Michael Moore On Mulvaney’s Confession: ‘He Had To Tell The Truth’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Michael Moore On Mulvaney’s Confession: ‘He Had To Tell The Truth’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Michael Moore On Mulvaney’s Confession: ‘He Had To Tell The Truth’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Seriously, who shot the photograph? It's amazing… the only thing more amazing is how the right wing media has tried to use this photo to illustrate a Pelosi meltdown when she is so clearly calling one out across the table. Trump is a petulant manchild who has NO business being in the room.

  2. Michael Moore how many times have you predicted Trump's guilt and yet he is still there. If I stand on the corner and say its gonna rain people will think i'm nuts but if I live long enough and say it will rain enough times eventually it will rain. It does't mean I was right or I knew it beforehand. You predicted the 2016 election but it doesn't make you an automatic expert.

  3. We lose our democracy when elections are up for sale to foreign governments. If Russia knows our president will drop sanctions against them for invading countries like Ukraine, they will have their KGB type operatives hack American security measures to try and dig up dirt on opponents in elections for presidential and congressional races that may be helpful to them. If China knows it can get better trade deals or not be sanctioned for stealing our intellectual property, they will likewise have a huge incentive to use cyber warefare in America to dig up dirt on opponents to get their perfered candidates elected. I was in Washington D. C. a few days ago and a person I spoke with questioned whether the Trump Administration is seriously trying to prevent cyber attacks from foreign countries. Trump's acts are not only unconstitutional, they will destroy the democracy so many Americans fought and died for.

  4. Nancy Pelosi is shivering and had blurred speech, we see it as under demonic bondage. She has been seen as Confused, sound like Crazy women, as honest as anyone would tell. You people can see it otherwise, its good news, for we know your ability also got compromised.

  5. The funny part is TRUMP of all people PUTTING the word corruption in his mouth is unbelievable When everything TRUMP does is corruption is on his mind

  6. This presidency (if that’s what you want to call it) was a waste of our time. We were set back decades because of it.

  7. Nancy is strong and intelligent,and donnies being punished like a child! go Nancy..we love you and support you every step of the way!

  8. اصيل مثنى:انا اصدقك انه قد يكون حصل لك نوع من غسيل للمخ او تنويم مغنطيسي او ايحائي، تستطيع الاستفادة من خبرة الدكتور خالد سعد الدين الشريف، ايهاب صالح حسين اليماني، واخ زوجته محمد… انهم يتقنون هذه العمليات رالخلايا تعتمد عليهم في ذلك.
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  9. The photo of Speaker Pelosi standing while lecturing Trump is very poignant.

    One of the memes for it could be, “If you want to try and take me on, have at it. You’ll lose”

  10. Fate whispered to President Trump, "You can not withstand the storm".
    President Trump whispered back, "I… AM…. the storm.

  11. Mulvaney is following the leader with even more arrogance than Trump and, certainly with more stupidity, thinking as Trump does that if he says it out loud his crimes will be okay and eventually be accepted as "normal" behavior. However, Mulvaney made one big mistake — he forgot to check with his boss first! lol!

  12. talking about the picture . who says there will be a USA . after trump ?? if so , we will never be great again !!! trump has killed that already . we will never recovery from this !!! that is a prophey !! don't believe me !! ?? WATCH !!!

  13. President Trump is working for his country against to the globalist democrats which carried the half of US economy to Chinese.. He's trying to get it back.. And these globalists are trying to US get into the endless wars in the middleeast .. so there should be no way to struggle with China..

  14. I cant listen to anything Michael Moore says because he always looks like the guy standing on the street corner holding a sign; for God's sake wear some decent clothes when going on TV and ditch the Trump trucker cap.

  15. No, no. Mulvaney thought he was being really tough by saying, "Yeah, we did that bad thing! So what are you going to do about?" That is what he was hearing at the White House and he was channeling our Groper-in-Chief. Of course, the White House legal team cringed and made him walk that back.

  16. I really wonder about the state of America. I just went to another Youtube video showing the exact same image, without absolutely any editing, and the Drumpers were all saying that the men on the right looked that way because Nervous Nancy was embarrassing everybody by having a nervous breakdown.

    Look, China is laughing and pulling ahead. Like it or not, the reality is that only the USA can stand up to the bully that is China. But I just don't know, the USA needs to change something soon and drastically.

  17. it is well that it was revealed thst Biden is corrupt, dishonest and he makes everything including war to bring profits for his own family

  18. Nancy is the perfect Trump antidote. Today is federal election day in Canada. We only wish we had Nancy P in the running for our PM. She is one great gal. I hope Americans realize she is one of the good ones. Support her, support her party. Bring respect back to your country.

  19. jesus, lawrence needs to get a room with that photo. now, let's see, what was missing in that photo ? oh yeah, the past 3 f'n years in which pelosi has aided and abetted this asshat o' a president in his crimes against the nation and the working class. she stands up for an instance and is now hailed as a hero ?! has the bar been lowered so far ? context matters and the media is reading WAY too much into that picture…

  20. How sad that there is no man to stand up to Trump in that room, or anywhere apparently. Is this where the world's at? Where the balance of democracy and the United States place in the world depends on this woman named "Nancy Pelosi"? Will the real men please stand up? Are there no John Wayne's in the Congress? are there no Neil's in the Senate?where are the heroes when we need them? are there no backbones in our form of government?

  21. I've always thought the world would be a better place with women running it. Pretty sure the only reason we've gotten this far with men running things is due to the women behind them in many cases.

  22. WhenTrump and Clinton ran against each other I said "Two peas in a pod" Now we have Hillary with lets dig up some dirt of Tulsi to hurt her political career. The parties disgraced themselves and us when they backed these two low life's. Hopefully they will wise up by 2020.

  23. We all need to reach out to the other side because this has divided our country and in that way Russia (whether you believe in the whole thing or not) is very happy with what they see in the United states.

  24. Get over it Believe that America we are is over it and the only reason the chump administration is still in power its because we the people cant remove you knuckleheads physically ..

  25. Moore said he looked at this photo every hour and he still could not see another women there. Wow and you describe him as an award winning journalist . Who gave him the award.

  26. We now have sadly entered a sorta twilight zone of Lying Lawyers or if you prefer Lawyers who lie….And in Gilliano's case who may end up in a limited space ,if he can be that far from the truth now , i wonder if he was fully truthful in Sept. 2001.

  27. Probably did it for a photo opportunity, kids will learn how Trump put the smack down on Peloski in school..!! All about these phoney trial's, and the fake stream media.,,🏁

    to “White House Insider is Profiting Off Trump’s Chaos Economy w/Richard Wolff”
    ALSO on utube Chris Hedges on his latest book, America: The Farewell Tour

  29. yelled for coughing?? is this kind of yelling at your maid or slave?
    Mulvaney has no balls. a chicken sheet. zero pride.
    i would resign, right there in front of everyone.

  30. A WOMAN CAN BE JUST AS CORRUPT AS A MAN… just look at Hillary Clinton and Besty DeVos. It has nothing to do with women running for office, it's about people who have integrity strength and compassion running for office.

  31. What's the big deal , corruption, betrayal and arrogant ignorance are the way the White House has always operated….what it never has ? ……NEVERMIND!

  32. Yeah…Michael is wrong about Mulvaney. He tried to lie, got confused, and clumsily opted for let it hang out. "What are they gonna do? Impeach me?" 😉😂😂😄😅

  33. To me it was the people to his right that said the most, like little boys who have just been caught in a lie and being bawled out by the teacher 😔.

  34. Typical Trump. Puts a lackey out there to brazen it out. And when public opinion turns on him, Trump cuts him loose.

  35. So…. Michael Moore stared at that photo "every hour" but not once noticed that there was one other women in the room?

  36. Those questioning Mick Mulvaney should ask quickly,smile as he answers,and not let him finish an answers as you ask another question and then smile at him as he answers ,and ask another question over that answer and smile at him……………..

  37. Whoever took this photo deserves acknowledgement. It is very difficult to capture a moment in history that will be studied throughout generations to come. It will be part of an argument that democracy is delicate and it comes with accountability and courage.

  38. Crime prevention and fraud are investigated and addressed by the system Trump and his followers seek to exploit. GET OVER IT!

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