100 thoughts on “Making sense of quid pro quo and the people involved

  1. CNN Sucks !!! Hunter Biden likes cocaine, Joe Biden is slowwww… Elizabeth Warren is Indian??? TRUMP 2020 is the solution !!!

  2. There's no "impeachment inquiry" without a vote propagandists. Go sell your bullshit to stupid people. Where are the 30,000 e-mails?
    Now THAT is a crime.
    The NSA has them by the way. Your queen is f*cked.

  3. We need to take back our courts forget this impeachment take back our COURTS! Admiralty courts w tyrant judges, and no common law grand jury’s….we need to get rid of judges that are tyrants using the bench as a dictatorship!

  4. The arrogance of these men causes them to do themselves in. ALWAYS! They thought and continue to think they are untouchable.

  5. Jeff Zucker (president of CNN) was caught on tape telling senior staff to push all stories towards impeachment. Folks have been saying CNN is a leftist mouthpiece, now there's proof.

  6. Asking Trump,his henchmen,supporters and congressional Republicans if they believed there was a quid quo pro regarding the Ukkraine situation is useless because they would all say no.The only way to find out is to give them all a lie detector test.

  7. "quid"=leftist, "pro"=TRUMP MAGA supporters, "quo" what we're fighting against!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP20 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Project Veritas exposed CNN as anti-Trump propaganda . CNN like boy who cried wolf, I did not vote Trump 2016, but for Zucker's actions, I will vote Trump 2020

  9. The democratic party is evil, the people that support it are wicked and the democratic party as a whole is a big joke.

  10. For fifty years (50] America has given Germany $1 Trillion dollars a year , Japan half a trillion, $5000,000,000, plus many other countries, America has been the piggy bank for the world. Thank you Trump for trying to stop this. Trump 2020

  11. Mulvaney looks like that a$$hole in Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Last Ark. You know the guy with the glasses and the hat who grabbed the coin got his hand burned and then got melted like a candlestick? Yeah Mulvaney will be held accountable for boot licking a wanna be Nazi fascist windbag named Trump.

  12. They're twisting Mulvaney's words around. The left always does that. He never called it quid pro quo. It's called diplomacy. Now Biden's example is pure quid pro quo. He released billions to the Ukraine, had the Russian lead prosecutor investigating his son's company dealing fired, and he accepted cash in return. There's video of Biden admitting he got the prosecutor fired. That being said Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide.

  13. YouTube is hiding my comments and shadow banning me. Please comment on this. ✌👊🇺🇸
    Edit: Please let me know if you see this comment. CNN is Fake News which YouTube hides my negative comments.

  14. Every member of the Trump administration should be bullied and coerced into performing gagging oral sex upon elephants.

  15. CNN is done.

  16. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/09/evil-on-parade-the-marxists-running-the-democrat-party-today-lust-for-absolute-power-seizing-it-wielding-it-and-humiliating-their-opposition/ EVIL ON PARADE: The Marxists Running the Democrat Party Today Lust for Absolute Power – Seizing it, Wielding It and Humiliating Their Opposition."

  17. My guess is, Mulvaney’s ‘blunder’ was intentional. 👍
    He was probably forbidden from complying with any upcoming subpoenas. And since the race is now on for guilty folks to save themselves ASAP, (not to mention the inevitable ‘bus’ on the horizon likely coming for him someday anyway), he’ll have an easier time complying with subpoenas if he’s fired. With his walk-back statement following the blunder, he may have simply been going through the motions, intending to show compliance on his part to aid his defense later… “I did what they said, but they fired me anyway. Retaliation on their part.” Or whatever.

    By complying and testifying, Mulvaney will have the chance to tell his side of the story ahead of any who follow. Something tells me he has a lot of tea to spill, and that he has the ‘receipts.’


  19. What difference does it make what he says, it's just opinion. The only real evidence is the phone transcript and the only time Democrats talked about that, chairman Howdy Doody of the House Intelligence Committee had to lie about it to try and make it sound criminal.

  20. Haha! I love how stupid these Trumpturds are, including the WH crew. They think all the rest of the world is as stupid as they are and their base is. It's on video. You can hear it. Watch Mulvaney's lips moving. And yet… they still come back and try to spin it (once they realized they stepped in it up to the knee)… "I never said that!". Who ya gonna believe? The spinmeisters or your own lyin' eyes and ears? LMAO!

  21. If Trump is a Russian asset what does that make NASA how have been working with the Russia for years get a brain think about that .

  22. We lose our democracy when elections are up for sale to foreign governments. If Russia knows our president will drop sanctions against them for invading countries like Ukraine, they will have their KGB type operatives hack American security measures to try and dig up dirt on opponents in elections for presidential and congressional races that may be helpful to them. If China knows it can get better trade deals or not be sanctioned for stealing our intellectual property, they will likewise have a huge incentive to use cyber warfare in America to dig up dirt on opponents to get their preferred candidates elected. I was in Washington D. C. a few days ago and a person I spoke with questioned whether the Trump Administration is seriously trying to prevent cyber attacks from foreign countries. Trump's acts are not only unconstitutional, they will destroy the democracy so many Americans fought and died for.

  23. If the Democrats can't pull off Impeaching Trump I'm going all in and doing a recall on all Democrats. There's so much evidence towards impeaching Trump only incompetence could keep someone from impeaching him. He's an absolute joke. BUT if they can't do it then that means that they are just as useless as him.

  24. The intention was to normalize the behavior, "we do this all the time" Trump planed to make mulvaney the mouth peace, so it's not Trump saying it.
    It's too late to roll it back, he confessed on video

  25. The Democrat Party is a party of Hoaxes.

    The Quid Pro Quo Hoax.

    The Russia Collusion Hoax.

    Kavanaugh Rape Hoax.

    Jussie Smollett Hoax.

    Charlottesville Hoax.

    The Earth has 12 Years Left Hoax.

    Covington High School Hoax.

    Hands Up Don't Shoot Hoax.

  26. ok HEY. listen cnn. what you did was just wrong ! its disgusting, its low and dirty! vin diesel can not help the way he acts >:( and for your information he did have 2 good movies with the riddic thing….i mean they were pretty cool… they were ok…..and he did the voice of groot. yes he can only play a tuff guy, but you know what, im ok with that and i appreciate that! it wasnt his fault they made 15 fast and furious movies!……er ….well …..a little bit his fault but …..anyways hey dont put him in the same category as donald trump >:( you can dislike an actor fine. you can dislike his movies OK. but dont ever group them together with donald trump. thats the worst insult you can give a human being!

  27. Isn't Christopher Steele who released the dossier from Britain? Is that foreign intrusion? What about letting illegal aliens vote? Is that foreign intrusion in an election? Didn't Obama spy on Trump before the election?

  28. Read the transcript: https://www.businessinsider.com/decide-for-yourself-mick-mulvaney-confirmed-quid-pro-quo-transcipt-2019-10

    Mulvaney said Quid Pro Quo happens "all the time" and to "get over it," but he said there was any Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine.

  29. Polosi and rom Emanuel advises democrats running for president Stop the Medicare for all slogans as it’s not financially possible

  30. We knew that Trump being elected as president was going to be a circus, but the level of shit show that they are running at the WH is impressive , who needs Netflix when Trump is destroying himself and his allies in the middle east whilst at it.

    Trump show, has intrigue, betrayal, drama, comedy, action
    Its the full package!

  31. LOL cnn is so eager for ANY story to function again 😂 look how fake all the actors (anchors) in this video!

  32. It is really too bad that trump's enablers – both elected and otherwise – don't ever watch CNN. It is just too much for them to process. All trump's moves only make them happier.
    The only two civilized solutions are: 1) TELL your elected officials – especially republican Senators, that they MUST vote to remove trump from office;
    2) get all voters who oppose this rein of insanity, OUT TO VOTE – just in case the republicans DONT change their minds and FLIP on trump.

  33. Quid pro quo…. this is BS. This term is simply a deflection to confuse the obvious. The press and Democrats are idiots for falling into this. The simple fact is that his words are obvious in what his expectations were from Ukraine. The more they use the term the more they validate this gaslight. I am so sick of the press and it’s need to have talking points to sell commercial time.
    Quit using trumps con job words and do some critical thinking and reporting. There are few news reporters that have the intelligence to see through the gas light job trump is doing on them.

  34. Hey CNN, how's that 250 MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT from the Covington kids coming along!!??? Why don't we hear about Russian collusion anymore!!??? CNN IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!!!!


  36. heres one for the Dems Polaris and other teamsters are already to take their billion dollar businesses out of the USA if trump gets impeached Careful what you wish for

  37. BEWARE PEOPLE!    clinton news network and msnbc and the rest of the MSM are more then just FAKE NEWS….they are lying, seething big bank and big globalist corporate Josef Goebbels…Julius Streicher  NAZI GESTAPO PROPAGANDA! Look what they have done with the Russia Hoax and covering for Clintons crimes and Uranium One, burying the 30K acid washed emails, Promoting  the Coup D'etat against Potus Trump, BRAINWASHING Millions to think TRUMP is a criminal.  THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS TIMES DO NOT BELIEVE THIS BS—THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!  LOOK AT THE FACTS !!! WATCH X22 FOR TRUTH!!

  38. Media: Trump shat himself
    WH: Trump would never shat himself.
    Mick Mulvaney: He shat himself on purpose!
    DOJ: We didn't know Trump shat himself.
    Mick Mulvaney: Trump isn't the only president that shat himself.
    WH: Trump would never shat himself.
    Mick Mulvaney: He shits himself all the time; get over it.

  39. Come on guys, he said it on purpose. They were testing a new message and had the phrase get over it as their new campaign slogan.

    Problem they miscalculated how it was going to be recieved when the botched the delivery of the new slogan.

  40. Get over it!?, another crooked nut. You do it "all the time"!?. I was born in 1950, the most corrupted Presidency, ever!.

  41. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time. Proved by Murphy’s law, which states that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Statistics does not side with corruption.

  42. Too bad to see our American President behave like this way….We need to save this Country, The United States 🇺🇸 by impeaching Trump!

  43. Nepotism and you all knew that you were going for a disaster. And here it is almost full blown. Enjoy 🙂

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