43 thoughts on “Matt Damon takes out Libertarian ambush journalist

  1. He didnt even say anything. This is what South Park was talking about. Matt Damon thinks he’s fucking fantastic. Him and his buddy Ben are both morons who think they know everything. “Oh look Matt Damon said big words, he must be smart .”

  2. She didn't even "mess with" Matt Damon though. She asked a legitimate question that actually has statistical evidence to back it up and he chose to get triggered and go down this pseudo-intellectual tangent instead of remain calm and answer respectfully. Honestly I'm sick of people giving celebrities a free pass when they straight up act like condescending jerks. He might be a great actor, but he's not an expert on everything, and frankly in this clip he's being downright egotistical and disproportionately defensive to what was a relatively mild interview question.

  3. I guess Cooper didn't see the video. I don't agree that the interviewer 'ambushed' Damon, and I don't agree 'took out' the interviewer. There are multiple reasons why someone would want to be a teacher. Who says the pay is bad? The average is about $60,000, and it's over $100,000 in some cities. Not bad, considering the piss poor job they do and rarely get fired. The pay is good considering teachers don't work the entire year. I've known lots of teachers who work as real estate rental agents in the summer, which is the busy season for rental agents. I've also noticed that the majority of teachers are Democrats, and leftist Democrats at that. Now why is that? Are leftist Democrats incompetent in other fields, or do they love the opportunity to brainwash young minds?

  4. That was awesome ! You had me at full 99.9 % until you mentioned Sarah Silverman…sorry Anderson ! Not all of us all that into her

  5. Wanting to be a good teacher doens't make a good teacher. Wanting to be a good basketball player doesn't make you a good basketball player.

  6. ☆☆☆ Anderson Cooper's worship of Matt Damon is sickening!!! He goes on and on don't mess with Matt Damon! Damon is NOT GOD! And his opinion as well as Cooper's is just that…….their opinions, doesn't make them "right" or "wrong," time and history will determine that! But CNN reputation isn't looking good, and that's my opinion!!!

  7. The cameraman probably got his number from the same source you get yours, Anderson. You're just a fan…otherwise you'd be vomiting hate all over him for some of what he said. You probably would now, as your liberal bias and hate have had years to fester.

  8. Libertarians….are the same people who support eliminating the minimum wage. They have zero interest in BUILDING a society. They want to tear it down.

  9. Those who can't do, teach. That's the answer to Matt Dimon's (whoever he is) questions as to "why else wold yo do that job". Because you are a failure at everything else.

  10. Anderson’s butthole is hanging open. Jesus Christ bro, tighten up.
    Also, teachers are bullshit. Tenure keeps horrific teachers and union employees working jobs they put no effort into.

  11. wow that guy talking may as well be crawling along the floor licking Matt Damons boots. What a kissarse.

  12. Anderson, really? You child! I use to think you were open minded. Teaching is a profession not a religion. Choice is what’s missing from education. Monopolies in any profession is bad, right?

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