30 thoughts on “Media Regulation: Crash Course Government and Politics #45

  1. The highest affirmation of what someone is transcends level 7 to level 8 as a point to reach. The definition of a man being one, for instance. 7 transmutes being like sporting at the end of competitive reality, which, personally can have a natural wild sinfulness as not being beautiful.

  2. I wish there was less discussion at all levels about making sure "opposing viewpoints" get equal time.

    What's really needed is more emphasis on/attention to media broadcasting objective truth

  3. The video is informative but would be much more effective if he spoke more slowly! It is difficult to absorb the content.

  4. Based on this information, repealing net neutrality in my eyes, is unconstitutional because it decreases the chances of all point of views being expressed and freedom of speech and the press is protected by net neutrality

  5. Okay, yet White Supremacy or any Nationalist groups uses Broadcast for hatred towards others when Politicians use race-baiting statics it is racist towards others and Whites. Instead of solving issues without playing the Democratic or Republican, Black or White blame game. For example we all have heard these phrases:

    Hilary 2016 election states as a Politician: " 'We White Americansā€¦Need to Recognize Our Privilege'

    Ben Shapiro 2017 Political voice: "Say's is no White privilege but Blacks are disproportionately in the poverty line"
    So, while trying to debunk Whites as the problem with privilege he racially marks Blacks as the problem with poverty because ethnic blames makes sense and either group controls other people who share ethnicity similarities that are prvilage or poor?!

    Giuliani: Blacks must say "what they're doing among themselves about the crime problem"
    Another racist statement assuming all Blacks are killing other black people because the ones that are not are suppose to have the answer to a human issue on the planet.

    Politicians focus on race for a problem they are half solving issues that continue to touch all backgrounds. Anyone can be privilege anyone can commit a crime. Until Media gets honest about ALL privilege and Crime and stop using race to solve them the sooner we can solve ONE issue and Media, and radio have made situation like these issues worst hate speech or race-baiting blame is used more in Media and Radio than solutions.

  6. Trying to find something on when news transitioned from public service requirement for FCC to entertainment

  7. I am a teacher who will be focusing on the Election process this school year, and your little quick flicks are an easy way to explain it. Thanks for making them.

  8. Your graphical content on net neutrality was terrible and misleading as to how that works.
    I love the show, but that was a rare failure. Yet, a very important one.

  9. my first job was news paper delivery on my mountain bike when i was a kid, awe those were the days… then they fired the whole staff and brought in guys with trucks to deliver all the papers instead of the kids šŸ™

  10. YES! thank you government for keeping me safe I will surrender everything you deem problematic in the bill of rights

  11. So Media Company's are stopped by the law to say or publish what they want to say. I guess First Amendment rights don't exist after all.

  12. Whoever thinks that we live in a free market capitalist society is in desperate need of economic education.

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