27 thoughts on “Mantus Anchor, Best all-around

  1. Congrats, your video made it to https://ribsonly.com. Check it here https://ribsonly.com/2/mantus-anchor-comparison-test/ and in our Facebook group.

  2. I decided NEVER to even think about buying a Mantus anchor the moment I first saw a man in shorts pulling a selection of anchors along a beach with a 10' rope. I did keep watching, but my faith in your company and product went even further downhill from there.

  3. I have 3 Mantus anchors. 2, 17 lb and an 8lb. These anchors are great! The commenters should check the product out before dismissing it. It works the way it is shown working. (I tested mine on my lawn… It dug in! )
    I'll be changing all of my fleet over to Mantus. Good by Delta, Bruce, Danforth and all the others.
    Really check them out.

  4. if this is how you test anchors, it's a slap in the face to real sailors/boaters. watch sv panope vids for real life tests.

  5. What a joke you consider this anchor testing!! No way I'd go near one of your anchors if this is what you define as a test.

  6. Hmmm….Delta , Rocna, Original Bruce, Manson, & Genuine Danforth are all Lloyds & Rina certified…. and the Mantus is recognized by what third parties?????

  7. As good a 3:28 = no good . All the others are made to use with a heavy chain and not just a rope.

  8. Oops… My Rocna har never ever failed, and now I realise I'm actually ship wrecked on some desert island, as this test proves that none of the classic anchors used by thousands of cruising people all over the world actually hold on sand bottom… Does this mean that all the tests I made with my Rocna where it made a bite within 1/2 metre are fake?

  9. Way to test anchors without anchor chain MORON! You had the shank bouncing all over the place! What a horrible test. By the way, the Danforth is 32 degrees from fluke to shank – it is for sand, not hard clay. That is like testing how well a lawnmower cuts logs. 

  10. Will you often them in a variety of colors (I suggest red, green, blue, sand yellow, and mahogany for starters)?  I would like one in mahogany or sand yellow– to match my paint scheme and so mud doesn't show up as bad. 

  11. sound reasonable , my danforth always holds up to a 20 ft , and releases great when i pull away from the hold

  12. Anchors that set well are hard to retrieve but the very nature they set deep.
    So in order to retrieve an anchor tighten the rode and give it time, the ocean will break the anchor free….

  13. Actually in our experience, adding water in the equation actually makes things worse…. Spade for example can set in this location when dry but you add water and it fails to set…

  14. This is not a good test – you tried all the competition in 2" of water and then your own anchor in 8"… that makes all the difference. It is a well known fact that anchors will set better underwater.

  15. Wrywest, we can certainly make a video using chain. Chain usually only improves the performance of an anchor so we wanted to show that Mantus works in the worst of conditions where others fail.

  16. I have one of his anchors and love it. I especially love that I can take it apart and put in the bildge. That is very under-rated when doing a passage.

    I think what he is missing is why it sets so well considering it looks like the others. I think the reason is that his roll-bar is wider putting all the weight on just two points, the roll-bar and the tip giving it more bite, unlike the others that slide on the edge. That's just my guess though. I know it sets well for me.

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