Mets' Mickey Callaway on altercation with reporter

Mets' Mickey Callaway on altercation with reporter

I understand that you know I can't control the actions of others [Applause] respect I hope people can understand that this is a tough game played by passionate commuters and I hope moving forward then we can all do our jobs honestly critically and understandable no I don't think you know one side of the story needs to be said yeah so was misunderstanding obviously for things like that to happen it's always a misunderstanding I'm sure there was no now intent by either it's just something that happened not what the favor you need to eat you know it hates something that happened you live with it you know I got to talk to too much he understands that you know I've been in this situation with my new play a tough day coach is yelling at you other teenage field job always had this ability to get through it and five minutes later I'm fine Tim's for me you know learn from absolutely Nikki was just something about yesterday that they pushed you to the breaking point because you've had tough losses the points during this year there's something about yesterday that was different nothing only just walking through through the clubhouse believe organizations first morning do you evaluate that I talked to Becky I mean I think that two people talk privately pretty soon I like I said I think I can control my reactions [Applause] know that I'm telling a tough that I will tell I don't think anybody that plays this tune indicates they're alive likes to lose see the judge from two words turn to come to his games so I'm gonna be passionate that passion will show through you sometimes but like I said I can control the way I react to things and continue to travel it's very possible Oh got me never done Martin punched on time did I mean it's just part of part of this game it's something that hey I'm a passionate guy about baseball I'm a tough competitor sometimes we'll see it with your home power suppliers and the thing is is you guys don't see directed towards that that's you guys have a job to understand I've always understood that and you guys don't like I said it'll it really doesn't matter boom that's no not at all I mean like I said fergus's is nationally competitive too didn't like I said we all have to respect one another you

23 thoughts on “Mets' Mickey Callaway on altercation with reporter

  1. and clint frazier who was batting .285 gets set down and he is a rookie in his 20s. a manager and star pitcher loss their cool and nothing happens?????

  2. Jeff Wilpon Apologizing to a Reporter ?. Holy Shit Jeff how bout you apologize to loyal Mets Fans for signing over the hill players who get injured before the ink on the contract dries Apologize for not resigning Daniel Murphy. Apologize for pretending all these years that he has any knowledge of baseball ⚾️ at all !!!!!!!

  3. Step #1: add shitty music to a news conf. Step #2: make sure it sounds like the moneyball soundtrack or friday night lights soundtrack. Step #3: jack the music up, way up over the dialogue. step #4: start cutting your insides out with a plastic spoon step #5: make sure to play some shitty music as you're scooping your insides out.

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