Meet Our New Presenter!

(bike tyres on dirt) – Whew – Yes bro, that was sick, I
knew that you could do it. – That was like the best trick I’ve ever done I’m so so tired, yeah. (laughing) – Hi guys – Who are you? – What you got a jersey for? – My name’s Blake Samson, and I’m the new GMBN presenter. – No way – Just like you guys. – All right, let’s not be too hasty. You sure you’re up to the job? I mean, can you do one-handers? – Ah, ah, maybe – Let’s follow you down this trail, c’mon. – Show us what you got – This way. – Good. – Ah. Oh. (upbeat powerful music) (laughing) – Whoa. – Woo – Yeah (laughing) – All right. So you can definitely ride. Let’s find out some more about you. – Hi, my name’s Blake Samson, born in Zimbabwe, moved to
England, 14 years ago, 15. I started at a young age, BMX racing, and then came to England,
found the love for mountain biking, and I’ve been pro now for just over 10 years. And I’m super stoked
to have the opportunity to ride on the channel and
give you some air time. My career in mountain
biking has been built up on dirt jumping, slow stuff, done a number of events, competitions. I’m super stoked to bring
that to the channel, and give you some jumps, some tricks, some backflips, you’ve just seen. There’s so much more to come up. So if you want to see more fun aerial manoeuvres, tricks, click here to subscribe, and you’ll
get to see more of that. Click up here for my first ever video, click down here for my top
10 New Year’s Resolutions. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve got any troubles jumping, doing tricks, if you
want to learn something, leave it in the comments below.

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