Melodifestivalen 2015 - Voting (Full)

Melodifestivalen 2015 – Voting (Full)

tax McGee Elvis Ulta cleanly ox ooh see new horribly attacks at nelma us at arrested thought or áfirstá see I get are at 4:00 p.m. in front of Alva infinite vanilla is your Eagleton are ya – someone's Commodores playing athletes for health then of they'll suit all are playing and some dealer suit Oh need a hammer store for an Andhra help them now for contact me annually medium so I playing and it through feeldog six inhaler Nutella or same Lavetta will kabhi dogs on for playing o da ta often ultra vada tolven W Ducks are taya hello Estonia and mud no match god Val severe yeah good well thank you very much for such a wonderful show you did it again thank you thank you may we have your results please sure 8 points from Estonia go to song number 11 oughta playing till melody number it don't stop believin 10 points to song number 8 see you playing till melody number oughta don't stop and our top points well I have to say before I heard this song and saw the whole track I was pretty convinced that the stoner will win Eurovision Song Contest but not anymore song number 6 Torrington melody number 6 heroes [Applause] Otto Tiago viduriya say hello Malta and Daniel Donna Stasi advanced Varia Rockfeller dr. McKeever at nutrient buted in Malta saman representant Eden international ayudan or tax or helps make it texted me or so you have any results for us yes sure so here are the votes from the islands of the warrior 8 points go to song number one Oh Topanga till melody number eight green points go to song number three TV playing okati melody in the Murcia make me la la la I have to agree with my colleague twelve points from Malta go to song number six but can we see at the air moans Selma la Mesita did hog some am selling it the attack the stammer aqua say oh hello Armenia and Gauhar Kaspari on hello Sweden hello absolutely love to things in Sweden first is the weather today and second is Melodifestivalen oh thank you thank you and here are all the points so eight points from Armenia go to go to the song number for auto-painting melody nama fira yaffe eight points I already told 10 points now go to the song number 10 Tia playing till melody no Matias sting and our 12 points go to you are the heroes grant our tomato melody number six heroes called playing Elsa sucks me communion obiagu video saya hello farms and Bluebell Perez Google we really love this festival this melody festival thank you very much – top three in the last few years and one victory I really want to be Swedish now so let's go to the result of the friend jury thank you hey boys Oh another fall or Topanga till melody Timothy you got your gas three eight bones for a song polish also numero number 11 – you playing teen promotional arrow alpha and well phones for the little arrow but the big singer Nan's go to Vienna a polka music velocity melody domestics or heroes it'll say IVR melody never feel you die I got feeling a potato tots melanoma in levar don't stop believin put on our plots let me say a Hello Israel and Masha at Murad Shalom Sweden hello hello how are you we're fine thanks for wonderful evening son I enjoy being you've done a great job and thanks for inviting us to be part of your huge success already oh and now I need my glasses for this number eight I mean eight points go to number 12 hacer Anderson ah ah ah Fantine tall Mukunda conestoga 10 points 10 points number 10 Eric Sade cheering team melanoma TS team and 12 points to number 11 Maria quarantine melody nama Elva don't stop believin [Applause] okey-dokey Villarreal say hello Slovenia and I will say hello Slovenia and Maya couch good fell under Boris barrier go fell well let's go Fischer can tell the heart for spend sky over favorite can you Boris a yeah so bla reveal kids show I saw like Sarika is death I killed her who's the guy do you have any results for us yo harkaman home servants kiddos no oh stop when Gore teens melody new Murata Oh Topanga till melody nama octa tu point gore team melody numr Elba chief wang till melody my Elva octo playing gold T melody new mistakes [Applause] six heroes my mom's Selma love when it's Bella new artifacts again let me say a Hello Cyprus and Cletus kill ya oh sorry P ventilator am even talita Maria yo be cheatin am I don't see a zombie particular Venus y'all need to stop down religious knob Diomedes to spend on their Lucy AV output Theory plots and Selena so it is thing you met Erik sada missus explains or under plots don't stop believing ma VX my family playing over 66 forget our heroes met moans Selma level but that sounds number six to the eros of Sweden the sons number six six heroes thank you so much much axel thank you don't say we are months later foot father this is Sammy hello Great Britain and Simon Proctor hello there hi Sweden – hi Robyn we are very busy in London we're preparing for the special celebration of 60th in sixty years of the Eurovision Song Contest later this month we have performers back performing some of the original winners and the best songs to come from the contest so from Johnny Logan and brotherhood of man through to Emily DeForest and Conchita it was Bobby Sox room in you can see it here in Sweden on Saturday the 4th of April and you yeah through meadow will be co-hosting with you that's right right so we're very much looking forward to great so here the remainder of the points from the UK jury like we have eight points to Psalm 6 what the plaintive melody number six heroes ten points go to don't stop song 8t painting melody number author don't stop and our twelve points are going to song for old cranky melody number period I you're goofy Otto Syria out there potato plants and sling is so it is theme Alex are there are plots that don't stop believing okay first applaud Sam hormones made heroes what will say I hello the Netherlands and Danielle Decker good evening what a great night were the good music our compliments to all the performers tonight and here are the results of the Netherlands we start with our eight points go to song number four auto-playing go till melody new murphy you got 10 points for song number 10 c appointee melody Nomar tu you finally our 12 points go to song number six six News caveated Ovitz badland for Eurovision Song Contest ostraca hello Austria and Conchita hello hello good evening what a great show that was thank you well here we go the Austrian results mm-hmm our eight points go to entry number for York a free port acquaintance marina Murphy died ography our 10 points go to entry number seven forever starts see you playing outs of the melody Namaqua forever starts today and finally our 12 points go to entry number six heroes for Brandon melody number six heroes you're they were also ala playing if one them internet Vennela jalli clapping ah so stupid sake save it till dawn how come you Tita forgets the thought that's a seven and also art Mons later Ted felt or Melvina my elbow don't stop believin or melody never figure your earthly son of a fool again holy any meat yet there ah pollen amir al scan sultana hand that the whole you era fear uh no market ETF playing for appellate so the canvas or a quaint oblong bends open ear new hoop chilean at all view out of how BM comma bina Melodifestivalen should get who enough mton how come oh that's sea star snap apiece valia viho a dresser thought a comic as a target of era Lester yeah to set up tax Myka whole beam no comment near percent of rest Donna we give you our fear up wing Cortile melody Newman Toa whatever I'll so jtr by building it up ANCA McQuillan percent of Westerner you get milk swallow or top wing go till melody pneumo Finn I can't hurt me now some effect on more Astana Akuma octopus and Augustana will get mutes while of the wagon go tell melody Newman she make me la la la t comical percent of Westerner we cannot fall out of don't wing go till melody full Lena's spinning see a coma of the percent of Reston advocate mutes for autumn plane go tell melody Neumann knee you met me Gamla stone Magnus Carlsen Tacoma neo for sales of Western up wicked notes 404 quick go till melody NUMA oughta Issa and don't stop the rock tomato percent of Astana will get meals for our sugar plane they go til melody Newman and groupie Maximilian of Victor fam coma okhta crew servants of Astana will give me Sasha go top wing go till melody numeral Elba don't stop believin made Mariette sex Komatsu percent of last novel kate milks Varsha cuneo pwang go till melody numr tu steam appearing tada [Applause] poor Italian teeth before is telling in her book dossier we are taught Sierra Club's saw it sting me Alex are there for and reply so Eddie don't stop believing met Maria or first up Larson then haul em on cellular Missy feeldog heroes the soil melon the TS mean thoughtful playing em they also have set under Sun Joon handling fee areum Oh mom's a Sarah Miller [Applause] fueled on comity present on Westerner we can move our 60 or top wing go till melody Numa tall good learner school girl Poros kvc Debbie dog saw Mahad nest blessed arrestor of air Tita also often comma six percent of Rosanna Vic Voltaggio stop Wayne Dean Amiga [Applause] [Applause] mom's cell Malone ashore fell or come upon in lose I'll show you in on some meet the noting you doll she gonna film us live at a poem comes the plot new Lemna song saga niveau of sanity [Applause]

38 thoughts on “Melodifestivalen 2015 – Voting (Full)

  1. 0:10:00 Conchita Wurst.. at the Eurovision #AustriaGP 2015 he met Mans and when he won he said "Congratulate" to him at Vienna

  2. Can somebody explain to me that why do they get points from foreign countries as well? It's the national selection for SWEDEN! That's why Sweden win ESC in every second year…beacuse other countries help them to choose the song, and they vote for it in the ESC grand final as well…

  3. The UK at the MF voting always likes to vote against everybody's favourite … and Simon Proctor is a bit obnoxious .. when he hates something he talks about it almost like the whole world is wrong for not seeing it as he does .. #bitchplease

  4. Wow, esc voting!! Its like mini-esc 😀 Wow, now I know why there was Conchita. I think that Sweden ESC is strongest national-esc

  5. Visst var det skumt. Vi hade startnummer 10 i esc finalen. Röstade som nummer 30. Österrike hade röstningsnummer 20 förra året. 10+20+30= 60 och det var det 60 esc i år! Samt det året då loreen vann hade vi startnummer 17 och röstningsnummer 27. även där 10 nummer ifrån. därför visste jag genom statistiken att vi skulle vinna!

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