Meeting a Lebanese drug lord - BBC Pop Up (FULL FILM) - BBC News

Meeting a Lebanese drug lord – BBC Pop Up (FULL FILM) – BBC News

42 thoughts on “Meeting a Lebanese drug lord – BBC Pop Up (FULL FILM) – BBC News

  1. I'm a Syrian sunni who supports revolutionists groups against isis and the government who fight, if I go to his farm and ask a few questions and try to build an allience. Or just talk to him. Would he kill me because I'm sunni or not? I have no problems with shias who don't kill inoccent sunnies claiming they isis or shias in the Syrian government. I respect shias if they respect me and won't hurt me end of story.

  2. stop being a fckn pussy dude
    how often you wanna call him a murder and drug dealer ? first journalist who cant believe that people do illegal things

  3. He can't dare to fire one round towards isis, cuz they will come back and behead everyone in his village, that was just a lie to mske himself look better.

  4. Why you didn't film the biggest organization the head of all these small "drug lords" those guys are toyes the real producers are not even mentioned in the video and its for a good reason they have more military power than the government and they run Beirut international airport the journalists wont get back home if he mentioned them. Media is always missleading if you're not from the country you know nothing about the country.

  5. The Lebanese Goverment is more Criminal than zhe the Dealer because they let them suffer of Hunger and they dont give people oppurtinity for Work

  6. These guys should be sent here in the Philippines, Duterte and his vigilantes,specially Matobato,and the drug lords and syndicates here equivalent these guys and let's start grabbing popcorn

  7. أير فيكم واحد يقول للتاني ما حدا بيحكي عربي….وللك هل الختيار عامل أبو المراجل
    شف واحد مني يوقع بلارض..عودة ودرامة بصرمه

  8. 4:52 that's a lie because when I said that to my mom before she was going to hit me she did it anyway😂😂😂

  9. I'm Lebanese u r a piece of shit for snitching on someone who invited you into his house and treated you whit respect.

  10. Dangerous hahahahah bring some profs to work on your reports and have real life footage. Its safer than Beirut.

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