Media Collusion - The Cyberpunk 2077 Conspiracy (Theory)

Media Collusion – The Cyberpunk 2077 Conspiracy (Theory)

yet again it's a video about cyberpunk 2077 but this time I want to take a different approach some time ago I created this video right here titled the anthem conspiracy theory it was in reference to some leaked documents that had surfaced many months prior and discussed the speculative idea that anthem may in fact be the incubation room for a new form of loot manipulating AI now to be clear I did not fully believe that theory the documents read like a bad college project that got anonymously posted as a way to sort of troll and I also did not try to propose the speculations and what if statement says any sort of concrete fact or even a likelihood but that video was extremely fun to make and sometimes going down the rabbit hole and asking what if is just really interesting even if it's not ultimately something that should be relied on as an extreme likelihood today I want to take a similar dive with cyberpunk 2077 and talk about the financial trail of investment interests that create a spiderweb surrounding CD Projekt RED and cyberpunk itself before going any further pretty much all of this will be based on the investigative work of sips idiot the Triple S League they have a wonderful video up with this exact information and I will also be drawing from their constructed graph so with that in mind anyone even vaguely interested in cyberpunk 2077 should absolutely subscribe to their channel they are easily one of the best sources for information pertaining to cyberpunk on all of YouTube and I'll link it down in the description I've been chatting with them behind the scenes and the complexity of this situation extends to a far greater depth than the info which I am about to discuss but now is not the right time to go into detail it is fairly clear that cyberpunk 2077 will be an increasingly vibrant focal point over coming months in the lead-up to its 2020 release so rest assured the opportunities to speculate and the further confirmation or denial of those speculations has plenty of runway left with all that being said let's get started it's no secret I often clash with current mainstream gaming media although clash might be the wrong word for it it mostly consists of certain gaming journalists posting trashy drivel and me dissecting it or insulting them but there have now been instances where they fire back most notably and most recently an article from writer Ian asure of CNET in which he manipulated the interview material operated under false pretenses and attempted to spur advertisers to withdraw from my own and other youtubers channels as an attempt to impact our livelihood short-answer it failed long answer I roasted his bitch and his article was the laughingstock of at this point combined with the other creators who covered the story millions of people however even though the encounter ultimately benefited me both in terms of relative growth and income it still made me realize that there are intrinsic motivations behind many of these articles especially within the games industry I was approached under the pretense of an investigation to determine YouTube's inner workings and the seemingly ingrained audience interest when it comes to negative material or content instead of actually legitimately pursuing that angle Ian sure had taken months of his time to contact advertisers and try to get them to back away from the channels he discussed his article was written before it had even been written now what I mean by that is that he did not go into this with any sort of unbiased predisposition he was not trying to learn or evolve or produce valuable information he had a now obvious goal which he was questing like a little bitchy white knight to fulfill by whatever means necessary that goal had also been present for quite a long time as he laid the groundwork for this hit piece these events were definitely a wake-up call for me my idealistic version of journalism is that these individuals will be operating in the pursuit of truth but the unfortunate reality is that in a lot of circumstances that simply isn't true I've long had moments of skepticism when witnessing the types of articles that will post in close proximity to one another oftentimes a critical piece of a certain game or some kind of negative article will be published and alongside that from three or four seemingly unconnected outlets a similar piece will surface sometimes these parallel articles will even use the exact same phrasing but until recently I had brushed that off as a kind of mirror phenomenon to what happens on YouTube as well where youtubers covers similar topics in a short time span because that's just what is relevant however after learning more about the relative time frame of written journalistic pieces it became clear to me that in a lot of instances this actually cannot be true because from start to finish the process of crafting approving and publishing these articles is longer than a day or two in extreme cases it can be weeks or months but even on the low end of that spectrum it is not a similar case to youtubers because there are many more steps required I can find a topic I enjoy do a chunk of research write edit and upload a video in a single day most of the time and unless these journalists literally see another article from a separate outlet entirely and frantically type their own with a similar message to have it instantly approved and uploaded to their site they must in fact be somewhat coordinating because to both begin and then subsequently post these similar perspectives would require at least a modicum of communication and synchronization alternatively a lot of these journalists attend to specific events or conventions and could very well be witnessing the same material thus leading to similar subject matter and timeframe for their written work but even with that holding true because it is in fact true to have so many of them take such similar positions it suggests to me that there is an echo chamber fully constructed and that a large chunk of these journalists know one another and communicate regularly regarding upcoming work for two extreme examples of this sort of phenomenon in media though not specific to the games industry we have the coordinated language regarding fake news and easter worshippers now I've chosen one example from both the left and the right side of the political spectrum because this isn't about swaying anyone this is to outline collusion between sources when it comes to the reporting of or the reaction to journalism and news first we can see that in the aftermath of a truly tragic event a series of politicians over the span of just a couple of hours began systematically referring to the victims of that event as Easter worshippers now this would not be of any significance at all if it had happened as an isolated event or instance but there were numerous instances all tightly grouped within a couple of hours and the term Christians has always been associated with Easter not Easter worshippers this was a brand-new way of referring to individuals who celebrate the holiday and it happened in a near simultaneous and coordinated way coming from multiple different individuals the second example is far more obvious here is a montage of dozens of news channels discussing the phenomenon of fake news sharing of biased and false news has come all too common on this is something that shatters all pretense of individual media outlets being entirely independent though to be fair I do agree that a lot of news is fake news it's an actual problem but still there is no possible way that these journalists producers and anchors came up with that exact paragraph all in their own all at the same time someone told them to say it so they did they bowed and they said it and again this is not an effort to sway anyone to either end of the political spectrum this is to show that in media and journalism there is communication and coordination and we would be utterly naive to believe it does not happen in gaming news as well this is what finally brings us to cyberpunk 2077 I won't rehash old material in depth but there have been a few different outlets and journalists who have taken it upon themselves to discuss the recent gameplay and trailer while making insinuations of mishandled or callous representations of various different demographics this is a subjective interpretation without any evidence of intent and in truth the positive press surrounding the game is far greater than its detractors but with such little substance and such a flimsy foundation even in the face of contextual clarity from the game's conceptual creator himself it leads me to speculate that there may be further motivation behind the false altruism that is so often proposed as their incentive now we arrive at the work done by the triple-s league essentially by tracing financial information back through the spider web it can be shown that polygons Kotaku and the gamer network which encompasses outlets such as Eurogamer and rock paper shotgun have direct connections through investor interests or financial ownership straight back to the epic game store why is this relevant because CD Projekt RED is a development arm of CD Projekt and CD Projekt is responsible for gog or good old games good old games is a store front much like Epic Games and steam but GOG actually takes a far more consumer-friendly stance GOG has been struggling recently but in partnership with Microsoft ready to unveil its newest update galaxy 2.0 in the somewhat near future now if we hop over to the epic store thames sweeney epic CEO has made it clear that he believes developers will decide who wins between his own storefront and steam and his primary tactic is to poach exclusive deals obviously going after titles that are projected to be heavy hitters such as Borderlands 3 the outer worlds Metro Exodus etc etc there are also some indie games interlaced into that roster as well but his position is that exclusivity is the method by which to grow an audience the fastest CD Projekt RED will obviously be adding cyberpunk 2077 to their own storefront gog and with cyberpunk 2077 poised to potentially be one of the largest releases in gaming history this will mean a massive boost to their own platform however in classic CD Projekt form they have also made it clear the game will be coming to steam as well and since steam is the current Titanic competitor to the epic store and the game has already out sold through exclusively pre-orders all competitive games on the market this month it is already shaping up to be a large motivational and profit driving factor for steam and inevitably GOG CD Projekt RED has already confirmed the game will not be an epic store exclusive so here we are examining a game already picking up momentum as one of the most hyped releases ever in gaming history and it will not be to the benefit of the epic store this is where we see the importance behind it the financial spider web with GOG galaxy 2.0 on the horizon accompanied by a game that is going to and already is breaking records it is not in the interests of the epic store knowing it will not obtain exclusive rights even for a short period of time as with Borderlands 3 it is not in their interest to promote this game or help it succeed on the contrary it would be better if the game did poorly at least for them since it may even spur a lot of users to abandon the epic platform for a storefront like gog 2.0 on which they may remain if the platform proves sufficient and one of the most highly anticipated games in years from a community endorsed publisher and developer is housed there as well not to mention a final factor since the game is a first-party IP that will be sold on a first-party storefront a lot of players will buy the game there specifically to support project as much as possible epic is in competition with GOG and GOG has recently been struggling financially that is true but with 2.0 and cyberpunk 2077 in unison that could all turn around and in any corporate space having your competition thrive and grow is typically unwelcome we know that modern media collaborates and coordinates in an ideal world independent news outlets would all operate as their own isolated entity free from overarching control but the loudest voice is always money and with a large amount of money being funneled into the epic store with more than one multi-billion dollar company deeply invested in its success is it really that unexpected to see directives funneled down through the ranks with the intent on curbing some of the mounting enthusiasm the public evidence of financial ties does not guarantee a cohesive attempt to smear cyberpunk 2077 for the benefit of the epic store I am not accusing anyone of impropriety or illegal activity but when examining the broader picture I would believe it would be naive to not ask the forever valuable and ultimately interesting question what if what if these companies have told their partners and their subordinates whom they control through majority investment to paint a cornerstone of the competition's success in a negative light what if the journalists communicated past and present to make this a reality and what if this is just the beginning the epic story isn't going anywhere and neither is GOG for the near future at least until they have rounded the bend and seen how 2.0 will progress with the added hype of cyberpunk 2077 would it be so hard to believe that this game based on mega corporations and the corruption of corporate greed would be the centerpiece in a less exaggerated version of what it seeks to portray I find myself constantly wondering what if that's it for today though if you want support the channel check out the links down below we have merged memberships stuff like that but I'll cut it there and stop rambling also again please do subscribe to the Triple S League they did some phenomenal work with this concept thank you all for watching and have a nice night [Applause]

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  1. If you want to see the most exciting twitter in the world… and by "most exciting" I mean generic often uninteresting and probably not funny… drop a follow on our twitter.

  2. I already pre-ordered from GOG, because I have longevity concerns about the Steam platform. Currently, the problem is that no one game store has all games, so you have no choice but to purchase from the various stores: Steam, GOG, Origin, Epic, Bethesda, etc. Exclusivity is just another term for "Walled Garden". It's the same concept Apple employed years ago and it's just a benefit for the company and not a benefit for the user. The Walled Garden tactic is just another corporate system of control. In the end, all companies eventually end up on the same path toward creating a wall of greed and control. In the future, the number of gaming stores I purchase from will grow from five to fifteen; just more islands of control.

  3. Ok, so I gotta say it, you sound a lot like Adam from Wisecrack. It's been bugging me for a while and I had to tell ya.
    @nd, Google is scary, algorithms and AI are scary, and they've being unchecked. Just see how Elon Musk's entire demeanor shifts just slightly when AI is brought up. We've gotta get some crackdown on this stuff. We're getting controlled by big Tech, media, and all the other Big companies that run our entire industries.

  4. I am accusing. That is exactly what’s happening. Other things have been going on. Someone also ha led and stole some documents from them to and held them for ransom claiming they would leak them to the public if they didn’t pay. Epic, EA and others have most definitely manipulate reviews, previews and press to help their interests.

  5. 6:41 – All it takes is a few seconds of googling to find out all of these stations are owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, "the country’s largest broadcaster, which owns or operates 193 television stations," according to the NYT. This isn't a gotcha. The fact all these stations have the same owner and were forced to read this PSA is publicly available info.

    (Whether that's better or worse than a secret collusion conspiracy is another story.)

  6. There was an attack on Easter at church. It’s really not difficult to deduce why all those political figures talked about attacks on “Easter Worshippers.” I thought you had a good case until this biased sounding idea was shared. It really detracts from your argument. 👎

  7. There was a scandal about that fake news segment about how the parent company imposed on them to read that segment repeatedly throughout the day, some protested but they were threatened to be fired if they didn't comply. It wasn't like several news networks started talking behind the scenes it was a direct order coming from upper management but from such a high place in upper management that it looked like they weren't even related. You can look this up and i'm surprised you didn't .

  8. Thanks for the reference to TripleS. He's clearly put a lot of effort into his content and its good to see that some people still have the integrity to provide a reference to their sources.

  9. Starting to make sense that, maybe, just maybe these guys are crafting false naritives on behalf of the individuals that play major roles in unethical buisness practices. Hell, people pay actors to protest at rallys, why not pay writer to piece a bogus article?

  10. If you don't watch the news or read the newspaper, your uninformed,,
    If you do watch the news and read the newspapers, then your misinformed.

  11. It's funny how all those Game journalists and trash media are quick to spread SJW outrage bullshit, when 3.5 people on Twitter get offended by something, but when it comes to this kind of theories and news – no one talks about it

  12. A large majority of local news channels are owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. They have “must run” segments that have a heavy political slant. A lot of channels protest by running those during hours with less viewers.

  13. I came to the same conclusion a few days ago since there was seemingly so much ''smear articles'' over fluff: the competitors are scared. I mean seriously make a good game?!?! WTF! These triple ''A'' fuckturds spend more time creating a circus with propagandic advertising and recurrent spending features and surprise mechanics than making a decent game:P

  14. this has been known for years I mean Google The Sinclair broadcast company they own most of the local news companies in the United States if you have a local news channel is most likely owned by Sinclair

  15. the news media is manipulating the public using reverse psychology.
    they wanted the public to vote for trump so they told you not to vote for trump.
    they want you to buy cyberpunk 2077 so they are telling you not to buy it.

    1st they lied, smeared, raped women and fucked children in order to cultivate distrust and contempt.

    step 2 they use reverse psychology

  16. As Polygon just tried to defend Loot Boxes claiming they will hurt Sports Games, along with Wilsons claim that "Access to Games" over ownership…I subscribe to this conspiracy theory. I would guess gamers being branded as "angry, entitled and whiners" makes it easier to monetize every aspect of gaming as well as make CD Project Red look bad. If I was Epic gamers embracing the logic of GOG would be scary, if I was a mainstream journalist I would know that would cost me jobs.

    At this point Polygon, Vox etc need to just switch the way the approach content in the sphere of gaming. Theres space for them but not as influencers as they've proved money is god.

  17. gamers are beyond parody at this point, circle jerking around one of the companys with the worst worker conditions in the industry (CDPR) and retarded Epic games conspiracy theories.

  18. Oh my god the overlaid news videos… That was creepy as fuck. The propaganda machine seems to be at full strength….

  19. It's not really a conspiracy, media has been dirty for the last 15 years and have been communicating to each other well before that…

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