34 thoughts on “Mars 2020 Rover Build Update

  1. It would be nice if the rover could drop weather stations in various locations that could drill down into the soil for stability and measure temperature, wind, radiation, humidity, time-lapse photos of the seasons and storms, etc.

  2. Man I get why they have to do it but I’d hate having to spend all day at work every day wearing a mask and a hazmat suit

  3. Why rovers doesn't have belts instead of wheels. The weight spreads better on belts. I heard that some rovers got stuck in the Mars sand.

  4. Why not use the descent stage as a secondary lander? If it has enough fuel to retreat after it's finished dropping the rover, then it has enough fuel to land somewhere and provide a bit more science to the team back on earth.

  5. Dear NASA and JPL. What if? intead of scrapping the martian top soil. Why not find a martian cave create a rover with a detachable mole like rover the main rover will be the outside transmitter controlling the mole rover we might find bacterias or living organisms there inside a cave

  6. So this is out plan;

    We’re gonna land it on mars by 2020

    And travel back in time to 2012 to launch another one

  7. Taking a wildly successful rover design, learning from it's initial failings, and making an improved version with a different sensor payload?
    Why is NASA only doing this now? This should be like, the gold standard for missions, it must make missions FAR cheaper AND more effective

  8. Get those sample so that we can then send another mission to go get the samples and then another mission to bring them back to Earth and then we can study those ssss -aaaaa-mmmm-ppppp-lllll-eeeee-ssss.

  9. I hope that the technology for the camera is as good as everything else here. Those black and white pixelated cameras do no one a favor.

  10. Boston Dynamics should get their Atlas robot on board so he can fix stuff around the boat. Problem though is that the distance doesn't allow for live remote control, so it would have to bring AI of some sorts with it or they would need to wait 40min from input to feedback. Still, there should be multiple mobile components to the mission equipment, so if one breaks, they can still operate the other and try to fix it if possible.

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