so if you guys ever wondered how a youtuber you eat sees before it starts this clip pretty much sums it up it's two boys all the way it's not supposed to be a seat boys give me a second yep anyways welcome back to another episode you see youtuber events pretty much we get a bunch of high person youtubers put them in one eut and have random game boats on Arctic special thanks to them but so we can get straight into it this is a random team of two so your the teams being generated don't know who Haven is pretty much I want to record round really back the day with him when he was under the name Sugar Puffs so you guys might recognize him with that name but let's go into the video hope you guys enjoy it and here we go you eat see infinite enchanter with we got two types of angles two types of the ancient tables and two sex books last time I play this game mode it was in a video that she did really well in the channel for no reason I like flower power an infinite enchanter did really well on this channel like law was in college and I was like wasn't doing YouTube it was just really odd how well it did oh it's tasty boy still okay I guess I'll go with that the goal pretty much is get a good ancient station going very soon it's only 30 minutes so I really want to win with my manager the pups will see you guys once we find something interesting because right now it's just gonna be a little bit of mining well I'm mining coal this it's not a hyper clean eauty what am i doing that's you guys in a bit like a promise guys I'm gonna be getting full protection for full sharpness 5rs but do everything good in this game is gonna be in my inventory I'd say probably 15 minutes into the game I'm pretty fast when it comes to actually like getting set up for you eight sees that's always been really my specialty there are two Enderman right here oh my goodness don't mind if I do real quick like a museum rib please low-key I want to take damage just to always take a place damage indies borrow that please one bone okay you're fat don't we go i'm predict you're pulled i'm in this game last game i found no diamonds so we're gonna flip at this game oh this game is nice I like it all right we got diamonds run away it looks like a one vein so that's why I didn't really get really happy about it but we can't take advantage of this time and make of ancient Acurio to try to get a portion so let's do that now one two three all right let's do this real quick I think this is enough for level 30 it might be wrong nope that should be enough umm fish to c4 and breaking three that is not what we wanted okay alright let's make an efficiency fiver work Odette's start with three that is OB okay power yes this is what we needed thank you so much game alright fortune three gimme gimme oh that's beautiful okay alright this is our felis – diamonds perfect that's all I wanted now we can make our I was about to say Incheon table but we have a stack of them so he needs that make a diamond sword see if we can get something good from this um fire aspect – okay oh my gosh that just happened clean fire aspect – and add our short miss for book now we just need one more start before okay I told you guys so two minutes babe we're gonna have the sharp pilot bio aspect – that is so Opie and Adam moving through it why not oh my god come on dad let's can be done it's gonna be done let's get me down I don't need one veins right now and it looks like another one thing are you serious why do I keep finding one oh no it's not one big thank you no fortune on those 250 meter of blank oh my gosh what do you want diamonds let's add this protection three guys another protection for peace let's go flame one oh my gosh that is such a good book oh here comes boarder do I need anything that I have oh gosh I just lost everything I had okay three oh this is enough for prop for I think and a prop for I'm breaking through respiration three awkward 180 one that is all I need oh my gosh we were stacked stacked its ups are boots but I think we can fix that the protection three I guess we're just gonna head off with what we have for now and then try to find some more gold we have six minutes to get as much gold as we can so let's go right now oh okay we're here anyone wrong I already see a flame arrow that's terrifying yo what's up man to spring and that's really what if I don't what if I don't have strings what if I'm cranking it what if I'm cranking you and I don't actually have string oh I just saw Billy I'm so sorry okay now where is my teammate that's the thing if I were to guess where my teammate was it would be at this corner baby oh I think that's my teammate yep that's him right there yo sugar what's up man come over here brother let's go this way for a second cuz uh we don't want to be in that mess of a place yeah sorry Crispin Oh difficult I spent half the time on the surface but never the spiders but I was going for rates coming right at us oh no no the wife is fine the kids are fine but the debt is big there's a player looking right behind you guys and they're gonna clean it up they're gonna clean up right behind it's Nick live right behind the hill guys literally right now you know at least push the boy at least push the whoa my god you're right shoot him down we got shooters in these streets Oh Billy's a little bit of the low side Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Oh No yeah what's up wait for inspiration oh my gosh I have respiration 5,000 IQ you could be serious man let's go all right I'll let you guys loo um so here's the thing here's the thing here's the thing I don't have a bow so we could could we do no bowing welcome to our man I'm doing good what about you guys um see the thing is I kind of what's called lost my chest halfway through the game cuz the border it's been a very rough game the bodyguard the bodyguard okay can I see quick question boys before you go in so did nobody else go for fortune I I just didn't find diamonds before all right so we're doing this right good luck have fun this is for you sugar my man wants one arrow see – he's doing the jump shots I would just fall back for a little bit and Nigel right like how I'm terrified right now whoa flake with the shots good so okay flank oh gosh you guys are actually smart with your shots right now you're the mole go for it no no a shuttle I don't know how I haven't been shot in Wow so give you give it a shot got some fun I got the fun see the thing is I'm out of Ewing I've been out of Ealing for a while yeah yeah they're going in okay I'll respect it come on come on going going come on give it a shot do it why not going oh I did not expect that one okay he has one gab what is this this is so difficult how about you what have you mailing me at a time yeah I won't use it I want you to email a right now yeah oh my god accessory oh my god temple is getting hit next Oreo is taking less damage oh oh oh oh my god okay Oh oh no looking pretty for now a pile is actually lower on HP than that's the story oh my god he's trying to run him back into the water come on please come on please come on careful I'm through the rods the arrow key players laugh link b63 eight years of my life just for this moment right in just this moment come on yes good trade good trade boy here we go [Applause] I try my best guys I tried my best

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  1. Damn dude I remember when zyph wasn't a big YouTuber at all and we have small Skywars party's with his streams. Miss that, like now he's playing with all of y'all

  2. I was watching DocM77 and the scicraft crew reviewing the new PVP updates and afterwards I thought it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on the updates. DocM77 says Jeb is currently looking for feedback, especially from the PVP community. Will you please make a vid with the PVP community and their thoughts and comments/ideas?

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