Michael Moore: Trump Heading For Impeachment Because Of ‘High Crimes’ Like We’ve Never Seen | MSNBC

Michael Moore: Trump Heading For Impeachment Because Of ‘High Crimes’ Like We’ve Never Seen | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Michael Moore: Trump Heading For Impeachment Because Of ‘High Crimes’ Like We’ve Never Seen | MSNBC

  1. The world will be a better place when this #fakepotus is removed from the highest seat. #traitortrump is a criminal in plain sight. Guantanamo for this fool is all I can see in its future.

  2. You're missing a bigger point here. The White house wasn't asking the Ukraine to investigate 'possible' crimes.

    It was demanding the Ukraine manufacture dirt on Biden in order to receive the critical financial and military support that it had already been assessed to require.

    If the Ukraine had come back and said, "we can't find anything", they would have been told to "create something".

  3. When you are scared and you panic this is what happens.Trump know he is boxed in what will he do next.WAIT For it.

  4. With all due respect Mr. Michael Moore. You are a needed God amongst Journalist today, especially with a possible W.W.3 And possibile Civil War? You Yourself are a 1 Of a kind Journalist. 1 of many I and More. I can easily relate with and need. You especially Now! You haven't any need for low Esteem issues. . I apreciate You and Your Patriotism is 1st class. It even strengthen's Me. Like Myself. You'd rather have nothing but positive things to say. Political folks won't let You Simply because of their own Actions. I thank You for Your hard work and I seriously admire Your Pictures. You tell an Awesome story Sire.

  5. Trump keeps these networks alive, EVERYDAY they go on and on about him, he is good business. The only 'high' crime was the figure Biden was paid each month.

  6. The thing is, what Mulvaney said was still disingenuous. YES, it's true that governments use carrots and sticks to add enticements and pressures in making deals with foreign governments, BUT the difference is, it's done in the interest of the nation's foreign policy objectives. It is NOT supposed to be done to serve the President's own personal political interests. THAT'S an example of him using the office to deal to HIMSELF.

  7. MESSAGE FROM EUROPE – Trump is a LITERAL traitor – every single thing he does either HURTS America or BENEFITS Russia……..!


  8. Absolutely no substance to this story. Pelosi is no genius either. All she is doing is making sure everyone is nice and protected. Nothing is going to happen to trump. Politicians are above the law.

  9. Michael is right we need to report what they are doing while Trump distract the country. There are over 200 bills still waiting to be passed by the Senate. Undoing regulations that guarantee our rights.

  10. Dear America, 

    Okay, so we stepped in some dog crap.  It’s on our shoe.  We’ve managed to track into the house.  But thankfully, so far, there’s marks only in
    a couple of rooms.  But yeah, it stinks
    to high heaven.  And getting the smell
    out isn’t going to be easy. 

    I’m sorry for those of you who think you can throw a
    piece of furniture over the skid marks and feel all will be fine.  Dog crap doesn’t work this way.   The smell lingers, the flies converge and
    people get really sick.  What you really
    wanna do is to get to the source: find the shoe with the dog crap on it and
    throw it in the trash, or at least give the shoe a good hosing down. 

    Dog crap is nasty stuff. 
    I’ve seen it tracked all over the house before and whew, it can ruin

    What you don’t want to do or be is that guy who is just
    too plain lazy to do anything about it, who, for whatever reason, thinks dog
    crap in the air and on the carpet is not that bad, perhaps typical in the life
    of any household.  Sure, right, my nose
    begs to differ! Pig pen is pig pen no matter what color tie you make him

    But this is where we are.   Crap happens.   We can choose to let every room suffer
    because of it.  Or we can aim to make the
    house as it should be.  In this regard it
    is time to Impeach and remove Donald Trump.

  11. "All roads with you lead to Putin" – Pelosi said it – and THAT is the key to what Pelosi is doing – IMO – she wants to out Trump as a traitor not just for high crimes.

  12. So, what's going to happen to Creepy Joe Biden since he admitted on camera that he was going to withhold financial aid from the Ukrainians if they didn't fire the Prosecutor that was investigating his son's company?

  13. This political correctness been using as weapon to hide there Big syndicate They want to impeach Trump because he's getting Evidence corruption deal with previous administration lol like billions of dollars shouldn't we Should be more concern about those stolen billion dollars and how they rigging America to it's core?.., wasting tax money they don't Even OWN

  14. Ari Melber says everybody sees it, but from polls and just some of the comments here, there are a lot of people who aren’t convinced, who don’t see it yet. Pelosi and the House need to take the time to find and lay out all the evidence. This is a time to provide information and let the voters still supporting Trump decide for themselves, so our only duty is to provide information. This means also paying them respectful attention, hearing their questions and concerns, and just giving the documents, the statistics, the facts. Nothing is gained by insulting people you hope will change their minds.

  15. Drumpf is still in office because they know in the House that when they send it to the Senate, it will be dead, all over….

  16. I am amazed to read from many of the comments as to how so many choose to remain blind and bury their head in the sand in light of the overwhelming information about the illegal activities of the president. You should really tell yourself that it is really happening. Perhaps you should ask yourself if your allegiance is to a man or to the Constitution of the United States.

    Have you really looked at the whole picture? The United States is under attack from without and from within. The barriers are being taken down not by a particular party but by key players in a party. Blame the key players but not the party. My contention with members of certain members of a particular party is that they have voluntarily become accomplices to the president by their silence. The party has become more important than the Constitution.

    If there is a time when parties must unite against tyrany is now.

  17. I hope Trump gets impeached quickly. It will serve as a warning to other western leaders like Scott Morrison and Boris that people won’t put up with Trumps style of Government.

  18. Trump the psychopathic liar and con man needs to step down. He is a danger to Western democracy as well as to the security of the United States.

  19. micheal moore should do a movie or breakdown on rudy guiliani as the penguin cause guiliani is exactly a perfect penguin from batman mental and physical 🐧👀

  20. Listen to the video. He isn’t saying deal was cut a few weeks ago in 2019. He is referring to 2016 & is saying they make deals all the time. Sorry. Nothing here

  21. Hmmmm I really think Trump is going to win again because of these. The more drama the more reason for people to vote for him, and the media knows it as well. They are actually helping, including Michael Moore .

  22. JOE & HUNTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHihyFsgJGc
    NANCY AND NEWSOM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLkF6zLxg_U

  23. Donald Trump ‘Fifth Avenue’ Comment
    Donald Trump controversially observed that he could shoot an individual on a widely trafficked New York City street and not "lose one voter." Are you surprised by what he brazenly has been doing? He told you he could do these things! And what is his next impulse?

  24. We will never get over crooked dealings. Mic needs to get over thinking that it is OK to dirty deal as a way of doing business. The USA is getting an extremely negative reputation since Trump and his Republican cronies have been running this country into the ground.

  25. People are gonna vote with there pockets like in 3rd wourld country's not with standards and what this country was founded on. It was the down fall of all empires.

  26. while this charade continues people including children are being traumatized and killed because you have a mentally deranged person in charge! Get him OUT!

  27. Yes indeed, mickey mulvaney, we will get over it – we'll get over and past this corrupt presidency! Tick-motherfuckingTock! Your time is up!

  28. Mister Donald trump who made the American army great again,And he is the one who made Jerusalem the capital again.
    He will never be impeached.

  29. I guess war crimes are not high crimes, which is why none of the presidents that committed war crimes were ever impeached.

  30. Why are so many Americans and other nationalities for that matter, convinced that Trump is the second coming? I'm asking this simple question because I recently watched a YouTube video that covered his stage/d appearance in Dallas, Texas and, after reading many of the hundreds of comments, all in adoration of this deity/controversial earthling with a profound intelligence, I found not a single derogatory remark posted against him? As Toyah Wilcox once sang, 'It's a mystery'
    Furthermore, I've read the comments re: this video too. The comments are definitely not favourable to the commander in chief at all.
    So, from my simple observations, I'm driven to ask my next question; does YouTube show videos of this alleged supreme being where only Trump supporters are able to comment and, by contrast, does this site also show videos of Trump, or the apparent Antichrist, where only his sworn nemesis seem to post comments.
    There doesn't appear to be any real debate taking place here……………………
    It's a bit like the prolonged BREXIT controversy really and both long drawn out stale tales are hinged on 'Will they, or won't they?'


  32. This president represent the American dream. You can be a complete uneducated moron and become a rich president. Now i understand his fans.

  33. everyone on the left wants trump out because there is some kind of utopian dream of succession from Obama being in the white house. It is almost like people actually believe that there is some kind of reality that can be forced on the rest of us Americans. Not everyone wants things to progress faster than people are ready for. Are there Liberal cause for the destruction of tradition. Trump won for one simple reason, he made those of us that are not racist, are not leftist, and still living in todays world that realise true changes of the magnitude that the left want to see happen, most americans are not ready for. Why not just let things progress at it's natural rate? someday without force, without backroom agendas. Just let things be until they are no more. When people push their changes on others, it isn't the sign of freedom, it is the sign of existence of groups of people trying to bully the rest of us with their thoughts and ideas of how things should be. Trump represents what is and what was, America will resist obvious actions like this. If you really want to keep people like this from winning elections, then find candidates that want to help solve real issues in the real world and in the real reality of things. Following a dream of how you want things to be is perfectly acceptable, but when you start pushing change down peoples throats, they will push back.

  34. If after impeaching Trump you don't send him to prison, the next crooked president committing horrible crimes on a regular basis is just a matter of time.


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