‘Matrix of Leadership’ 🤖 Episode 13 - Transformers Cyberverse - NEW SERIES

‘Matrix of Leadership’ 🤖 Episode 13 – Transformers Cyberverse – NEW SERIES

and that is the story of human civilization since the invention of agriculture what do you think crew member bumblebee you haven't spoken for the last four and a half hours is everything okay it is upsetting to think of windblade at the mercy of the Decepticons but look on the bright side she was not a crew member something I said I have many other things I can say I just want to be helpful hold on [Applause] would it help to know the current temperature humidity or in velocity I know many other unrelated things did you know the ancient Egyptians were actually aliens from Alpha Centauri these are excellent questions bumblebee and now that we are no longer surrounded by Decepticons I can answer them for you I have no idea you gotta be kidding me oh no I've been looking for the ark for millions of years for such a large ship it's really very difficult to find did you know the Ark is actually a vanguard class deep-space interceptor ship it has five decks and houses of I'm not totally useless it must be terrible to be missing data can I be of assistance I am fully equipped for cortical psychic patch connections ah always so interesting to scan someone else's memory files these are quite damaged aren't you aware of all them I supposed to find the ark save the Autobots and keep the Allspark from an entire Decepticon Armada I'm just a scout wish Optimus were here he'd know what to do Optimus Brian but he is here in your memories but that's from the past that can't help me now as teletraan 1 always said past data is the best guide to formulating current stratagems what remember optimus hurry this way bumblebee where are you taking me alpha Trion I thought Megatron destroyed the High Council alpha Trion survived you won't last much longer that's why I was sent for you ratchet is he Giants barely hanging on to his spark he wanted me to wake him as soon as you arrived alpha Trion I am here now this is my fault I should have stopped Megatron when I had the chance perhaps but you did what you felt was right now it's not about what you could have done but what you can do I have held the matrix of leadership for many years waiting for one worthy to become the next prime but I am no leader Sion I am NOT ready no one ever is [Applause] if Optimus wasn't ready to be a leader on definitely not ready you are so right after all I have you categorized in my database as a scout oh thanks for making me feel better of course I also have Optimus Prime listed as a file clerk and yet he did so much more than that that's true Wheeljack where's brow he was right behind us he must still be back there I don't see it come on we gotta go back for B we can't help them if we're scrapped we need reinforcements leave my optics Optimus Prime it's proud gonna make it you will survive if we act quickly Wheeljack find ratchets hurry I'm on it rolling out crime you shouldn't have come back for me brow we never leave a bot behind never leave a bot behind I already made that mistake I left windblade behind see I'm not ready to be a leader I wasn't ready to be an autonomous mobile backup memory unit when teletraan one ejected me from the arc but Here I am and Here I am and I already blew it that's not what Optimus would say what do you need nowhere left to run OtterBox how wonderful to be the one to destroy you Angela the mascot brine [Applause] this fight is over leave do you know where we are love will be this was a statue of the great Prima and that is where the Senate used to meet we stand in what was once the grand Imperial so much of our world has been destroyed Cybertron is dying our fear wind blade was right I never should have sent the Allspark away from Cybertron I felt there was no choice but I was wrong we must get the Allspark back bumblebee there is still time to set things right Optimus was right he was right about a lot of things but when he was wrong he tried to fix it I should never have left windblade behind but she ordered you to you had no choice there's always a choice we're going back for her [Applause]

48 thoughts on “‘Matrix of Leadership’ 🤖 Episode 13 – Transformers Cyberverse – NEW SERIES

  1. 0:39 Was it something I said? Yes, Teletraan X Windblade is an Autobot like Bumbleee show some respect even if she was not an Ark Crew Member. She is now.

  2. Love it just a little disappointed with Optimus Prime voice.. Jacob Tillman is trying to mimic Peter Cullen voice to betray he's voice but good effort… love the show so far

  3. I hate how Elita One isn't even mentioned. Come on man.
    She is, or was the badass leader of the female autobots, Optimus Prime's equal, best friend of Chromia, Cybertron's most skillful and dangerous female autobot, kind and caring, protective of all life, and had the ability to stop time!
    I guess everyone forgot about her and changed her story (IDW) smfh

  4. This is a interesting continuity it seems to be a mix of the original continuity original transformers and the movie verse continuity transformers with them arriving on the ark and nemesis but Optimus prime sending the all spark away

  5. Where’s peter Cullen? I know it’s not him, but why is primes current voice actor trying to imitate Cullen’s legendary voice?

  6. I'm not sure I like Optimus' voice. It sounds… too much like a Peter Collon imitation. maybe go with a voice like Optimus Primal from beast wars, or from the Unicron Saga…

  7. Teletraan 1 is a super computer, Teletraan x is a floaty ball robot, Teletraan 15 is an anime girl, yeah that makes sense

  8. Does anyone notice something about this episode btw? Episode 13? Optimus prime episode? Decedent of the 13th?

  9. Why is it in almost every iteration of bumblebee since the bay films is he mute or can't talk? It worked maybe the first 2 times but man I wanna have a good transformers show where they all can talk

  10. 8:40 [Playback to Transformers: Armada Episode Linkup] (After Jetfire combined with Optimus Prime and shot Starscream down) Optimus Prime: "They don't call him, Starscream for nothing."

  11. they ruined the story, optimus get the matrix from primus not alpha trion , plus this show is for kids and only kids are commenting here lol

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