Message For Theresa May: Just Go! – Nick Ferrari – LBC

Message For Theresa May: Just Go! – Nick Ferrari – LBC

Forty years ago last week, this country marked the fact that Mrs Thatcher came to power. And I say again, the only similarity is that they’re both women and they’re both Conservatives. Because Mrs Thatcher was a sort of woman who when a crisis arose, she would say ‘What are we going to do? ‘ Mrs May appears to be a woman who says ‘What are we going to say? ‘ I’ve met her, as you will know, on a number of occasions. She’s an absolutely charming, very hard-working woman, but just not up to it, plain and simple. Just not up to it.. And the fact that she will not agree.. Time after time after time Sir Graham Brady, who chairs the 1922 Committee, goes and says ‘look we really do need to know a date when you’re going to go’, she refuses to give it. Who the hell does this blundering woman think she is? The country’s going to hell in a handcart, we’re spending £150million on a series of elections that should never have taken place and nobody wants. There’s a danger that as a result of these elections, some pretty ugly political sentiments on both sides right and left might be given some oxygen, elections that should never ever read been held. As recently as the end of March, she was saying she’d never let them happen and she has. Did you see the documentary on BBC4 last night where members of the EU side quite literally – and I know people literally over use the word literally – but literally their head in their hands with the way Mrs May was dealing with the situation. I watched that and suddenly – I still think that they played a pretty ugly game – but I had enormous sympathy for the EU side. This woman’s incompetence has reached dizzying levels. Extraordinary. It was only a few months ago, she was dancing on a bloody stage to Abba. Does she not realise? The country is falling apart, we’re spending tens of millions of pounds on elections that nobody wants,. billions of pounds on a railway line that very very.. Has any businessman or woman said they want to get to Sheffield 10 minutes sooner and it’s worth spending spent £70 or £80billion. And actually Crossrail can track back there as well because central government was involved in that. Today, they announced that they’re going to remove cladding from houses. Grenfell was virtually two years ago.. It’s taken them two years to do that. You would not.. A private company would last half an hour running like this. And now a military bloke, Johnny Mercer. They know nothing but orders, giving and taking orders and discipline. He says he can’t carry on working for her any more, safe for Brexit, because of the calamitous – or as he calls it ‘abhorrent and regrettable’ – process of going after servicemen and women for what they did in Northern Ireland. It all tracks back to her.

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  1. This woman is a train crash. Just go before you destroy our country as well as the conservative party.

  2. Tatcher was worse than May too. May should not have accepted the role of PM in the first place.

  3. She care about her job does care about the mess in this country jobs are going lot of homeless and poverty out there

  4. Absolutely "smack on Nick" she is a complete clown and costing us billions due to her incompetence and arrogant stuborn position.

  5. Didn't she watch that programme
    "Brexit behind closed doors".
    NOW GO.!!!

  6. She is punishing the UK for Brexit she will not go until she has completely killed the UK even the EU is begging her to get Brexit done

  7. We need a new direction … organisation… and quick, it’s destroying our faith in our parliament … a shake up is woefully overdue ☹️

  8. It’s all those screaming hoes of the Labour Party , plus this idiot Corbyn. The man from from the woods. Btw, Merkel ruined all of Europe. Look at Ardern from NZ. Crazy ISIS bunny. Brainwashed

  9. She is being kept in power by the hidden hand. I suspect she is doing a marvelous job for the globalist, for whom brexit and the probable eventual disintegration of the EU is their worst nightmare.

  10. shes playing the script day by day and has no mental cohesion to piece it all together to see it as a whole picture, for her its enough that shes making a few people happy here and there and that shes doing as the civil servants instruct her to, beyond that shes clueless, she has no long term plan

  11. I voted labour but it’s not her fault it’s so devilishly complicated – it is her fault for not understanding how complicated it was going to be – average voter doesn’t understand but it’s not their job to do so

  12. She is crap….but she is a woman and likes the status the job provides. The fact that she is hopeless and has never succeeded in any task ever given to her doesn’t seem to bother anyone. But she is a woman and she is PM and for some thats all that is required. IDIOTS. Stop voting for gender……vote for merit.

  13. This is Britain great?

    Britain we invented Trains… Sorry for the delays there's leafs on the line.
    Britain we have the best building standards in the World… Grenfell
    Britain do your honour for Queen and Country… Service men get Prosecuted and left homeless.
    Britain we live in a free country everyone has right to their own opinion… Unless you speak sense or Right Wing.
    Britain we live in a democracy and everyone around the World should follow our lead… Brexit what's that, forget it. You people didn't know what you voted for.


  15. Hung parliament , divided country. How is Teresa May supposed to sort this out. She is not a magician or a dictator. Nick what would u do to get Brexit passed in parliament. Yet another useless talking head .

  16. darth Sidious wants to stick about long enough to derail Brexit… just face the facts that she talks the talk but refuses to walk the walk

  17. She hS a medical condition and I'm being serious, she's got bi-polar disorder, going on what I've seen of her on TV.

  18. The Houndog:
    Published on 10 May 2019
    This is a Great Speech by Nigel recently. He is a Great Speaker and will Rock the EU! Thank God! Someone has to!

  19. For British patriots and other Brexiteers – info on the Robin Tilbrook courtcase that charges May with having illegaly extended article 50 :-

  20. HS2 = UN CORPORATION NWO Future Mega-City links for the lockdown of humanity.(corporate transport to be the only permitted travel means of transport)
    No human foot print outside of the permitted zones – the future walled mega-cities being those permitted zones
    UN Global Wildlands Project – Being implemented globally at grasss roots via I.C.L.E.I. – in every local council. (UN Agenda 21 / UN 2030 / UN Sustainable Development [depopulation and lockdown] )

  21. The arrogance of this fool is unbelievable. She has made this country the laughing stock of the world she knows she is hated through her party yet she carries on. This deal has been voted down three times yet she is still trying. For God’s sake woman GO.

  22. I mentioned this before, if she was analyses by professionals I think you will find she has a personality issue. I’m trying to be polite but I strongly feel she has an illness. All the evidence of ignoring the reality of the situation is astounding. Truly believe she is mentally ill, this is said without malice.

  23. Poor nick, don't you understand that the torries are unable to leave, changing PM will change nothing. Uk cannot leave

  24. May is acting like a dictator. She will not relinquish power in order to push her bad deal through Parliament.

  25. Dont think te BANKSTER partner ! Would like to relinquish

  26. I can not stand the tories it’s the same thing every time under them poor get poorer but at least thatcher had a back bone and sorted issues out but May has done nothing , I can’t say one thing that she’s done!

  27. She and the whole gang of Tories are nothing but EVIL GANGSTERS!!! All the people dying, killing themselves, starving, freezing and sending their kids to school hungry!! They’re not interested in helping the public, only ruining lives!! TORIES OUT!!! JC4PM ASAP.

  28. But this is the way politicians are! ALL politicians. The death-grip on power is typical of this stamp of people. They crave power no matter what the cost to those they have power over. Nothing else matters. They ALL overstay their welcome!
    Thatcher, Kohl, Merkel, May, Sarkozy, Erdogan… the list is endless.
    The US system of 2 terms at most and then you are gone was incredible foresight. Not a single one of our politicians with any chance of becoming Prime Minister would agree to change our system to match that of the US.

  29. What country is that nick? Why dont you's get an English parliament? defunct since 1707. There has not been a government of England since 1707. 20th anniversary year of ours
    Scotlands never elected a torie gov. 'taken back control' start there? ya big fairies

  30. Whens the next election to the unelected house of lords nick? How do you vote them out ? with the eu election coming up

  31. Nick , thats great, your stance is admirable, so why are you on the pledge saying you dont care about brexit ?

  32. she should be made to walk the streets until she finds the file she lost with all those kiddy fiddlers in…or maybe she would ask for an extension on that also…fckn rat of a PM

  33. the conservative party is no longer a conservative party. it's values are not those of the indigenous UK population and it has failed to govern in the interests of the nation. a country is always in the process of becoming stronger or weaker. after years of humiliating decline we must reject European economic controls and their sinister BBC-style human rights agenda that has devastated freedom of speech in the UK and thereby damaged our democracy. conservative and unionist party- the show is over.

  34. Tony Blair, no prison. Treason May, no prison. Civil war looks more likely if the law isn’t upheld. Foreign legal system should not undermine U.K. law.

  35. the whole lot on both sides need to go!the civil service and the Whitehall mandarins all need to be cleaned out they,ve proven they don't want any kind of change they don't like bunch of crooks the lot of them

  36. Mrs May is causing Mayhem so May*.must go in this *May before more Mayhem is caused by May in next year May

  37. She's making a mockery of the English people she won't step down she's chasing the money she's telling lies she's deceitful no deal brexit out means out
    She's got her own agenda at hand that's why she's not stepping down

  38. MAY is like 🐕 💩 Dirtying the pavement of BRITAIN 🇬🇧 she will not go unless someone stamps on her 😫
    Vile Disgusting Leftwing woman with no spine ' who's clearly taken a huge 💩 on the 17+ million 🇬🇧 patriots who voted to leave the huge EU COMMIE STATE 🇪🇺

    But there again we expect it from our prime minister
    (Who wasn't even voted in) to kiss EU 🇪🇺 arse and put BRITAIN 🇬🇧 after everybody else 🙄

  39. She wants to stay in the EU. Simple as that. Prepared to put that before everything. She's hoping she can find a way that we won't leave. She knows everytime her Withdrawal Agreements won't get through.

  40. Problem is private companies like carillon are running the country’s infrastructure projects putting in overly cheap bids to get the contracts . Government no longer has a clue what any project should cost . Never mind , the good old tax payer will cough up . Why don’t they just nationalise and stop pretending that privatisation is the answer when they are so clueless and ready to be ripped off . Sorry I meant to say ready to subsidise .

  41. My wife and myself, plus 9 other members of my family will never vote Tory again.We will be voting for brexit party

  42. @Nick Ferrari
    The Government gave away £100 M was it to the French to build fences in Calais to stop illegal immigrants boarding ships via the road transport HGV Container wagons using the port. Are the French so incapable of patrolling their own frontier. Why can they not be expected to finance their own security on their sacred soil?
    How many women who paid into their pensions via the Nat Insurance Contributionssince they were teenagers only to find when they reached 60 their pension was stopped untill they were over 66. Some women who have been left as widows without Pensions, who have no other income and lost their family homes (which had been bought and paid for) or even worse have committed suicide because they have been left homeless and pennyless thanks to this Government. There are still more plans from this despicable government to reduce still further what pensioners presently receive, yet they can throw away money on pointless EU Elections or Bribe the DUP with millions to support them,(The annual cost in the first two years is £455m a year, which amounts to an increase in public spending of roughly 1.3 per cent of the Northern Irish economy or £245 a year per person). They are prepared to pump all of these Billions money into Huwawei (against the better advice of Nato), yet leave ex forces members who have defended this country, sleeping rough on the streets with no financial help or support to better themselves ….. the list goes ever onward.

    And yet in tthe same breath they are crowing about unemployment down when they have probably nursed the figures to give this impression yet unemployment in real terms is still the same perhaps worse. Services such as the Police DOWN in numbers, Nurses DOWN Doctors DOWN big industrials Like Tata and British Steel on the pointt of collapse.

    An old saying goes, "First Class Managers Select First Class subordinates who collectively make their Managers job easy, Second Class Managers (such as May and Corbyn) select 3rd Class subordinates so that they cannot challenge for the managers position". The sooner both of these Parties are kicked the hell out of Parliament, the better it will be for this country!!!

  43. Brexit will win on 23 May but the oafs in Westminster wont change anything. They believe it is only their opinions that matter and that 17.4m people are idiots and got it wrong

  44. My sentiments exactly Nick.Send for the men in white coats How her cabinet can stick by her just shows what a spineless lot they are..
    The Conservative party will take years to try and repair the damage she has caused but her so called colleges have stood back a let this silly women get away with it.God Rest the Conservative party see you at The wake.

  45. Yes a private company would sacked a long time ago. Now she will probably get a job earning a fortune doing speaches! Or a company Director

  46. "To have served the country I love" she says before breaking down with completely dry eyes. Sorry, dear, actions speak louder than words and your actions showed no service and no love – and your breaking down act was a little over the top but I'm sure your spin doctors and style consultants will brief you on that.

  47. Ferrari is way out of depth in any serious discussion therfore he says stuff like ' ve been in a helicopter with Boris and hed make a great PM…' Basically hes years out of place in talk radion ansd should do entertainment and stay out of more serious stuff,

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