22 thoughts on “Mexican Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. AMLO is not progressive, he´s building an authoratic government around his popularity, builded around years of dividing the populace of my country between the left and right. He´s ignoring the councel of his secretaries and reversing mexico´s economy to one focused on the export of oil (which mexico´s is running low of), neglecting the middle and upper class which supports the country and also doing incredible harm to the ecology thanks to his energy policies

  2. Santa the pedo only comes once a year in some peoples’ houses- the rest of the year he comes in his own

  3. Mexico should become part of USA. Kinda like Texas. A Republic. The US can clean up crime and corruption. With all this corruption and drug nonsense out of the way people will feel safe and confident to invest. Mexico can model its economy much like Texas. Low taxes and affordable living. Encourage investment and business. Growth. Tourism through culture and the arts. Jobs. A plan should be drawn up and people of the US and Mexico should to vote on it.

    That’d settle the border debate and could be a win-win for both economies. Over time, we’d likely each become bilingual, settling the language debate as well. Obviously full integration as a state would have to be gradual, over a decade or so.

  4. Love him, hate him, Sanders' Spanish is pretty damn good. I don't know why you thought it was funny…

  5. Ha! You're allowed to dislike Guillermo Del Toro but man do I love everything he's worked on! So creepy, so good!

  6. Can we actually converse about the idea that I'm pretty sure that was a kazoo in the clip of Anaya he used. The recorder is a beautiful and special instrument and you should be ashamed at your treatment of it John Oliver and crew! You go recorder! Live your best life!

  7. I wish the US would chant "Fuck your mother" at politicians. How do we make that happen? The best I ever got was starting a "Fuck that tower!" chant during inauguration week protests, passing by Trump Tower, Chicago.

  8. I can't decide if those 7k dislikes were from Pena Nieto's fangirls, or people who got severely affected by Santa's secrets.

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