t it as Israel bombs Damascus and by the way Israel never bombs people they
bomb weapons depots these are preemptive strikes defensive strikes by the way that’s why it’s the Israeli
defense force not the Israeli offense force it’s to defend the state of Israel as the whole
world is against Israel so God has told us exactly precisely what’s going to happen before
it happens so when we start seeing it begin to happen we’ll believe that’s the question
the most important question that we have to answer do I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord
do you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord here’s the ABC’s of salvation quickly I know I’ve
got over a little bit don’t look at your watches they’re all fast we’ll be done in a moment please bear with me
Pastor you do this every week and I’m going to keep doing it every week because people are getting saved
every week I’m getting emails I’m getting comments posted and people are thanking me
for doing this because it’s so simple it’s childlike simple and you’ll forgive me but I’m getting
to the place in my life where I struggle with people who complicate the
simplicity of the gospel by adding to it and I’ve had my fair share of those as well and they
want to add letters to the A and the B and the C and no don’t put anything in between me and
the free gift of eternal life because of what Jesus Christ did for me on that cross and
what He did for you on that cross it is finished period It’s finished not it’s finished if it’s finished however it’s finished but none of that it’s finished the A is for admit or acknowledge if you prefer that you’re a sinner
we’ve all fallen short of God’s perfect standard of righteousness we’ve all sinned we were all
born sinners which is why we had to be born again without which Jesus said in John three
no one will see the kingdom of heaven unless you’re born again spiritually the B is for
believe in your heart Paul writing to the Romans says believe in your heart that Jesus
Christ was crucified buried and rose again from the dead if you believe in your heart
and confess with your mouth and Romans 10:13 says call upon the name of the Lord you will be
saved not you could not the jury’s still out not you might you will be saved if you acknowledge
that you’re a sinner in need of the Savior believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and call upon the
name of the Lord to be saved and then what happens is that God will send the Holy Spirit
to indwell you and you’ll be a new creature you’ll be born again of the Spirit of God and the
Holy Spirit enables us and empowers us to live a holy life we’re changed from the inside
out by way of the Holy Spirit indwelling us some at the point that they come to a saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ also have the Holy Spirit upon them the epi in the original language
again I’m not a Greek scholar I’m just saying that’s the word in the original Greek language upon
you and when you have the power of the Holy Spirit you can live a holy life why don’t you all stand and
we’ll pray I want to give you the opportunity if you’ve never called upon the name of the Lord to
do so today Father in Heaven I thank You so much first of all I thank you for the patience of
Your people Lord I thank You for their attentiveness their hunger their thirst for You Lord I
do though ask that if there’s anybody here in this wonderful church that is my privilege
to pastor or watching online that has never called upon You and is unsure about the relationship
with You that today they would settle it right here and right now that they would surrender
themselves to You call upon You put their trust in You for the forgiveness of their
sins and they would be saved today that today would be the day of their salvation in Jesus’
name Amen

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  6. Brother JD,  I have to express a disappointment of your departure from the truth of the II Thes 2:3 interpretation.  You gave a human rationale that if the verse was saying the physical departure the Holy Spirit would have used the word HARPAZO.  Sorry to hear that someone now has convinced you to change of something you have believed for so long.
    Ask you to consider this.  The "falling away" is Strong's #646.  It is used only once more in Acts 21:21 "forsake" the law of Moses to the grace of Jesus.  This word is never used for departing (apostasy) from the faith.  In fact, when Paul wrote to Timothy and warned about the departure from the faith in the latter times (I Tim 4:1), different Greek word (Strong's  #868) is used.  Those who reject the meaning of the "falling away" being a physical departure of the bride of Christ do so because they reject the pre trib rapture which the verse in question clearly supports.
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    I have observed on MANY occasions that, "Vocationals are NEVER wrong." HOW REFRESHING to hear this faithful Brother admit the obvious, when virtually NONE of his so-called "peers" seem capable of this! As far as I'm concerned, this raises Pastor Farag to a state of virtual PEERLESSNESS.

    God will bless Pastor Farag and his flock in ways which will STAGGER his critics. Amen.

  21. Hello Jd. Someone forwarded me this video. As of now, I do not hold your new found position. But I thought it was going to include a little bit of exegesis as to why you changed your position, but all I could glean off the video is that you got this from a "sister in Christ" and the only explanation you gave is that if Paul meant rapture he would have used the word harpazo instead of apostasia.I guess you were not trying to put forth a theological argument here, but I think what is very important in the 2 Thes 2 text, is that you expound it in its context, which is of utmost importance when studying any text. Paul’s teaching starts out like this, “Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our GATHERING TOGETHER UNTO HIM” (v.1) I understand Paul to be here speaking of the rapture. And this is the doctrine that he is going to use to teach them why the Day of the Lord is not at hand (v. 2). And take note, he is not using the Greek word harpazo in this passage. I also believe that the Lord Jesus was talking about the rapture when He said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I WILL COME AGAIN, AND RECEIVE YOU UNTO MYSELF; that where I am, there ye may be also.” (John 14:2-3) Here He is speaking of the same thing, His coming and gathering His saints to Himself. Oh yea, take note that Jesus does not use the Greek Word harpazo here either.I think we agree that the pre-trib rapture is also mentioned in Revelation 4:1 where Jesus calls, "Come up hither". Note, the word "harpazo" is not used here either. It is not necessary to understand what is being said when we take heed to the context. So to argue that because Paul does not use the word harpazo in the context of 2 Thes 2, therefore it cannot be referring to the rapture, is a poor, in fact, very weak argument. I think in the context, Paul was also speaking of the rapture in 2 Thes 2:7, and he does not use the word "harpazo". Rather he speaks of the Spirit baptised church being “taken out”. “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.” Something had to happen "first" (v. 3) before that Wicked would be revealed, “that man of sin, the son of perdition”, who would exalt himself above every god, and sit in the temple of God in the midst of the tribulation. I believe it is the rapture. “Falling away” may not be the best translation of the Greek word apo-stasia, to indicate the rapture, but neither is it a good word for a "departure from the faith" (1 Timothy 4:1), if that is what you now think it to mean, for in the context, it does not explain what one is "falling away" from. In the context I think it is clear that it is talking of a departure, and not of the faith, but that we, the body of Christ, would be outta here.The only other time the word "Apostasia" is used, it is translated "forsake", and once again, it is the context which dictates the meaning, and in the context, the idea was a departure from the teachings of Moses (Acts 21:21). It was here speaking of a departure, but the context tells us what the departure is from, Moses. In 2 Thessalonians 2, the departure that is mentioned is not from Moses, it is not from the faith, the context tells us that the departure is the church being "taken out". Only after that, that Wicked shall be revealed.You say the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine is under attack, but I think you have unwittingly defused the most powerful passage DEFENDING the pretrib rapture doctrine that is found in the Bible. The Bible clearly teaches both the pre-trib rapture and the latter times departure from the  faith. At any rate, as we see that day approaching, we are going to see an increase of wickedness and deception, which is clearly because the lights in the church are being snuffed out, as some depart from THE faith.

  22. there is no rapture before the tribulation…if christ came for the church before the rapture and then at the end of time then that would be three times christ would come…but in the bible there is only christs first and second coming…also jesus warned us all what would happen in the last days and in the tribulation and even the abomination of desolation…now if the church was not going to be here during the tribluation then why would jesus talk about it…the verse where paul said there would be a falling away first, then that wicked one shall appear….after the church who fell away was removed. nothing about jesus taking the church to heaven before the rapture then after the rapture again at the end. this false teaching has been main streamed by the false teachers in these last days…just as they told us that the anti christ would arrise from europe but it doesnt doesnt say that in the bible,,,but jesus in the book of revelation says persia is where satans seat is..so the antichrist is a muslim

  23. No need to apologize pastor. You are proof that any person filled with Holy Spirit who allows God to use him or her can serve in any capacity that the Lord has in store for you. God bless you, we love you, we are grateful for all the work you put it, working for the Lord.

  24. Thank you for teaching us! You are a humble servant of God, you do not need a degree to teach us what God would have you say. Don't let all those intellectuals bother you, you have a large following because you speak the truth In a way we can all understand. God bless you and your family!

  25. Pastor JD, I love your teachings. I learn so much from your messages and look forward to them every week. Your brothers and sisters in Christ hope you know how much we appreciate the ministry you bring.

  26. Pastor JD, my husband and I watch you BECAUSE of who you are. We believe you are led by God and we trust you as a faithful leader. The closer we get to the truth the more we will be attacked by Satan. We will continue to pray for you! God Bless You! We look forward to meeting you some day 😊🙏

  27. Please this is not the time to name call and divide But come together and rejoice in the LORD.  We have both unschooled and schooled in the body of Christ.  We  have both Pauls, Peters and Barnabas in the Body of Christ and not just all Peters, all Barnabas and all Pauls.  I just amazed that God would use any of us. 

    Lets rejoice that rejoice folks that God loves Bro JD and us enough to point us all in the right direction and not leave us just any kind of state.

  28. God bless you for being so humble before God, and people. Many pastors would never have acknowledged a mistake they made. We are human and we all make them. Thanks for your updates and videos, I never miss them.

  29. God bless you J.D. Iam so thankful I discovered wonderful pastors such as you through Jan Markells site. As others have said You dont need a theology degree. You have a natural gift from God to spread His word and keep us all informed on what isgoing on in these last days.

  30. Think. People say before or after the rapture. Why not at the very moment the missiles with nuke warheads are in the air? So many will be killed in this war, it won't raise eyebrows when millions disappear. It will make the devil's big lie more believable to people left behind. Maranatha!

  31. Hallelujah!!! Pastor JD, fellow donkey here! Glory to God… I just wanted to say a phew things. For you to come out right away stating how you were wrong on a scripture, speaks volumes to me. I hope that others see it as well. That's the light Brother! Also, not liking being called a prophecy expert, but rather seeing yourself as a donkey!!! Again I say, GLORY TO GOD!!!
    We can do nothing without God, without our mighty Lord and Savior, and without the Holy Spirit that dwells within us. HALLELUJAH! When we speak, we speak because God has spoken. It has nothing to do with us, it's all about Him. Yes! We are willing servants, but that it!
    Hmm, Never thought of how the donkey must have felt!!! Good one!
    God bless you my Brother in Christ. See you real soon in Glory. Harpazo / Caught Up, 1 Th 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
    Rapture IS In The Bible! Harpazo = G726, to seize, carry off by force, to seize on, claim for one's self eagerly, to snatch out or away… GLORY!!!

  32. Imagine if Jesus had to go to bible college or get a degree before he was elegible to be the SON OF GOD. Nah. Before God formed you in the womb, He knew you!

  33. Thank you Pastor J.D. Farag, for correcting your understanding of ll Thess. 2:3. I am a PK (Preacher's Kid) and had always known it meant spiritual falling away.You are correct in commenting on those who comment on your messages. I believe that God is using you in spite of not having a formal education. God promotes us and has given you the calling to speak on his behalf. Your humbleness is pleasing unto the Lord. I pray for you to continue to be His faithful servant. God Bless you brother in Christ.

  34. Trump or his son in law Jared is the anti Christ..more like Jared,,it's not a good thing for trump to go to Israel…when are you all going to wake up. Trump is one of elites…

  35. I will take a man who loves God and His Word over an over educated person who lacks faith anytime!

  36. there is a great apostasy going in the churches today, be aware of wolves that come in sheeps clothes, some say the rapture will never happen to money preachers,that all churches are christians, even obvious cults, JW and the moroms and roman catholic and more. they preach another Jesus, another way,

  37. Thank you for your humility. I understand the reason as to why you are changing your view on the meaning of this word, but hope you will take a look at the following link, explaining the reason for the term Iikely meaning a physical 'departure', especially since, according to this author, was the original way the word was translated in earliest manuscripts. .I don't think the fact that Paul used a different word, harpadzo, to refer to the rapture elsewhere means it's the only word that he could've ever used. for example, Paul also mentioned "our gathering together to him" to refer to the rapture event, using different terminology. Time will tell, but according to the following study, a physical departure makes more sense, especially since a definite article is used with the term. in addition, how will we recognize a single, specific falling away in a spiritual sense, since it's happened through the ages? Thank you for your desire to accurately handle the word of truth. I greatly look forward to your weekly updates. God bless you. http://www.erfministries.com/QnA_4.php

  38. Brother, I went to college and cemetery; ah, seminary and I learned that the whole idea is to reshape a students thinking to be like minded with the philosophy of the seminary. Should a student show resistances, that student is in danger of not graduating. Non-formal educated people have more ability to succeed imparting God's Word better than those who have been instructed how and what to think.

  39. Pastor, the Greek word harpazo would have been used if Paul had repeated his phrase "caught up" as he originally used in his first epistle when he taught the rapture to the church in Thessalonica. Paul had to remind his flock with his second epistle what he had already taught them because of a forged letter that was circulating among these young believers. In 2nd Thessalonians Paul used "departure" in the psychical sense (spatial) not a spiritual one. He was reinforcing his original teaching. Basically he was telling them, you can't already be in the Tribulation because we're both still here. First must come our departure. Then the man of sin shall be revealed. Shalom.

  40. Rev. 3:10   Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

    I used to be confused by people stating there's no rapture.  However, what does this verse say?  🙂

  41. Apostasy. Meaning spiritual abominations. We actually commit spiritual abominations on a daily basis. The modern "Christian" Church gained many of these abominations from the pagan influenced Catholic church. So My advice is …If the Catholics do it..Then don't.

  42. I appreciate your humble attitude. Thank you for confessing an error although I don't believe it was an intentional misrepresentation. This should show all that you only strive to preach the truth. Please continue preaching…I talk about your videos to many of my friends. Wish I could be in Kaneohe. God bless your ministry!

  43. I will never criticize a man who humbles himself before the Lord and ministers the Word of God the way you do, brother.  Regarding a "college degree" these days?  Most of them just prove you endured sitting through liberally-biased lectures of professors who don't know what real life is all about outside the faculty lounge.  But to my point:  I had just viewed the interview Gary Stearman had with Andy Woods and the discussion of the word "apostasia" before getting updated at your website.  I was surprised to hear that you, too, had seen that interview, but concluded that Paul would have had to use the word "harpazo" to refer to the Rapture, but since he didn't, we have to conclude he was talking about spiritual apostasy.  If you check out Dr. Woods' longer lecture on YT, he explains the reason why a different word may have been used.  Paul had already written the Thessalonians about the Tribulation and the Rapture. The second letter, where the "falling away" phrase is used, was written as a review of sorts.  He didn't have to go into detail about the Rapture once again because he had already discussed it in the first letter, but was quickly going over the concepts he discussed previously.  So "harpazo" could have been used, but as it is interpreted as meaning a physical removal, apostasia could fit as well, because "Rapture" and a "physical departure" are the same thing; they're just being described in different words.  At any rate, I praise the Lord for your ministry – you have enlightened me on end-time Bible study like few others are able to do.

  44. Dear J.D., I used to lead worship at a Calvary Chapel in Calif, I now attend a Pentecostal church in S. AZ. I listen to some teachers who do have knowledge in biblical languages. The interpretation of scripture has to be done with great mental gymnastics to arrive at the conclusion of Mr. Ice and Mr. Woods. I will not here state my rapture timing regarding the tribulation as I feel the real issue is being so dogmatic about your position so as to say that a contrary position is of the Devil or satanic. This is just wrong and I'm sure Chuck Smith, an avid pre triber would agree. I appreciate your weekly updates. Thank you.

  45. As to the Gog-Magog war, I struggled to figure out how Russia could be drawn back to Russia from its present stand in the Middle East so that God would put hooks in her jaws and draw her back against Israel. then I realized that Russia's back was turned from the Middle East at the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union. Under Putin she has looked upon Israel as ready for plunder and Russia, already aligned with Persia, Iran, is ready to pounce upon Israel. the stage is already set up for that war, probably this year, don't you think? If after the Rapture, Israel would be laid back on a pillow of a false peace agreement, just as Ezekiel 38 says. It just doesn't seem to fit in before the Rapture, as far as I can tell.

  46. Amen Pastor Farag! Thank you for reassuring us of how simple salvation really is. Many times doubts can occur because someone of authority makes us feel that we have to be totally heartbroken over our situation for God to save us or maybe that some dot isn't crossed just right. I truly believe that we all come to salvation with a different degree of enormity because some find salvation after a rough and tumble life and it is a more intense experience for them while others realize their need for salvation after having gone to church since childhood and that person may not have the same intense experience as another. Each Christian realizes the need for salvation, but some seem to appreciate it more having not had the opportunity to hear the Gospel as some of us have. I think that sometimes we think that we must feel physically different and confuse this with the feeling of relief after confessing our need. I hope this makes sense. If salvation was supposed to be complicated Jesus would not have had to suffer for us. Thank you for all that you do. May God Bless you and your family. Carolyn.

  47. You humble, beautiful man of God, keep teaching us with your anointed word from God. God bless you for keeping to what the scripture say and helping us to know the truth.

  48. You are a wonderful example of someone who has been taught by the Holy Spirit Himself, a teacher raised up for this time. May God bless you!

  49. Amos was just a fig farmer, GOD used him, GOD can use you, GOD will use you, GOD is using you. GOD BLESS you and yours

  50. With all due respect you should continue your education……I refer to your concern of Paul not using one Greek word and uses another. The simplest would be to refer to YouTube with Patrick Heron and his video entitled "There is not apostasy or falling away". The Greek word used here fits in…..for one need research how this word was used in Paul's time (Ancient Greek). Also refer to E.W. Bollinger work on
    Ancient Greek. In this word (2 Thes.) "apo" mean a drawing away from a circle. Which is more specific to the plane(t) on which we live. I do not mean any disrespect-and I have heard the gentleman speaking on Stearman's program…..good arguments, but he too is having to make a hose additional pre-trib arguments because he apparently is also using a more modern day interpretation. Please listen to the suggested video of Patrick Heron. Also, in the context of Paul's thought in 2Thes. a spiritual falling away does not fit or make much sense.

  51. Fight the good fight, Finish the Race, Keep the Faith! 2 Timothy 4:7 I appreciate all that you do and so glad God used you and you obeyed.

  52. forget those idiots that say you are not qualified – God uses humble vessels who love him – you are 100% qualified…..

  53. I knew there was a reason you stand out….I find that the pastors that have not attended "formal" training, are absolutely the best! Thank you Pastor J.D., we love you here on the east coast of the mainland! Please keep doing exactly what you're doing, thank you and God bless

  54. You are an amazing teacher of Scripture. I applaud you for the correction. Keep spreading the word; God bless you!! Maranantha!!

  55. Thank you JD how refreshing always to hear your updates, it is good news and takes fear from our hearts as we rest in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ ! I look forward to the coming of our savior and truly it makes your prayers for the lost more fervent 🙏🏼 Even though the world problems our so tense it just makes you pray more, not in hate but to see all who may come to our Lord 🙏🏼 Maranatha

  56. Hey Pastor, very much enjoy your videos. I'm not convinced on the pre-trib rapture but certainly have nothing against those who believe it will play out that way… hope it does! Much love in Christ.

  57. Even The Lord Almighty can use an "Arab donkey", after all He has deliberately chosen the foolishness of this world to confound the wise of this world. God bless, from Oz.

  58. The lord Jesus will not come until. the man of sin is manifested the tribulation, arter that the angels are the ones harvesting the saints before the wrath of the 🐑

  59. Pastor JD, I was fortunate to have attended CCCM in the 70's as a new-believing teen (a mere toddler in the Lord). I thank God for that beginning in my walk as I learned a great deal under Pastor Chuck and it forever shaped the type of pastor/teacher I would listen to: one who only teaches from the Word (as you, Pastor Vernon McGee, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Charles Lawson, Pastor Charles Stanley, and many "unknowns"). You all teach what Pastor Chuck ever taught and also have not strayed from the same biblical truths expounded upon by him while I attended as a youth. I also like how, as he never "beat the sheep," nor do you or the others, unlike so many pastors have where I have at times attended.

    Thank you for teaching from the Word, encouraging and equipping the saints, and helping bring more depth of understanding to passages written.

    "When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be."

  60. Dear JD, My husband is Dr. Andy Woods. Every Monday morning, Andy and I grab a cup of coffee, and look forward to your prophecy update. We're big fans. We love you, brother and are continually praying for you. Even if we disagree on 2 Thess. 3, we agree on the Pre-Trib rapture. God bless you, and hope you'll consider just listening to "part 2" where Andy explains why Paul doesn't always use "harpazo" to be speaking of the rapture (cf. 1 Cor. 15:51-52). Finally, I'm a University of Hawaii Grad, Hawaii No Ka Oi! 🙂

  61. Very good pastor. Apostasia is a Greek term for apostasy, which is the abandonment or renunciation of a religion. I've had this discussion with many people lately, it is not a physical departure (Rapture), it is a spiritual departure from the truth. Only those who want to confuse things and make the truth seen as a lie, twist it to mean a physical taking away. Satan uses such confusion to deny the truth of the rapture and the bible as well. A pastor duty is to direct their congregation to study the word for themselves. It should be every spiritual leader’s desire that believers study the Word of God, which is the final authority. I appreciate your willingness to rectify an error and direct your listeners to study the word for themselves. I enjoy your sermons even when I don't fully agree with them.

  62. Confirm means "establish the truth or correctness of (something previously believed,". If Trump or Kutchner do achieve a peace agreement, that doesn't mean one is the anti-christ. He could be someone that comes later and confirms their agreement, only to break it later.

  63. The falling away, as far as I am concerned, was always believed to be the apostasy. I can't believe it was ever consider to be anything but that. I'm thankful you rightly divided the Word.


  65. it's because of this update I now have an account to address this "apostasia" issue. I have found a video by Jacob Prasch making a number of false accusations which I then addessed in his public comments section.

    1. Andy and Tommy have genuine qualifications worked for honestly from accredited schools as I checked each one. Chafer is relatively new but will become accredited in the near future. However, their staff are all kosher, gentlemen and scholars including Andy as new President.
    2. Arnold Fruchtenbaum does NOT agree with Jacobs view that the Church will know the antichrist before the Rapture. Frucht teaches the imminency of the Rapture (any moment – pending, the correct definition) Frucht suggests the Church MAY guess at the identity of antichrist, but will be Raptured before he is revealed.

    After politely explaining where Jacob is mistaken on these two points as well as confirming Pretribs correct definition usage of "imminency", the comment section was closed down with these three points removed from the video itself.

    My prayerful research discovers no valid reason for JD to repent. Jacob is quite mistaken when he states no other scholars support Tommy and Andy, I have a satisfactory list of those who have gone before in full agreement. E Schuyler English being just one eminent brother worthy of note. (The word "eminent", is the word Jacob confuses with "imminent" in one of his books, hence, his faulty critique in this area imho.)

    It seems non Pretribs are misguided over the "Granville-Sharp Rule". Present day, noted Koine Greek scholar Dr. Daniel Wallace makes known the correct usage of this important element of Greek Grammar proving Jacob's faulty understanding to be null and void.

    I sincerely hope and trust my nervous comment will aid in rebuilding what may have been broken down by the mischief of the enemy to cause yet more division and hurt to Pretrib.
    May God continue to bless JD and guide him aright till Jesus takes His bride home pretrib.

  66. We love you J.D. I love the end times, the rapture and everything goes with it. Thank you so much for sharing and teaching. I laugh when listening to you when you get warm when you talk about us not being part of the Great Tribulation. Viva Pastor J.D. You and Amir from Behold Israel are my best teachers when it comes to Bible Prophesy. Blessings!!!

  67. You are such a humble man, full of God's Spirit. Your passion is unparalleled and is inspirational. Your knowledge in this area comes from your diligence and efforts as guided by the Lord. We are privileged to sit under your teaching. Thank you so much. I know the Lord smiles when he looks at you and your faithfulness to both lift up His name and to blow the trumpet to wake people up to their urgent need of Him…God bless you Brother…

  68. Pastor JD, you were correct the first time! Take a look at 2 Thess 2:7 which confirms your prior interpretation of 2 Thess 2:3. Beware of others who pressure you into changing your mind from the Truth. There are earlier biblical translations that use the word 'departure' in 2 Thess 2:3, but then it was later changed. A falling away from the Faith has been going on since Jesus ascended. Here's the best example (VERY recent) of the comparison of these 2 verses by Ministry Revealed, at the 47:24 minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d17Jma_Q1Yg&t=3463s

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