Media Matters is After Me

Media Matters is After Me

so this is gonna be a very non scripted video of me telling you guys something that happened stating some facts so speaking from the heart so I have been directly under attack by a news outlet called Media Matters they have been saying that I am trying to circumvent Alex Jones ban from the YouTube platform let me make something straight I am NOT Alex Jones I have never hosted Alex Jones on my platform I am Caitlin Bennett I work with Liberty hangout Alex Jones supports what I do but this is not his platform we are not circumventing the ban at all we are 100% within youtube's policies I'm setting the record straight right now for you guys for YouTube if they watches therefore Media Matters if they watch this as well I'm setting the record straight I don't want their article to hurt me or get my channel banned and that's what I'm trying to prevent by telling the truth I'm not Alex Jones I'm Caitlin Bennett I've been doing this for two years this is a Liberty hangouts channel this content belongs to Liberty hangout so in conclusion to setting all of these things straight I wanted to let you guys know about my patreon where you guys can directly help me and support me do this it helps my crew it helps my camera equipment it's going to eventually help me pay for security once I have enough to do that and it most importantly helps me come out here and be able to go to these events to bring you this type of content that I love doing today we were just in Missouri we would not be able to do that if it weren't for you guys watching this and we wouldn't be able to do that without our channel existing in the first place which is why I'm setting these things straight to make sure that I don't ever go down that road because it's terrifying we see Stephen Crowder pull Joseph Watson everybody it's terrifying and I'm scared that just because I'm telling the truth and I have an opinion that people might not like it's terrifying that I could lose everything that I've worked so hard to build special e the people at Liberty hang out my fiancee who has built this four years ago we never thought we would be in this situation but we are and we've built this channel together over the last couple years and we've thrown it it's grown into something amazing and I would hate for it to be lost based on lies and accusations that are not true so if you guys would please support me at slash Caitlin Bennett and make sure you go subscribe to my personal YouTube channel which is just Kaitlin Bennet I'm going to start using that a lot more for live streams for podcasts for some behind the scenes things of me just talking when I'm getting ready maybe you're talking about what I've been up to where the patreon donations ago I can show you guys directly what they're going to and what they're helping me do so you guys get a little bit more personal with what you're funding and what I do so do that if you will that'll make sure that if something does happen that I can continue making a living but also bringing you content which is the main reason why you would be supporting me so thank you guys for watching if you're still watching thank you guys for watching this far into this very non scripted video like I said I'm just speaking from the heart so slash Caitlin Bennett is where you can help me out and hopefully so hopefully nothing bad happens it's very scary but hopefully nothing bad happens another way that you guys can help me is by going to Liberty hangout org slash store and you can get shirts with me on them if you would like to walk around and see people's reaction when you have my iconic graduation photo at Kent State with my rifle we have that on a shirt that you can walk around and support my cause for that my protest that I was doing and you can support me there by purchasing products that you can wear and show your support because I can't ban you from wearing a shirt they can't ban you from buying a cold taxation is theft hat or we have hats that say communism isn't cool because we all know that it's not so go there check out some stuff support us if you want there and then of course again my patreon patreon con /k embedded into media matters because I know you're watching this I am calling on you to retract what you said in your article about me correct the lies take it out of the and make a separate article correcting what you said I'm not gonna let you drag my name through the mud and I'm tired of being lied about

26 thoughts on “Media Matters is After Me

  1. Support Kaitlin on Patreon so she can continue bringing you all the great content you love

  2. The Left, including Media Matters have given up even pretending that they support free speech, anymore. We should support, the side who is against your right to free speech is ALWAYS your enemy. Always.

  3. Gun girl, in April 2019 your channel had an InfoWars brand and the 🎤 you shoved in people’s faces had an InfoWars emblem. 🙄

    And a lil plug for InfoWars @ 8:17

  4. thank you for the clarification, i did not want to assume identities? But now I can tell people, you are not Alex Jones.

  5. First you're way cuter than Alex Jones. II you're way cuter than Alex Jones 3rd you're way cuter than Alex Jones do we see a pattern here

  6. I just went to your channel but there is no content but is that you who carried the AR-15 in the picture,, oh you just answered that Q in this vid!!! You are a woman who is strong and intelligent………………and I have had that photo in my large photo folder……………….

  7. Lol! Why do all your videos have info wars logo pop up and why do you advertise info wars products on every single one of your videos?

  8. Now I hope you're not being disingenuous because many times in the past the microphone that you were carrying some of these events had an Infowars logo on it. That is directly associated with Alex Jones. But I understand that you do have your own platform and I see that your microphone logo has changed so there you go good luck.

  9. Kaitlin I would gladly help you in any way I can because I would love to finally see you have some Security Guards around, those leftist will think twice before approaching you with bad intentions.

  10. I'm sorry but if you haven't realized that their are very few people in government or big tech that believe in real free speech. even among so called republicans mos of them secretly stand behind the liberal agenda.. Just like the rest after demonetization comes platforming. YOU WILL BE INCREASING OSTRACIZED AND CONDEMNED AS A FAR RIGHT BIGOT AND SOCIAL PARIAH. THE QUESTION IS WHEN IT BECOMES CLEAR THAT THIS IS ABOUT SAVING OUR COUNTRY AND OUR WAY OF LIFE WILL YOU REALIZE THAT THIS BATTLE IS SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CAREER OR WILL YOU ABANDON THE CAUSE SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE COMFORTABLE WHILE SOCIETY CRUMBLES AROUND YOU?

  11. 💡 media matters has a link for "tips about misinformation" .. let's all flood their link [email protected] with ALL the MISINFORMATION posted by the sjws, liberals, Democrats, etc that we know is NOT true or vetted….. then they will be looking into themselves and probably not even know because they don't fact check.

  12. Google exec's just claimed "We evaluate individual piece of content based on that content, not upon the speaker." at a Congressional Hearing. If you're being attacked by someone attempting to use the name Alex Jones as a basis to ban you, then clearly Google Exec's lied to congress.

  13. Yup, not Alex Jones. Barely even look like him. Although, him doing some clickbait thumbs for you would be hilarious.

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