32 thoughts on “'Male player!' Andy Murray corrects reporter at Wimbledon

  1. Murray's mommy indoctrinated him well with SJW identity politics. How dare a reporter presume that those present knew they were talking about the competition for men only that just occured ! Better give reporter a correction to show your moral superiority. WAIT A MINUTE, MURRAY, YOU INSENSITIVE BIGOT !!! Why did you say "male"? Your ignoring other identities. Your competitions accomplishments doesn't include juniors. Why didn't you specify "adult male"? Your competition doesn't include the senior men & their competition. Are you bigoted against the aged? Why didn't you specify "adult male, non-seniors"? WAIT ! Your competition was not against physically challenged or include their wheelchair competition. Why didn't you say "adult male, non-senior, non-challenged" to descibe this accomplishment? MURRAY, YOU NEED A SERIOUS LECTURE. APPARENTLY YOUR AN ANTI-MINOR , ANTI-SENIOR, AMTI-HANDICAPPED BIGOT !!!

    P.S.- HOW THOUGHTLESS OF ME !! Murray & I left out acknowledging DOUBLES PLAYERS. Not all identities that need coddling & fawning are based on intrinsic qualities. Politically correct (controlled) Murray should have said "ADULT MALE, NON-SENIOR, NON-CHALLENGED, SINGLES PLAYER".

  2. I wish the journalist had the courage of his convictions and just said to Murray "look pal I don't care about womens tennis, stop being such a virtue signalling white knight".

  3. Clearly the reporter is refering to the male game as he is talking to Murray about the competition he has just lost in. If you want to be pedantic, the reporter never actually said he was talking about tennis!

  4. Don't know what's worse, the hypersensitive comment, or the smirky douchey reporter trying to be funny at the end.

  5. Some of the comments on here…fuck sake! He simply acknowledged female players! If that triggers you, holy shit little 'snowflake' that there is people not exactly like you must be scary for you…try putting on your big boy pants.

  6. He didn't make a big stink, just a casual reminder of his female peers. He was polite to the reporter and continued the interview without further comment. Perfect balance of a good ally to women and an understanding and respectful dialogue.

  7. First this, and now Andy Murray giving his support to Ada Hegenberg… Well, Andy seems to be the perfect guy <3

  8. Okay Murray haha I’ve never found Murray attractive but that was kinda HOT 😂😂✊🏽✊🏽 it was so quick like his feminism is at the front of his mind. Yaass.

  9. some of these comments are so funny lol, Murray just corrected the reporter on a mistake he wasn't trying to do anything can people from both sides of the argument stop getting so triggered

  10. This was unnecessary grand standing from Murray.

    Men’s and women’s tennis are completely different sports, and should not be compared against each other.

    And if reporters always have to specify gender, then do they also have to specify between singles and doubles, able-bodied and wheelchair events etc?

    For example Johanna Konta in 2017 was the first British woman to reach a singles semi-final at Wimbledon for 39 years (since Virginia Wade in 1978). However it’s perfectly fine to say that she was the first British ‘player’ to reach a Wimbledon semi-final for 39 years, even though Henman and Murray on the men’s side had reached numerous semi-finals on the men’s side. Also even if a reporter says she was the first British woman to do so, that ignores doubles players’ success, both Jo Durie and Heather Watson had won mixed doubles titles during that time gap.

    And then by the same token, saying Serena or Graf is the most dominant female athlete, tennis player etc, is discrimination against disabled people, as in women’s wheelchair tennis Esther Vergeer won 470 matches in a row.

  11. I think Murray was just checking to see if the guy had his facts right. He might have wanted to stick up for women I don't know??? BUT, we're getting that BRAINWASHED on the whole POLITICALLY CORRECT nonsense, we easily notice things like this! There's SO many times nowadays when I hear people on TV saying things and I think… "You can't say that" whereas a few years ago I wouldn't have even noticed. It's gonna get to the stage where we won't be able to talk anymore without some arsehole being offended by it!

  12. Don't think the reporter was sexist, of course he meant male player. No need to say it every time you talk or ask questions about men's tennis. People find racism and sexism in everything these days.

  13. It is not just about 'feminism' it is about fairness and acknowledgement and anti-racism. Thank you Murray. The Scots understand discrimination on all fronts…deal folks

  14. And so, it gets to be obvious, snowflake is not a leftist or feminism trait, is fucking everywere, dude, if those four seconds are negative to you, you are not better that the extreme feminist.

  15. That is the way people should act. When you respect people and give credit where it is due we all win. This man is number one in my mind.

  16. It's comments like here on this video that fuel ridiculous feminists actions. There was nothing wrong with Andy correcting the statement. Now if they said something about Andy being the best tennis player and he said "the best male tennis player," it would have been a feminist moment.

  17. Fucking andy murray obviously butthurt he lost deflecting the reporter trying to appear progressive, what a fucking cunt.

  18. What fucken idiot , he's trying to highlight a sexist comment in some way when in fact there wasn't one

  19. Murray is such a bitch .he was unpopular enough in Britain before he said this now we all think he's a pussy as well

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