21 thoughts on “Microsoft Azure Sphere Leadership Vision

  1. They want to go one step further beyond Google's current "Sphere" of control. This is becoming crazier and crazier. But uninformed users are going to buy with a pistol to their heads anyway.

  2. Microsoft has already sold out by pushing backdoors in every PC. With chips that can't be reverse-engineered (or they'll put you in legal Guantanamo) you can't actually check how "secure" you are.

    This is marketing BS.

  3. Microsoft's has monopolized the computer industry for the last 30 years building a legacy of hacker friendly software, then I can't help but be skeptical. I have no faith in Microslop

  4. Microsoft is nothing more than a legacy clown show. Continuing to follow, never lead, and never will. What a clown show.

  5. there is already a "in facto" standard that Microsoft should check and support even more. Home-Assistant.io already integrates with Microsoft facial recognition , and almost with CORTANA. Maybe a good idea to check.

  6. these microcontrollers woudnt be as cheap as ESP8266 .. and so easy to program/flash new firmware with Arduino IDE .
    whould love to see from Microsoft, not a proprietary chip but a open framework ..

  7. Now all you have to do is advance your leadership vision to encompass not finagling a way to cut insurance from former employees who had to resign due to disability.

    My sister had to resign from Microsoft after developing multiple sclerosis, and subsequently died of breast cancer because MS's cutting off her insurance meant that she couldn't afford to go to the doctor and have her breast pain checked out.

    IoT is connected with ethics. But ethics is connected with ethics too. Never forget this, Microsoft.

  8. Rotten storytelling, people are doing this since years with their own hands. this is just stealing ideas for their own sake (gathering information)

  9. "Security" until it gets hacked just like every other chip. Then your stove explodes your food rots and your furnace releases carbon monoxide…Cyber terrorism is a real thing folks.

    In the meantime Microsoft is going to collect "anonymous" metadata on your use patterns. This information will only be used for the capatilist class. Rich get richer.

    BTW make sure you are all good boys and girls or Microsoft might shut down your devices remotely for wrong think…

    I'll keep my old fashion devices without IoT thank you very much.

    Sup Microsoft… Are the Azure Sphere MCUs going to incorporate NB-IoT and Edgeless Computing? I'd just love to have my appliances use additional electricity to complete other network computational requirements without my consent.

  10. The "security layer" between hardware and OS should be renamed "spy layer".
    This to prevent any misunderstandings about the "security" of said layer.

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