Media Caught Editing Police Brutality Video

Media Caught Editing Police Brutality Video

>> Metro Transit Police and DC are launching
an internal investigation following a surveillance of aid, an officer, using a taser on an unarmed
black man. Now, this story by itself is pretty terrible,
but there's an added layer of bad behavior when you consider the way ABC and World News
Tonight specifically, deceptively edited the video of the encounter. Now, we're gonna show you the way they edited
the video, and then we're gonna show you the full context, take a look. >> So my name is Chamere and we're gonna stay
right here and we gone make sure that everybody taken care of, okay? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. He's alright, he's alright, he's alright,
he's alright. Hold on, he's all right. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, not necessary. Not necessary. Just get down. He's not even resisting. He's not even resisting. >> Back up, back up. >> He's not even resisting. >> Back up. >> He's not even resisting. He's all right. He's down. How many tasers does it take to take down
a grown man? He's down. >> Now the officers were responding to calls
involving two minors who are allegedly threatening people with sticks. So they show up and they start investigating
and then there was a third man, a black man that got taste, who was asking questions as
these two minors were being confronted by the cops. And so things escalated to the point where
a third officer shows up and he starts tasing the black man, even though he was unarmed
and even though his hands were up in the air. But if you looked at that ABC News World Tonight
footage, you would think that, the black man posed some sort of threat to the cops. Now let's take a look at the full context
and by the way, a hat tip to Jordan Youell who posted about this on Twitter. Let's take a look. >> So my name is Chamere and we're gonna stay
right here and we're gonna make sure everybody taken care of, okay? What I don't want is one of these colleagues
of mine is trying to get on you all you're been you have to go off and I ain't got my
nails done all right? So you calm down real quick. >> Wait wait. >> All right all right, hold on. Wow, wow, wow he's all right, he's all right,
he's all right. Hold on he's all right, hey hey hey hey hey
hey hey hey hey hey hey. >> For what reason? Not necessary. Not necessary. Just get down. Just get down. Just get down. Not necessary, that is not necessary. Yo, that is not necessary, he is not even
resisting, he is not even resisting. >> Back up
>> He's not even resisting. He is okay, stop. Yo, yo, I'm right here. Y'all need to stop. He's not even stop, just lay down. Stop baby stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop yo, let him go. He's all right. He's down. He can't even move, he's down, leave him alone. He is down. He is down. >> God damn, you. >> How many tasers does it take to take down
a grown man? He's down. >> Give me your other hand, your other hand. >> So I'd argue that the full context is important,
because it tells a full story of what really went down, and there also seems to be some
mixed messaging coming from the Metro Police in DC. Metro, according to NBC Washington, also said
the third officer in the video use the taser because the man who had not been detained
was interfering in the police investigation and quote, exhibited behavior consistent with
preparing to fight the officer. >> Can I jump? I got to jump in there. >> Yes. Okay. So there's no winning, you saw the video,
he put his hands up. And so, you're supposed to put your hands
up with the cops. And they said the fact he raised his hands,
was an indication that he was getting in a fighting posture. But wait if they tell you to raise your hands,
so if your hands are down like Filandro Castillo's was, you're going to get shot and killed. >> If your hands are up, you're going to get
taste. So now, did the guy push the officer or did
the officer should push the guy? You just saw you just saw it and was the guy's
hands up? Yes, it was. And it wasn't enough so he takes him and by
the way, that guy took a taser like nobody's business. So
>> That's what I said. >> Yeah,
>> To the cop in the beginning, right? He teases him once it didn't have an impact,
and then he proceeds to taze him over and over again, to the point where the man is
on the ground and he is unable to move and their still tasing him. >> And this is the number one problem which
is that we teach our cops all across the country that you don't take anything from anybody,
okay, you put them down. >> And so when you teach them to rage and
you teach them that no one is ever allowed to disrespect you, and nobody is ever allowed
to talk back to you, well this is what results. This is what happens. You shouldn't be surprised. Stop being surprised. If you teach them to do something, they'll
do it, so stop teaching them to constantly abuse civilians who question cops. They're supposed to be our cops, I know it
sounds funny, right? Because they seem to mainly protect the rich,
and obviously we've seen it over and over again. Another unarmed black guy, and then they turn
around they're always surprised that people are angry. Like, I guess people are upset about it, I
mean, just be yeah, we know you've been doing it for decades, but now we can see with our
own eyes. >> So as I mentioned, at first, the Metro
Police told NBC that the man had not been detained and then later on after this video,
the full context goes viral, they put out a different statement. Now, I wanna tell you what that statement
says. After the subject disregarded warnings to
move back, the officer deployed his department issued taser and was able to take the man
into custody. But wait a minute. At first it said that he was not detained,
right? That's what NBC Washington was told by this
very department. So I don't get it. Why are they now saying that he had been detained? >> And a police department in America would
never lie, the police are angels. I mean look they ask juries, hey if a cop
is on the stand, he's more credible than the average citizen. Really, does anyone believe that anymore? I mean it sounds preposterous. And then they were surprised when OJ got off. I don't think he should've gotten off, but
there was a jury pool that had had seen, for their entire lives, African Americans in this
country abused, lied about, beat upon, and framed over and over and over again and, back
then, there wasn't as much video. That was the beginning of video, when we saw
the Rodney King beatings, right? And, whenever African Americans said they're
beating us up, nonstop. >> People like sure, yeah, right. Who are we supposed to believe the entire
African American community in the country? Tens of millions of people or a bunch of cops
we paid to kick your ass. No, we're gonna believe the cops. So yeah, we're tired of it. We're tired of it and when I say we, I mean
all decent Americans. >> Well, let me just let me just say one thing. For the longest time, I thought that people
would deny what was really going on with excessive force and brutality. And then I realized that no, they're not simply
denying it, they know the truth, they know what's really happening. It's just that acknowledging what's really
happening would maybe lead to some changes and they don't want changes, right? So what made me realize that is what's happening
with children at the border right now. Children who are literally dying, six of them
have died so far in Border Patrol custody because of the conditions that they're being
kept in. So there's evidence of that now, there's no
denying it and people know, and so what has the right wing response been to that? So what? They don't care. They don't care, so they acknowledge, what's
happening, maybe not publicly but they know what's really happening with police brutality. The thing is, they love it. They don't want it to change. >> No, but there's an important cap here,
unless it is the Bundy Ranch people. >> Right. >> It is right wingers, it is white right
wingers, forget about it. How dare the cops point weapons at beloved
white right wing ranchers just because the right wing ranchers pointed guns at them and
threatened to murder all the cops. No, the cops should stand down, this is police
abuse. It's police abuse when the cops looked to
protect themselves from right wing extremist who are threatening to murder them. That's apparently police abuse. But kicking and whipping crapped out of minorities,
year after year decade after decade not police abuse. Gee, I wonder if they're racially motivated. And then the great irony is they'll they'll
turn around and go, you guys are making about race. No, you are making about race, when you constantly
attack minorities in this country, and then give ridiculous insane privilege to right
wingers who happen to be white and then you say, well I don't see race all I see is white
people that are right where you should all be protected and the cops should bow down
to them and the government should bow down to them. But if it's a minority, the government has
every right to kick them and beat them and do whatever they want to them. What you're doing is crystal clear. Little tiny extra piece of irony in this particular
story, this happened at the metro stop of U Street but it's also known as African-American
Civil War Memorial Cardozo Station. So it doesn't matter. In Washington DC, African Americans are the
majority, but somehow they get abused anyway, cuz that's what power does. And, yes, it's about damn time we fought back,
I don't mean physically, I mean legally and politically. We have to gain control so that cops wind
up protecting and serving all of us. And not just the rich and powerful.

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  2. Again, this is a simple investigation. 3 out of control cops fired. 1 police chief fired. However many people involved in releasing that s statement by the metro police fired.

    Ana didn't quite get the woke story correct. The boys were 13 and 14. The alleged crime occurred in a different part of the metro 4 blocks away. These boots had just gotten off the subway as had the man. The boys were attacked by the police officers. The were pinned on the ground with knees in their backs. They couldn't breath. The man intervened calmly (as is clearly seen in the video). He calmly explained to the cops that these couldn't be the boys they were looking for as they just came off the train with them.

    So again these cops knew these couldn't be the boys before they attacked them. They knew the man was calm and had correct information. They still attacked all three. They can not hold badges out dangerous equipment of any kind. They've proven to have the judgement of racist fucks they bed too be gone. Everyone involved in protecting them needs to be fired immediately.

    It's really that simple.

  3. Holy shit. I would never come to the US. It's scary out there, Jesus Christ. Land of the free my ass. FCUK AMERICA

  4. Someone needs to tell that bitch with the camera to stfu. You yelling doesn't do anything to help the situation.

  5. The situation was under control and the 3rd officer escalated it and it could've went from nothing to someone dying over nothing.

  6. Yeah and that is exactly what the cops did with the Burger King surveillance video of Laquan McDonald killing but BK video room had a surveillance camera too and showed the cops destroying evidence so the rats where caught

  7. You people are on fire🙌🏿🙌🏿please keep it up. By the wy, fukk ABC!! People wouldn't have gotten to see how the man was behaving before that 3rd pig came over & initiated violence.

  8. Yea so, the narrative of this video is to discourage and scare blacks away from practicing their rights…away from their liberty…away from their freedoms in America … all over the world.

  9. A group of citizens should have got involved and citizen arrested all of them cops, hand cuffing them with their own cuffs

  10. We need to learn the law, we need to fight back in the courts, we need more minorities who are NOT self hating, to become police officers, lawyers and judges.

  11. People at the border are not citizens and thus should not have the same rights as citizens here. They deserve human rights but to expect the Holiday Inn here is bullshit!!!

  12. This is not a shock, this is not incorrect training, this is about the superiority of the police officer (overseer) and about (fake gasp) race and the continued belief of the inferiority of the black race. And what?….still we aren't owed any type of reperations?? Racism is last year right, this just started because Trump is president right?? This hasn't been happening for centuries right?? You know what I'm almost getting tired of the term "POC"!! This happens and has ALWAYS happen to black ppl since the beginning of America and ALL of you know it!!😠

  13. What's going on is what right wingers plan & aet up to go on, so why would anyone expect for them to try to change what they work so hard to achieve? Of course they will pretend that they don't want this going on. They have to, That's part of therr plan.

  14. Keep ur hands up or we'll shooT! Wait, what you have ur hands down?? We will shoot! LOL. Damn, should we just have our arms and hands amputated? No that wouldn't work bc then they would get mad we didn't follow instructions to put our hands up! Fcuk my life. No winning w/ the white devil.

  15. Not surprising.  This is the DC Metro police – the same people who covered up the murder of Seth Rich by the DNC/Deep State in the summer of 2016.

  16. The white police used excessive power . They tased the innocent man so many times like thy wanted to kill him. The coloured man was just protecting the young kids the kides who were harassed by the white grown up police men . Shameful behaviour of police

  17. Where are all the second amendment supporters? Its situations like this that your founders gave you the 2nd amendment. Fight back against government tyranny, shoot a criminal cop

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