100 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly joins Tucker Carlson in first interview since leaving NBC

  1. Starting from 12:30, did Megyn Kelly somehow forget how she famously accused Trump of calling all women he hates disgusting animals in her 1st question to him in a debate in 2015???

  2. Meghan Kelly is a stupid little twat. She must make all those millions for sucking a golf ball through a garden hose. That interview she had with Putin was an embarrassment to Western media.

  3. What did they know and when did they know it. Good question. They probably knew as soon as they heard it. Much like America hearing Donald Trump saying he, Donald Trump, grabs women genitals without women's permission.

  4. Her attitude cost her career as a journalist. Maybe she can get a spot on the View if the other witches allow her to squeeze in.

  5. Yeesh… I
    Never watched her before. I don’t get her appeal.
    And anyone notice she lowers her natural voice like Elizabeth Holmes
    She slept her way up. No doubt. Nothing special bout her. She looks like a million other local reporters and half the talent.

  6. Im a big skeptical about kelly. I will say, l believe her views have changed a bit.. everybody deserves a chance to fo what is right. Appesring on fox with tucker is a start. Call me naive, but l believe in chaances.

  7. Kelly is still at it, she didn't learn. She references a phony transcript that has documented lies within it as asserted proof against the president. She needs to choose her words better.

  8. Women are about their feelings and men are about feeling women. That is nature. Confidentiality is that but females do not understand that and that is why women make unsuitable politicians, scòl teachers and judges.

  9. Megyn is the sleaziest, hottest, moronic milf. But I vividly remember the Kavanaugh hearing. I knew she was crafting her own casket.

  10. Like, little Miss B-cup and her killer bees never slept around to advance her career. Buy stock in Herpicin.

  11. The elections are going to bounce ALOT of democrats out of office.
    I'll bet hard cash on that one America!!!!!

  12. After listenig to the entire interview she defended Jeff Zucker as well as Anderson Cooper….she's really desperate to get a gig somewhere, anywhere…Not a fan.

  13. I was just reminded how fake this woman is. Come on Tucker, no one cares what she has learned. She is unprofessional and unfit to report on the FACTS.

  14. Companies are in it for the money, that is how it works. Don’t be surprised. If they don’t make money, how do they pay people? The answer is, the viewers are the problem. They LOVE controversy, sensationalism, “breaking new”. I stopped watching tv years ago. Of course, switching to YouTube does not change those things, but we can choose which channels to support.

  15. Wait wait wait. Something is wrong here.

    Did she really just say that what she learned from this experience is that a women can't, in fact, have it all like we've been told for decades? A woman can't have a full time job / career and still raise a family?

    Well, that's a shocker. It's a shame that she squandered the first several years of her kids' lives, but at least she finally landed in reality.

  16. Liberal media has destroyed their own credibility. I literally do not believe anything I see on it. CNN would have to fire everyone that works there, then report solid UNBIASED news for a couple years before I would start to take them seriously again.

  17. does she have a wig on?? she's a disgusting human being!! Love you Tucker, but Kelly is scum and very scary without make up!!lol

  18. We all know Trump has never done anything wrong. Just the left going after that good christian family man. Hes a true patriot. Thank you tucker for bringing the only reall news. Megan will just go after our greatest president and man. He is blameless but Megan will dig deep to find something wrong with the God fearing President.

  19. Fox is probably better than most but in the Matt Lauer case –
    why do all these Matt Lauer "Gold Diggers" get completely off the hook.
    Hint: Guys won't pursue the prey without some grease.

  20. Okay so maybe Ukraine was hiring Biden's son for "access". Megyn that is called bribery. Do not try to twist and confuse people. Furthermore, says oh there is no corruption. Hunter was laundering money out of Ukraine to pay bribes to his father. Yes that is the definition of corruption. Then she defends Cooper saying there is no evidence. Finally, Megyn says maybe it is time to not be neutral. That is find Megyn, but you are no longer a journalist, and you are misleading the public calling yourselves news and neutral.

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