100 thoughts on “Mark Esper: Al-Baghdadi’s death is a ‘devastating blow’ to ISIS

  1. It's like the twilight zone. This guy has died over and over and over again. And everyone's talking about it like it's the first time they've ever heard his name.

    And it keeps happening each time they announce his death. Everyone collectively acts like they never heard of this guy being killed before.

  2. All good things happening for America , Jake Crapper is a POS – WE LOVE MAGA – fuck these Socialist Leftist "do nothing" Democrats, TRUMP – 2020 LANDSLIDE – WRITTEN IN STONE

  3. why is it a "devastating blow" to ISIS? This is just like any drug quartel… one goes one comes… game of thrones nothing more. In fact, now you have to look for the new leader.

  4. Wow Isis defeated again I've never seen a terrorist group soundly defeated so many times. Only Trump can end a terrorist group more then once.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this news turns to be false, I think this is another political stunt from the corrupt Trump administration. Notice how this guy emphasizes on giving Trump a lot of credit for the "operation" and when he is confronted with Trump's tweet he avoids to answer the question.

  6. Wonder why CNN is not giving President Trump his do on this. Were it anyone else in charge they would hoist them on their shoulders.


  8. How are you idiots going to twist this and make it a negative against Trump? #FAKENEWS

    Lol this loser Tapper โ€œPresident said it was a defeat but itโ€™s not a total defeat is it?โ€

  9. "wimpering, crying and screaming all the way" sounds more like trump and the trumpubli cons as they try to resist this impeachment.

  10. Trump didn't tell the leaders in congress for his ego for sure and he knew the Democrats would let him kill innocent children.
    Trump has no morals when it comes to children.

  11. Jake Tapper: "Yes, Baghdadi's dead – But the real issue here is that it's clear Trump only authorized this operation in yet another desperate move to stave off his impeachment."

  12. Now there are only 99,999 more Jihadis left from W. Bush's ill advised war in Iraq based on lies to the American public.

  13. It is just perfect timing …. to good to be true
    Though he has not been seen since almost five years .. few years ago the media said he probely killed or heavely injured and not the leader anymore….
    I hope he's gone

  14. As a veteran who fought isis and still having friends that are fighting various iterations of isis we all know how important from an ideological standpoint getting Baghdadi was. This is more important then we were looking for the deck of cards in Iraq.

  15. His martyrdom isn't going to hurt isis. They'll just going to replace him and use this assassination for recruitment.

  16. I call bull๐Ÿ’ฉ check out trumps speech he is so off his idle on his Sudafed like fck go watch his speech when you do check out his pose before he speaks 007 wonnabe why I was like ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  17. Good news but Trump is still a prick for betraying the Kurds yet he has troops defending the oil. Fucktard President

  18. Listen carefully to what Esper says. When asked was he sure that the person they went on the mission to get was in fact Albaghdadi, he said yes we believe so. Then later asked the same question in a different way, he said we have some DNA. So which is it? We believe this is him, or yes, we have DNA confirmation it is Albaghdadi.

  19. Trump said he already defeated ISIS. ("Me me me, not Obama") If ISIS was already defeated, how could this be a "devastating blow?"
    You ton't think Trump lied, do you?

  20. well that's good, but one thing people don't realize is that now this is just going to really piss off and rally the remaining ISIS members, and cause them to go into a rage, and its going to ignite YEARS of retaliatory attacks all over the world, especially since bagdadhi's last msg or one of the last msgs was to hit the infidels anywhere and everywhere they can, so i would say just expect attacks to increase a hundred fold, they WILL seek retribution, its inevitable, and you will not be able to stop them, unless you kill every last one of them with that ideology, men, women and children, the ideology itself would have to be wiped out, just think about it, how many years have the been fighting each other, and everyone else over the last few thousand years, and they haven't stopped or given up yet, and this is just going to fortify that resolve, people of the world for some reason seem to think that is they got him the rest would stop, but that's not the mentality of the people of the middle east, hell if you ask them they will tell you because i have asked them, other Muslims here in Canada, they still hold a grudge from centuries ago when the vikings first encountered them, and they hold a grudge against my people ie the pagans and or original European religion asatru, people don't realize that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism is all virtually the same religion, and its a middle eastern religion that is NOT the traditional religion or the original religion of the European peoples, anyways basically im just saying this is going to ignite a mass of retaliatory attacks everywhere, and it will be never ending retaliation because these people wont give up, and wont stop, unless they were all wiped out, which of course the world wont do.

  21. It's good to see America gave up on their goal of toppling Assad and stepping up and admitting Assad won with the help of the Russians. Now will America be man enough to hand those oil fields off to the rightful owner, the government of Syria? The fact is, America has been playing a double game during this whole conflict, and played no major role in the defeat of ISIS. The Syrian Army and Russia deserve all the glory. Congratulations to them. The true and honorable victors.

  22. But people should not lean back and think this is the end. This is a death cult who sees death as going to paradise. They will not just roll over because al-Baghdadi is dead. It's a organisational blow for sure, but at the same time the withdrawal from Syria is the exact opposite and the net outcome of all this will be known in time.

  23. acording to the likes/dislikes 20% of americans hate this.makes you think. we need to take this country back not for some racist shit, but for commen sense and the good of eveyone

  24. Democrats would of gave him a full pardon, 10 million dollar ghetto lottery payment and had him sitting next to AOC in the next "Congress".

  25. "whimpering and crying, and screaming all the way" ??? That describes the daily antics of the draft dodging moron currently being IMPEACHED for his betrayal to America and the American people. Sounds like Trump is projecting again and taking credit for the hard work of our men and women serving in the military… Disgraceful.

  26. I was starting to wonder if CNN was going to cover this story.
    I was watching the news this morning and it wasen't on CNN though it was on the internet
    like 8 hours before this story broke on CNN.

  27. Well now we know why trump dropped the sanctions against Turkey.
    Who do you think gave him up?
    He obviously knew.
    Why do you think he was wearing a suicide belt?
    Why do think it happen at the most opportune time for trump?
    The killing of one man is not a devastating blow to a force such as Isis especially one that places
    martyr's so highly.
    He was the political bone thrown to trump for caveing to Turkey
    Should we kill our sworn enemies?
    Of course.
    Should we overlook the betrayal of allies, our National intrests and the deployment of armoured forces into Syria,
    because we killed a man that the Turks decided was now worth more to them dead then alive?
    You decide.
    I have.

  28. Trump just killed freedom of speech in the Middle East therefore we must impeach….. Don't laugh, this is were liberals are headed….. they're sick and they must be stopped NOW.

  29. BULLSHIT. Not a blow to ISIS. Will just send them on a terror streak around the world. Get ready for bombs at Christmas. For every one of these leaders we kill 2 more raise up and take over

  30. Clinton will say it's so he can take leadership of ISIS once he's impeached and then he'll work with the Russians to kill the West.

  31. Should I really be surprised at that the one time I click on CNNs news reports in the last couple months, would still be targeted in a political way to undermine Trump? It doesn't matter how good something is for our country. If Trump has something to do with it, they are going to undermine it anyway they can. In no way do they want anyting to be positive affiliated with Trump! This is clear "Trump Derangement Syndrome"at its best!!

  32. That's cool but somebody should probably tell trump he's STILL getting impeached. The orange fool is hopping around as if he killed the leader of isis personally๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น

  33. BiG DaddY CooL Will Remain In The ASS Of USA, Same Like HITLER ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Great Idea that Trump did not advise Congress.
    The demon rat traitors would have foiled the mission for we all know congress is full of terrorist and Chinese spies.


  36. The Clinton News Network is working with the best Fiction Novelists on earth right now to spin this into another impeachment framing.

  37. OMG you people are deranged. Trump did a good thing here and all you can do is hate belittle berate. ๐Ÿ™„ When Obama got Osama Bin Laden we gave credit where credit was due. Even though he went all out with burial rituals.

  38. Trump was golfing when the raid happened. What kind of dumbass finds golf to be more entertaining than a black ops raid on a high-value target?

  39. Congrats to our American Special Forces and the CIA director Gina Haspel and our Joint Chiefs. Also a big thank you to the Kurds for once again showing allegiance with a country that doesn't deserve their loyalty. Now that the leader of ISSIS – what's his name? – didn't pose an actual threat to us on American soil and is a jv terrorist group, it's always good when American special forces can watch a terrorist commit suicide and take his child brides with him. I guess this is as big as the Bin Laden raid on May 11, 2011 in Pakistan on Sunday morning with 40 Seal Team 6 members? I guess this terrorist leader – what is his name? – was a much bigger victory than the death of Osama Bin Laden – the monster responsible for the deaths of almost 3,000 men, women, and children in New York, DC and Pennsylvania…I mean, I suppose ISSIS might become an existential threat to us…someday. I doubt it somehow. Congrats to Pres Obama for recognizing ISSIS for the inept jv pussies they really are. Murica!!

  40. I have an idea that trump will just love. It is his kind of deal, a quid pro quo, even though we don't do it all the time. Lets give him a Nobel Prize for something he likes to do – maybe whining – suffering – and give him a suicide vest to wear made so that Nancy gets to push the button when she wants to

  41. CNN is literally trashing this operation, what a bunch of anti American propaganda , i hope a terrorists drives a truck bomb into their building

  42. ESPer says killing Al Bakr was a great victory …. translated means it was not a great victory it's a trump ploy and now we have one more martyr which is good for the recruitment of about a hundred thousand more terrorists and thus the military industrial complex lives on for another War

  43. CNN reporting is a bag of garbage. Always cherry picking facts and 'leaks' while twisting stories negatively and simply making stuff up to discredit the Trump Administration. It's time for a reckoning!

  44. IsIs had already moved pass Al-Baghdadi. So Al Baghandi killed himself. So suicide. A new leader will be in his place and create an even strong IsIs. They should have thought a little more about the IsIs organization.

  45. CNN acknowledges a Trump decisive victory. Finally, CNN gets it. When Trump wins in 2020, are they going to finally admit Trump's accomplishments?

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