29 thoughts on “Michael Lewis: Why Government is Good | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  1. Government has killed more people in the 20th century than all people murder by "private" citizens. Government is the biggest mass murderer on earth. To call it good is sickening and absurd.

  2. Government is organized crime. To suggest otherwise stands in polar opposition to all the known facts. Left and/or right is nothing but an illusion to keep the threat, citizens, at each other’s throats while we are robbed.

  3. 8:00 I'm sorry but this how how much the media (yes I'm just as bad) has turned us into sheep. The guy even UTTERS the name New Orleans and immediately a couple people try to start a round of applause. It's just as bad as the "support our troops" phrase. Of course Katrina was a tragedy on an epic scale. Of course we should stand behind our soldiers. But at least have a reason for supporting them, not simply because you're falling in line.

  4. If gov. Was the problem why do they vote for laws that intrude on our personal lives. This has been all so well planned and the rest of us are suckers…

  5. He's right that the weather forecasts have improved, especially far out, like 5 or 6 days. Used to be a complete guess that was wrong half the time.

  6. Government is not good, effective government is good. What we need from Democrats is constant efforts to cut waste and make government programs more efficient, to improve government's image and make Americans' lives better. Instead, they try to make it as wasteful and inefficient as possible, and they think if someone wrongly obtains benefits from a program that is undeserved, that is good, because it will buy their vote for the Democratic Party. Democrats should be the champion of welfare reform and constant program improvement, to make their own argument for government spending seem wise. Clinton is still attacked by liberals because he actually did put some work conditions and welfare limits into law.

  7. The Republicans believe in an invisible sky ENITY, you're surprised they believe
    in the fucking "deep state". … The MORALLY BANKRUPT and FECKLESS White FAKE X-TIANS, ARE THE REAL ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  8. no Deep state ??? Wow , what about knowingly using a fake dossier , to spy on a campagin…. Use the same dossier to allege collussion and treason, to delegitimise an elected Presidency…. And no Deep state ???

  9. Bill, I love you, but LET THE MAN TALK. This was a poor interview, you kept interrupting him and didn't let him speak!

  10. This guy seems to know a lot of interesting stuff. Bill, you gotta be a better interviewer. You know this guy is on to something, let him shine.

  11. And Trump places another rotten hearted Georgia politician in charge of Agriculture that is so important and This Sonny Perdue POS hurts children first taking away healthy lunches for junk food to give profits to their friends! The most disgusting inept people that hate Americans are chosen to run these agencies there for public health and safety!

  12. I love Michael Lewis's books and recommend them highly if you want to understand Trump administration and Wall Street
    shams with facts that will blow you away and easy to read for a layperson!

  13. You really think the government up until now wasn't run by money? There is no counterbalance and there hasn't been for a long time. Regulatory capture is in full effect.

  14. It’s amazing to me that people can make an argument about a why a shadowy, collectivist, collection of people should have more power. Government is almost always the problem.

  15. Michael Lewis said there's no Deep State?….lol……. Here's former Speaker of the House admitting there is…..https://youtu.be/DnbE6C-GHqc

  16. Bill when speaking about "government being the problem" is referring to the beauracrats both democrats and republicans. Whom harbor their own political agenda to help or hurt the opposition when they are in power. And only help when their party is in power just as the media does. like Robert "third" Rike will say everything is going great now that a democrats are in power now the sun rises and sets as it should have and we no longer have any more problems. Just like when Obama was in office you were fawning over him like a little school girl and praised every single thing he did but when their guy isn't in power every single thing that was going wrong while they were in office regardless of significance will now com to light as if it only started with the new guy who happens not to be with the party of theirs….. Like under Reagan administration all beauracatic departments were consolidated reorganized modified to run efficiently and effectively helping everyone who never knew what they did now knew where to go to get whatever government services there were that only the rich and well connected could use. Helped everyone now use those resources. Helping create more new small businesses in 4 years than in the past 70 years before. Which is why the U.S. market got richer. Ronald Reagan didn't help the rich trough government! He helped the poor and middle classes get rich. And if you fact check the rich didn't get richer! There were more new rich and middle classes who got rich while the old rich people were left behind by the new rich and middle classes, but it was only because he smashed the old government system built by both democrats and republicans. So is government the problem? well you and your political parties seam to think so because your guys aren't in office!? If they were you wouldn't have done this segment on your show Right? Or is it just "something you'd do regardless of who is in office"? Love your show. Bill … P.S. the same thing happened under Clinton as under Reagan administration restructure of the beauracrats all of which Bill Clinton said would destroy America but created more rich people than under Bush and Obama combined. Doing the same thing Reagan did. Fixing government to work for everyone not just the well connected. If trump were to ever figure out this formula he'd have the same results. But he doesn't have the intellect to do so. Thanks for your time. Oh yeah by the way as another foot note. I know how trump got elected! "It was the work of the elite socialist liberal media" The one's who try to put their guy in office by offering the people the least of too evils, like always pushing Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as a third pick. As they did with trump. Had your coven of liberals not pushed him in the media your party would have had Hillary Clinton as president. But it will never work out the way the liberal elite and extremists from the right want it to, because the silent majority can't be weighed and measured as a extremists can so they will always be spoilers. So you can only blame your self and the media for election of trump.

  17. The government ruins everything it touches. There is literally scientific, sociological and whatever other kind of evidence you want proving this to be true.

    Let’s make something clear, the government is not innocent until proven guilty. It is guilty, we all know it, and there is no way to argue otherwise. But go ahead and try. Meanwhile billions in taxes will be taken from you for every supposedly everlasting problem ranging from poverty and homelessness to climate change. It will continue to cost more while problems regress backwards.

    I can’t imagine what kind of “evidence” exists to support the idea that government improves much of anything. Whereas there is plenty of examples of government standing directly in the way of a better world and true progress.

  18. Kakistocracy… find the least qualified person you can find and install them to run whatever system needs to be run. The true effort of this is to decide whether the system is correct. I suppose we need another 18 months or so to find out if the systems are properly designed.

    It’s going to take eight or 10 years to fix this shit that has been forced upon us by people who think the tea party is a viable Way of thinking.

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  20. Government doesn't make people's lives better. The government creates nothing other than laws to restrict freedom.

    This entire monologue is a lie. So much bootlicking it makes me sick. How far can Bill shove the government's dick down his throat? The limit does not exist.

  21. PRESIDENT TRUMP is kicking ass & I don't know how to make this tic turd understand that the Democratic party has & still are doing everything they can to stop Trump on every move 😈😈😈
    You are so stupid but yet you have no clue what is happening !!!!!!See you stooges at the poll in 2020

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