Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella On The Cloud Computing Industry And The Future Of Microsoft | CNBC

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella On The Cloud Computing Industry And The Future Of Microsoft | CNBC

29 thoughts on “Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella On The Cloud Computing Industry And The Future Of Microsoft | CNBC

  1. Apple will create Fast App to Pay state, City and More In Mortage Pay ๐Ÿ’ฐ And ืžืฉื›ื ืชื ื•ื—ื™ื•ื‘ื™ื ื›ืžื• ื‘ืคื˜ื ื˜ ืฉืœ ืื‘ืจื”ื ืœื‘ื ืงื™ื. In Apple Credit Card in a App easy in 3 Days in Beta. And Apple will take only 10%.

  2. Apple will create Siri For Azure .Org And Amazon Cloud And Google .Org Cloud or Cisco for 20,000$ a year a phone Or Mac in A Patent And not in Android or Pc in a Patent. Put Hundreds Of Workers On That And recruit Like from Black Berry Major One. And itโ€™s work even on a Private Cloud for Free.

  3. Microsoft will sell Xbox Games in iTunes or much Better will sell Xbox Stream for 35$ a Month. Apple not Google Because it My Idea. Apple will earn 15% and 30% in First Year. Even Nintendo and Sony in an Apple Patent For Game Boxs. Through iPhone and iPad not PC it Apple Condition.

  4. as far as I am concerned… no changes in last 20 years for people. Simply Windows are in regress. Computers are less stable, no software to simply edit photos, etc…. a lot of talk, and colored rectangles, but same same nonsense. I dont need AI, predictive, all that sheety slow and expensive stuff.

  5. Nadella is taking Microsoft in the right direction. Theyโ€™ve overtaken Apple as the worldโ€™s most valuable company under his leadership.

  6. I used to work for MS in the Bill Gates days. I don't know much about anything, but I will say, hold this interview up against an interview with Tim Cook and… yeah, buy MS stock.

  7. Great interview and talent .. Jon Fortt CNBC and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella .. thank you both ..!!

  8. I remember how Gates used to be ridiculed online, now with a fit Indian man running the company nobody dares to do the same or be labeled 'racist'

  9. Most people here in comment section do not understand the true scale that Satya is talking about. You as a consumer may not see how enormous Microsoft data infrastructure truely is. Do your research on what they do on the corporate side and how much data they move around a day. They are building a firm foundation so they can stand firm in the future.

  10. Why doesn't Xbox one X use the cloud to make all games 4k like Microsoft said " Cloud " is more Powerful than a PC

  11. The more accessible the technology for korn protection is becoming the better we are solving world hunger! Did you miss that? The CEO of a software company truely tries to solve the problems of the world… is this fiction?

  12. Tradesmen often have a close link with their tools and also the services and products they work on. I suggest that this may be parallel to data crunching and websites, but there is clearly a demarcation line.

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