Malinowski: Every witness told us the order to freeze aid came from Trump

Malinowski: Every witness told us the order to freeze aid came from Trump

100 thoughts on “Malinowski: Every witness told us the order to freeze aid came from Trump

  1. Do you know how many people are in jail basses on NOT doing the actual crime itself but giving the orders in no certain word. You don’t have to hear somebody drop the N bomb to know they are racist.

  2. Don’t care. Ukraine was corrupt. They messed with 2016 election. Even if he did. No he said I want him to do the right thing

  3. HE didn't say "I need them to do the investigations". That is a blatant lie on National TV. He said "I want them to do what they ran on", which was end corruption.
    When do these members of congress start getting punished for lying to the American people?
    (this goes for both sides BTW)

  4. Fire this news anchor for putting this guy on to LIE. malinowski heard no such thing nor did every witness say President Trump ordered a freeze on Ukraine. This stinks to high heaven and should not have aired. There has been testimony from witnesses that said there was no quid pro quo. So that right there contradicts what malinowski said.

  5. Since EVERY WITNESS won't testify, and EVERY WITNESS has zero physical, verifiable proof….
    I suppose the implication remains…. EVERY WITNESS condones LYING.

  6. Thats what Biden did?…got that on tape..who cares what this pencil neck says..even if he froze aid.. the president has every right to freeze Aid if he sees corruption get these idiots off the TV spread and crap

  7. Thi sis done as one witness said he got his info form the New York Times. This guy is full of crap, all he does is say, "this is like..".

  8. How can this congressman come on tv and BLATANTLY lie to us, especially when he said that the whistleblower saw, THE WHISTLEBLOWER DIDN'T SEE SQUAT, HE WAS TOLD by 2 or 3 other colleagues what they heard and he ran off to report it to Schiff. Vitter knows this but he failed to push back against the lying congressman. Unreal completely unreal.

  9. So even when Fox tells you what the transcripts say you'll still deny it? Come on people, Trump extorted a bribe and that's an impeachable offense. Come back to reality, because no one would seriously tell their kids to be like Trump…

  10. Of course you withold any type of military aid to a foreign country thats being looked into for corruption. That's what we do. If we dont, Justice remains elusive.

  11. Someone correct me – but if you committed a crime and are out on bail , isn’t it quid pro quo when the judge tells you to come back for a trial or else we will arrest you for bail jumping?

  12. If Biden had done no criminal activity, he should welcome an investigation. Biden is extremely dirty, that's why the Democrats are trying to stop any investigation.

  13. Trump a aidé l'Ukraine ou a des liens avec l'Ukraine ou peu importe d'autres , et alors il est où le problème? ce n'est pas un crime!

  14. A whistle blower is someone who saw something happen but wasn't there. I see! I see! said the blind man who was talking to his deaf daughter who had a crippled friend walking down the street in a wheel chair. Or maybe; I come before you to sit behind you to tell you a story I know nothing bout. One dark night in the middle of day..back to back they faced each other.. If you don't believe this lie is true ask the blind man, for he saw it too!

  15. Ok everyone! Listen up!
    Everyone is to immediately stand on your head and sing "Comfortable Numb" That is what Trump said to do!

  16. I could care less if Trump withheld aid in exchange for Ukraine investigating crime. Regardless there was no quid pro quo, but even if there was, quid pro quo isn't a crime in and of itself.

  17. Dems are liars! Basement meetings, imaginary whistleblowers, trying to remove my President that I voted for with hearsay, without letting the President face his accuser, not letting POTUS lawyers cross examine the witnesses, no legal due process for our President is allowed? NO, not legal!!!!! No Impeachment!!!! Dems got nothing but BS period! I am pissed! Voting for Trump in 2020 & voting out every single useless, vacationing, do nothing, lazy, drama starters, sore losers, & liars the Democrats!!!!

  18. Also, nobody can investigate Biden but everyone can investigate the president? Trump is running for president, Biden is running for president.

  19. Didn't Biden say on camera in front of an audience that no one was getting money until the investigator involved was fired??!?!!!?

  20. One by one they are coming forward to admit their guilt. Priceless! Keep digging, we like it, we love it, we want some more of it!

  21. can someone show the leftards what the two choices are in a yes or no question? they seem to think it has other options..

  22. That would make sense bc the guy is, ya know.. the President! And he sets foreign policy. If he thinks corruption is a problem then by all means, stop sending our tax dollars to fund corruption

  23. crimes were created by all dem. hey tom malinowski, you need to tell the truth, you think we don't know right or wrong. who paid you to do your job. say or do the right thing.

  24. The peddling of the lies. No one has ever said that no money without investigation..!!!! Read the TRANSCRIPT. Sorry , we didn't, and DON'T Care about the truth.

  25. There's no rational reason why aid was withheld? How about making sure he wasn't giving aid to a corrupt country that wasn't going to use it for what it was intended for. How about making sure it wasn't going into Biden's pocket to help him fund his campaign? Can anyone say with 100% certainty that Biden was not in bed with Ukraine? If so then explain how and why his son got that job. Explain how he got 1.5 billion from China with no financial backround. Explain why Obama hasn't said one word to exonerate Biden from any wrong doing. At the very least explain how what Biden did wasn't a quid pro quo but what Trump did was. And we don't need a bunch of witnesses to testify against Biden we have him actually bragging about withholding money until he got what he wanted. This hypocrisy in this country needs to stop.

  26. He says nobody knew why he did it.Obama's administration gave the corrupt Ukrainian government billions of taxpayer money that just kind of disappeared. Nobody knows where it went. Perhaps it found its way back to the USA and into a corrupt politician's pockets. Why should we give millions more of taxpayer money to Ukraine until we find out what happened to what Barry gave them.

  27. You know, I think that to vote in the United States, you must pass an IQ test, serve in the military for at least 1 year, have paid income taxes for the past year, serve in your community for a determined number of hours per year, be lawful, or you can't vote! What right do you have to vote for the rights of law abiding, working, military served, educated people on how our tax dollars are spent when you don't contribute to the treasury, safety, and welfare of the country?

  28. FOX is talking nonsense. And worst of all, they know they are. The only sham going in this investigation is the GOP and FOX continually changing their narratives when new evidence comes out. When any impeachment goes to the Senate for TRIAL, the GOP will have every chance to defend their president. They will most likely find him not sufficiently culpable to remove him from power. But this decision is NOT innocence, it’s based on partisan self interest. Trump will then be judged by the people. Let’s then see how that goes. Alternatively, Trump could take the Nixon route, and resign, get his pardon and return to his previous life. Win-Win for all.

  29. How can you idiot Fox desk jockies even ask questions and not attack the process. This is a silent criminal action being made up by a rogue politician and you knuckleheads never even scream for transparency. You are not doing your role that keeps the political filth honest. You just take whatever a Dem says happened in secret… you are legitimatizing a Star Chamber… where are the investigative reporters… You are just talking-head desk-jockies… worthless

  30. Poor Fox news, you try as much as possible not to connect the order to trump but you white house doesn't release witness. You are so pathetic.

  31. Provide proof your not corrupt! Else you get nothing! He's the Chief Law enforcement officer! Investigations into corruption within the executive branch! Where military aide under Obama?

  32. There's hardly ever mention of the 1999 agreement between the U.S. and the Ukraine where they closely work together investigating and fighting crimes that may affect either country's security and or citizens. Aside from there being no quid pro quo that didn't happen… The POTUS can use this 1999 agreement to investigate any crime anytime especially the whole Biden scandal. That will open a whole new can of worms seeing as Nancy Pelosi's son is also on the Burisma Board of Directors with Hunter Biden. As well as John Kerry's son and I believe a close business associate of Mitt Romney in that guilty bunch. Hmmm.. No wonder the Democrats are desperately trying to protect their asses and project their crimes onto POTUS himself. This whole fiasco will backfire wonderfully!

  33. just when you thought you've heard it all, Veto power in a coup, can it get anymore Silly and Ridiculous? Grownups! my arse.

  34. Trump ordered a freeze the aid? I thought his objective was to ensure that Ukraine deserved the money. He thinks they are corrupt and wanted to ensure that the money was going to be used correctly.

  35. The FoxNews host tries every possible line of attack in a vain attempt to undermine the impeachment FINDINGS. As the host tacitly admits while shuffling his talking point papers at the end of this segment, he came up completely empty. The Trump defense is unraveling in the face of the Constitution, patriots, truth and facts. Amen for that.

  36. Pres. Trump did freeze the aid and said it was because of the corruption in the Ukraine but it wwasn't about the Bidens. The President said it was about the 2016 election.

  37. Every order came from his mouth to them? Horseshit. Notice how he stumbles when challenged. One guy even got his info from a newspaper. All of this is garbage. Everyone would do better to not talk about this at all and just let the process play out. Only reason this is done in public, with all the leaks is to influence public opinion, nobody cares about the truth

  38. I saw an interview with the president where he said, I held it back because I wanted these other countries to come forward with their share of aid regarding Ukraine. There was little, if none, so we released the money shortly thereafter. Not verbatim, but certainly closer than what these liars have said was told to them by someone who heard it from someone else who was taking a dump in the restrooms.

  39. I do not believe any Dimocrat in this matter because they reject any witness who might contradict their statements and will not allow cross examination of theirs who agrees with them

  40. I voted for Trump to stop all the corrupt money going to other countries that we pay with our tax dollars and they want to keep raising our tax dollars so they can drain us of every penny we got he has done nothing except what we put him in office to do and they can't stand it f them and I will vote for Trump in 2020 and God help those who get an impeachment because they will the first one to be executed by the American people of their own free will because we are free people

  41. Didn't the democrats block aid to stop building the wall to protect NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT BORDER what madness proceeding here, the democrats has enslaved themselves with PURE INCOMPETENCE HATERED .

  42. All the DNC is doing is trying to trash Trump before the election cause they know they cant beat him. Question, for the DNC. Didnt Obama give money to Iranian for our hostages and didnt the Iranian say they wont release hostage until the money is on the ground.

  43. Demon-rat/communist/socialists are nothing but treasonous pieces of garbage that should be thrown into the waste pit of prison for life!!!!

  44. Is there nothing but flakes in our government what the hell you don’t even have your own mind I am so sick of idiots just reading a script


  46. Urkaine was corrupt! It is prudent to make sure Urkaine had their act together before releasing aide. Plus Urkaine said they didnt know the aid had been released. So tired of the twisted narrative from the Democrats.

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