13 thoughts on “Matagorda Cattle Drive (Texas Country Reporter)

  1. I had a cowboy head a herd into the water of the Inter-coastal waterway a hundred yards ahead of my boat, and hold up his hand for me to stop. The problem was, I was in a push boat pushing 4 loaded barges, and it took over a half mile to stop. The cows got between the barges, and cows were coming out from between those barges for the next several miles, mooing all the while. I had to keep the propellor turning to have steerage, but I reduced it to minimum, to avoid making too much hamburger.

    The last I saw of that cowboy, he had thrown his hat down in the water, was shaking his fist, and using some downright uncivil language.

  2. These guys I grew up with and we call them helicopter wrenches and helicopter ranchers see look at him glorifying themselves they conquered the West these are some of the most f***-up families I could tell you horror stories about some of these super duty Rich a delos kind of people you really don't want to know but the image of perfection and it's just b***** and the poor Cowboys there the real cowboys out there working with the illegals because see that's how ranches have made that their money forever yeah

  3. Well ladies and gentlemen over the past hundred years since women got to vote got no fault divorce got the BC pill got to go to school got to stop wearing dresses got to choose what career they want we'll all of a sudden women have way too much power yeah and we're going to have to kill em and there is nothing on Earth more dangerous than one of these guys here in fact this is my home state and Hometown right here if you ride better shoot better and don't have big money like they do and your female these f**** will poison your horse they did shoot my horse out from under me that is documented in several places that take my gun away shut up my targets cuz they were too perfect in Firearms Academy almost cried and fainted when the instructor at that Academy named to be informally best efforts all procedures gave me oldest person these are the most I called them the cowboy Nazis they are they are especially cruel to females who can come anywhere close to them on a horse and shooting because that is the last domain especially law enforcement law and medicine and look how hard they fight all and then business oh s*** look what they do to women who are extremely successful they go to jail they get sued they get their heads chopped off to get f*** around on and humiliated see how evil these men are trying to keep their superiority

  4. Holy Cow… I seen Bob Phillips grab a rope and help tow a calf to shore in distress. I seen it all now.

    You're the man Bob!

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