Michael Moore On 2020 Presidential Race | The Last Word | MSNBC

Michael Moore On 2020 Presidential Race | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Michael Moore On 2020 Presidential Race | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. to be sad, the interviewer feels like sitting with an agenda and try to find a reason why Bernie shouldnt be the first choice.

  2. Katy Tur actually did a nice job. She obfuscated by interjecting Warren into the convo too much but at least she didn't cut him off like most anchors do when someone bring up real issues or Bernie

  3. Katy Tur is a proven Russian Hoax liar. Tur continues to lie to this very same day. Then there is this multi millionaire shlubb Michael Moore who owns a huge mansion with fireplaces and not a solar panel in sight. Drives around in gas guzzling SUV, has armed body guards and flies around in private jets. Anti global warming indeed……

  4. Inez Qtaish is writing saying "" I DID TRY BEING NICE , NOW THIS IS WAR GOOD VS evil and evildoers who are going against me lose, I command the truth be reveal publicly with no redactions or every living soul on earth will suffer , HEAR ME NOW.

  5. when will you lib tards get the idea the MSM is as controlled by corporations as
    the dnc is – and your precious bernie is a communist – you people say progressive
    dress your GI Joe in barbie cloths and call him Josephine – build her a middle bathroom

  6. 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  7. Loved this interview. Hope they keep putting him on cause he makes great, clear, concise points on behalf of Bernie. BERNIE 2020!!!

  8. Michael Moore the ultimate conspiracy theorist. Michael Moore doppelganger Rosi Odonnel . If Michael Moore wanted women why didn't he support a woman. I think Michael Moore is a racist.

  9. Why do Dems build this mystique around "moderates"? Because that's who the donors want. They fund both parties; the further right the candidates, the more their values are reflected.

  10. Bernie will not be "president". If the real Americans (aka the Republicans) get the word out about the catastrophic holocaust of socialism as malpracticed in Cuba, China, NoKo, Venezuela; really give it the bad rap that it rightly deserves, Bernie and other criminals of his mental ilk will not see the light of day. It will be put down like Tienamen Square.

  11. If only Millennials and AOCrap were better educated about the true horrors of socialism it would not be the hot topic that it is today. AOC is a power hungry vixen who will do anything for votes. She is the new Osama Bin Laden.

    Hate on, liberals. Being absolutely right does not bother me in the least.

  12. Bernie is the ONLY one in the running that represents Real progress. Liz warren will sell out to the corporatist elements in the Democratic party, and the rest are just hacks ( except Tulsi and Wang )

  13. U.S. government has been co-opted by the cabal of DTRumpco & The Republicanco plutocrats paid off by the 1% who have been engaged in accumulating as much wealth as possible, on the backs of the middle class working personal. The 1% DTRumpco & the Republicans don't care about America or our troops that protect us, from ISIS they only care about hiding their $$ from the tax collectors.
    Time to booth all these Traitors out of the work, an stick them where they belong in JAIL!

  14. We also believe that little boys shouldn't be genitally mutilated in this country, stop cutting us for no reason, your medical myths don't fool us!! Europe is Intact and they have 0 issues, it's misandry plain and simple.

  15. Elizabeth Warren questions defense secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis on his confirmation hearing (from 2:01 minutes to 2:06) to see how she is for the expansion of military industry.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEr90nl4jcY

  16. Fat boy. I want to see the poll numbers (the real ones, not the ones whose voices you hear in the hollow caverns between your ears and behind your nerdy liberal glasses) that say the majority is with the un-Americans (the liberals). I being in the majority am smart enough to know that global warming is not a real thing (and that is just one example). Again, show me the numbers.

  17. It’s awesome how she was trying to jab in a gotcha at the end, and then he proceeded to humiliate her and the network with a wrecking ball

  18. I cannot wait until trump and Bernie debate. face to face, blow by blow, insult for insult.
    Pass the popcorn Nancy! Let's see who survives.

  19. This woman on msnbc is a disgusting woman! The smears she has said are truly horrible. Not sure why she hates Bernie so much, perhaps he is to honest for corporate media and she wants to keep her job because she doesn’t have any integrity!
    Bernie speaks the truth! He has always being on the right side of history. Go Bernie Go💪🏽❤️♥️💕❣️

  20. If i was born in the US i wouldn't type this, let that sink in. Thank god i was insured the minute i was born. And although i spent 19! years in hospitals and recovering centers after brain disease @ 6 weeks old , It only took 25 dollars a year in 1969 nowadays it's 200 dollars a month for insurance costs. (and since 2014 you pay 360 dollars own risk/year). No other fees in fact the cost for driving to and from hospitals was much higher then they ever spent on insurance.

  21. What a mistake for MSNBC to let Michael Moore on the air. They should stop giving exposure to this radical communist who wants America to be more like other wealthy democracies that make sure their citizens have health care, public education, livable wages, and thriving, innovative "green" energy solutions.

  22. Toward the end MM hit it out of the park with his words on healthcare. Great point about the "great private healthcare" that can be taken away from you just for striking. Healthcare should not be tied to employment.

  23. MM needed to do a better job of focusing on the real policy differences between Bernie and Warren. There are real policy reasons to still pick Bernie over Warren.

  24. No Warren – she's NOT a progressive – she's ESTABLISHMENT. Bernie Sanders / Jill Stein 2020 – progressives, greens, independents, non-corporate dems, wise republicans who are fed up – UNITE in the Dem Primary for Sanders – OR KICK YOURSELF LATER – last chance to clean out corruption by a never-bribed candidate.

  25. Thank you Michael Moore! You did the right thing! This makes up for your weird Michelle Obama comment that she should run for president.

  26. He cuts off michael Moore because he's speaking highly of Sanders and these pundits are freaking stupid, heads blow up when any Positive Sanders news goes out

  27. Bernie also wins with everyone that voted for obama but then flipped to trump. They flip to Bernie more than anyone else

  28. What happens when the Democratic party itself defects Bernie like it did last time with so called Super delegates…

  29. Please donate to Bernie Sanders right now! He has the most donors & the most donations this Quarter. Let's show Corp America where the power is! Donate whatever you safely can right now! Berning in Berkeley, CA 2020

  30. Lol…she started stuttering after he called out the fact that the camera operators weren't union anymore and that healthcare can be taken away at anytime because of corporate greed.

  31. Some of the things he said in this interview made me picture the executives wincing and considering never having him back, so I'm kinda shocked to see that this became a Youtube upload. AND GLAD IT DID. Nobody lays it down quite like Moore, in fact I wish Bernie and Liz were half as good at communicating the need for their policies as Moore is, ha.

  32. Warren is good but she is shifting her voice on medicare for all . Im skeptical about her but she is my second choice .
    Sanders 2020

  33. Bernie and Tulsi are the only ones that can be Trump. Especially Tulsi. Why isn't Moore mentioning Tulsi? Kamala is a total looser. Warren is a false progressive. Come on!

  34. Moore gets it. In 2016 the DNC nominated centrist Hillary, who lost to Trump. By now the DNC should get it, but noooooo… they still ignore the true progressives, i.e. Bernie, Tulsi, Yang. It's as if the DNC wants Trump to win again in 2020.

  35. Michael Moore LMAO he dumps on Women when push comes to shove lol he endorses a man that is basically an invalid, way to go Comrade Moore !!

  36. Americans could not care less about rich elitist hollywood actors or who they support, lmao they drink their own kool aid TRUMP will CRUSH any Dummycrat in 2020, hard stop !!

  37. COOL! MSNBC kinda likes Sanders now. Moore kicks azz!! I like how he fronted msnbc on msnbc about no unions at msnbc, neat.

  38. polls said hillary was ahead of trump at 72% and trump was at 28% back in november 7th 2016, the day before the election. Polls are not reliable.

    Bernie's fed job guarantee was tried and abandoned in china in the 1980s. In china it was called the iron rice bowl. The only country with a large scale fed job guarantee today is north korea and they can barely feed themselves. As a major economic policy part of his campaign, its clear bernie didn't do his math homework. #yang2020 #andrewyang #yanggang #math

    vote andrew yang. #yanggang

  39. We have universal healthcare in NZ. I can leave my employee and still have healthcare. I can live my life no worrying I may go bankrupt because of medical bills. America vote Bernie. It’s hard to believe America is behind the developed world regarding your healthcare system. Healthcare is a right not a privilege.

  40. CNN cut Michael off quickly when he announced his Bernie endorsement. Changed the subject and talked on it for 9 mins.

  41. America will become a developed country if Bernie Sanders wins the election, and most Americans will be happy, no question about it.

  42. Michael thank you for being bold enough for telling corporate media what they don't want to hear. We know it's a tight spot to be in.

  43. MSNBC we know you don't want your pockets impacted which is why you rail against Bernie. But you're not the majority of the country and our children also deserve a decent life not just yours.

  44. MSNBC must be letting pro-Bernie supporters on the air to distract from the parent company's sexual harassment stories

  45. It should be – 1. Bernie 2. Warren. End of story. I don't even understand why anyone would seriously even think of anything else?

  46. Bernie sanders is proven to be trust worthy plus he is the original on medical for all and all the other polices every one is is a copy cat?

  47. I’m not gonna be as nice as Moore. Screw Warren. She’s dishonest, capitulating, and backing away from single payer. Putting her up against trump would be a HUGE mistake.

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