25 thoughts on “Mets Take Their Frustrations Out On a Reporter | The Jim Rome Show

  1. Embarrassing to be a Met fan . Callaway needed to bite the bullet and remember he’s 4 games under .500 and more than half the season to fix things . Instead he caved . He doesn’t have the leadership skills to manage a pro baseball team . Bye bye Mickey.

  2. Callaway had his shot at managing and has failed he needs to go,or is management waiting until the Mets hit bottom

  3. Sports talk radio really is the lowest, most pathetic, most useless thing in Western culture. These doofuses, these dorks, these yentas who get on a microphone and pretend that they are somehow relevant to sports or to the fan's experience of sports; that they are somehow on a level playing field–no pun intended–with the athletes themselves; that their little drama queen, overblown reactions and dissections of stupid shit are somehow important and cutting and powerful: can we just do away with all of them? A frustrated, failing, stressed out baseball manager exploded at a sports reporter. That's the story here. That story has occurred precisely 20,000 times in the history of sports. What is it exactly that this person in front of the microphone is adding to this conversation? Here is what he is adding: nothing. A lot of loud, melodramatic, self-important, blowhard-ish nothing. How embarrassing that this man is able to make a living doing this.

  4. Isn't this the same Rome who instigated a on air fight with Former Rams QB Jim Everett?
    Continuously calling him "Chrissy" Everett (Tennis Player.)
    This guy just needs a Hug, a nice tight one! Just adjust that attitude. IJS

  5. I’m laughing so hard I’m pretty much crying at this point…that circus in Queens just never ends. 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Total bullshit. If this were in a football locker room and were black athletes they would've been labeled thugs and everything else

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