Mexico's journalists at risk | DW Documentary

Mexico's journalists at risk | DW Documentary

to escena para as a reporter in Mexico one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in the world she's one of the few reporters left in Los Mochis in the state of Sinaloa where El Chapo's drug cartel reigned supreme death threats are part of her daily life they might think work they can kill you anytime whether you have a bodyguard or not but pata refuses to be intimidated and continues her work undaunted to escena paris on the way to remote district away from los mochis she has a meeting with women who have been searching for the missing children for years now it's become a search for bodies there are so many we're going to get them all it's full I think we'll stay here tonight three skeletons and apparently a big grave is this a body this one is decomposing still it hasn't been long past really I'm gonna broadcast this live we're in one Jose Rios with the searchers of el fuerte they've been here since sunrise they were told there might be some secret graves here they've discovered one these woman's loved ones have disappeared here we can see the bones there are bones here the women have already dug up several graves four bodies one is still decomposing the others are skeletons it looks like a secret graveyard doesn't yes it does if it's a secret graveyard those who buried the people here might come back they should send some security please we're scared me ana Medina is leading the group some of these women have been looking for the sons for years many were killed by members of the Sinaloa drug cartel and buried in unknown places over half of those who have disappeared the desaparecidos are thought to have been connected to the drug scene docena says that this is often the case because of the poor job prospects in the region Mia and the others often dig into the areas controlled by the drug cartel and so make them their enemies they told us we should stop searching otherwise the same will happen to us one day someone will find us in a grave the ending clinton office just to feel a little safer mana has now a personal bodyguard an ex-soldier who was armed and never takes his eyes of her the search continues this is a body part that we found in one of the graves there is the ulna the radius and the hand individual body parts bones with skin and clothing remnants come to light the smell of decay is almost unbearable for the journalists and for the mothers what's unbearable is the uncertainty is this their child this time yeah I'm glad and yet at the same time I'm sad because I don't know if it's my son or hers in the end it doesn't matter whose son it is we're searching for them because we love them it feels like my heart is going to jump out my body is shaking my ears are shut will you carry on see I'm not going anywhere if it's possible to stay here I will are you scared no no I'm not scared they've already done their worst what can they do to me now you're a good friend I want to find him finally I'm waiting and waiting every day I wait hours later the municipal police has turned up and yet Hasina says that corrupt police officers are involved in the abductions ordered by the cartel the police do not deny this if one of our sins bent that's his problem but we are not there are officially over 40,000 people missing in Mexico but they are probably more muna and the other mothers have found almost 500 of them dead nine on this day alone and the police finds even more some have been dead not even for two weeks they're still also a lot left for the Cena to do Rosina takes a different route to work everyday just one of her many safety precautions if I go to work like somewhere that somebody was killed I try to go with a colleague from a different medium to protect myself nova radio is just one of the broadcasters that Hasina works for she is known xavier mercado for a long time as journalists here in the state of Sinaloa they're also sufferers is their freedom of speech here thirty percent perhaps that's the state of our country before they used to say don't cross the drug cartels the military or the church politicians now don't cross the politicians because they're the thieves and the police at the same time today programs ratings will go up today our guest is the woman who knows most about the security situation in Sinaloa or rather than lack of it yes I think so too thank you for listening and we'll start off with a big story of the week let me tell you that over the weekend cuantos arias was transformed into a gigantic graveyard 15 bodies were found the bodies were brought to the morgue in Los Mochis for all those who have missing loved ones to Sina follows up on the searching mother's regularly despite the fact that she has received many open threats record oak mi casa y una Corona I remember once there was a funeral wreath with my name on it in front of my door you don't forget something like that it was a form of intimidation as if to say you find bodies you find dead people here you are your funeral wreath the threat almost became reality about ten years ago cartel members accused her of spying for another cartel or working for the government so the cartel abducted her oh yes time physical maybe though my life was in danger I knew they'd either kill me or let me go but I had already seen all the faces yeah why skip practicum so I thought they would kill me no they do this yeah one of them said it was time and made this gesture yeah another one asked me if I had a last wish my own oportunidades de uno de moda say okay CK Padilla but you're ready Karen I said yes they're indeed bless you yes I heard you're turning my daughter's into orphans get they don't mean it let God light your path and let you be well oh I see I see call my Sonia he looked at me and said nobody had ever said anything like that to him he told me they usually say let me go and I'll give you money cars land and there's some time ago at that moment he put his hand on me oh yeah I see that be on my leg instead you're not going today she's okay boss yeah this is the road where they let her go look straight ahead they told her look back once in your dead yo coming now I I walked straight on I prayed to God for my daughter's in my family okay in that moment I realized I was doing the only thing because hello I like the only thing possible in Sinaloa we have to fight for freedom of speech so that there is no corruption no impunity okay our next Symphony dad but it's hard is iffy see icky Beavis constant amen you always live with the risk if you're on the cartels list they can kill you at any time without a bodyguard hey Martin in Kokiri momento see today's world is piled a sassy today as is called us she only really understood how close it had been when a colleague of first was kidnapped just a few days later she knew him and had researched the drug scene with him as well two weeks later his body was found in black plastic bags oleh hello it's me how are you wait very well docena often visits her sister Laura who looks after her youngest daughter Jocelyn windows Cena has a long day where's Mina she's always been very committed to her work from the start what was it like for me you know mama it's like her children's mother yeah he's separated either she's missed many important moments in her daughter's lives for Atlantis and Larry though this will see house yes I'm sad that she's not here most of the time I'm sad because I know that something can happen to her because I know that she's not safe when she's working she's always very strong she doesn't always show her feelings so that we don't feel burdened and I think that what she's doing is a very good your sake is dr. Cooper see and pray for me I know they're always worried about me but it's moving to hear it sees me Austin anything look at the name I think her mother is an example for her what has to be done has to be done a hundred percent and a bit extra on top yes it has always given a hundred percent and a hundred percent extra extra the old Rosie important [Laughter]

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  1. The world has this unreal romantic view of Mexico. Little Pedro and Maria and their heroic struggle against the bad old US. Americans know better. Nothing but a sewer south of the Rio Grande.

  2. What a massive difference in countries the USA borders. In the north you have Canada, a safe very advanced industrial country. In the south , Mexico a third world near failed state where drug cartels are in charge of large areas in the country. The cartels kill each other using chainsaws, axes, blow torches and large knives.

  3. Truth be known, organized crime funds Terrorism. 1 John 5:19 reads, "the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one" or Satan rules the world via politics, commerce & religion!

  4. People in America act like they got it sooo bad lol
    These people are literally digging through their children's bones…

  5. It is so sad how normal it seams to go out there looking for unidentified bodies in that area. SO SAD for a society to get to that level.

  6. What a powerful story. Respect to DW for covering brave reporters in Mexico. Shame on corrupt US and Mexican government for their crimes.

  7. I'm pretty sure Cartels watch programs on their business, be aware of what you say. Otherwise,

  8. Why would you guys show her car as well as the plate number? But cartels know that already probably, and it could be a rental. Idk really

  9. Yet leftist still want open borders. Leftist want thugs from Mexico to come into America to further destroy and degrade society.

    Leftist only care about power.

  10. ClownWorld indeed, when exposing a crime is treated as a crime, you know you are being ruled by CRIMINALS.

    Release Julian Assange mfkrs!!

  11. Send them to sanctuary cities and states, and to the homes of those who support the illegal alien invasion.

  12. This is what "la raza" and the rest of the third world pukes want for Kalifornia. Keep importing the morons from south of the border.

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