Major WWE SmackDown Disappointment! Jordan Myles T-Shirt Controversy Fallout! | WrestleTalk News

Major WWE SmackDown Disappointment! Jordan Myles T-Shirt Controversy Fallout! | WrestleTalk News

Thank you for your support on Patreon No One
Names Their Kid This Anymore… LARRY. Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Trustworthy
news, I’m El Fakidor Laurie Blake. Today’s top story is that Smackdown’s
ratings has gone the way of Rusev and Lana’s marriage: down the pan. Last Friday’s episode of the blue brand
drew the smallest audience in the history of the show with just 888,000 people tuning
in to watch. And while because reasons that will become
clear we should take this with a Luchasaurus sized pinch of salt, the show was bested by
AEW Dynamite which drew 963,000 viewers on Wednesday. It’s basically been one big coffin drop
from the heady heights of the first few weeks on Fox which brought in nearly 4 million on
it’s debut and settled somewhere around 2.5 million last week. This also meant Friday’s episode is about
half a million viewers worse off than the previous lowpoint: the December 31st 2015
episode which was the last one on SyFy and drew 1.6 million. On New Years Eve. This episode was just on FS1. So I guess that’s one big explainer for
the dip in viewers. Smackdown was bumped from its regular home on Fox by The World Series,
a sporting cuck if you will, which had more than 12 million people tuning in. There was also NBA, Bellator and a replay
of AEW Dynamite which all fit the sports/entertainment/both category WWE is positioning itself as. But even with all that said, that is still
a hefty drop off. Considering the numbers have never been this bad, you would be forgiven
for thinking that this can’t all be about a change of channel? For instance WWE had a full week to promote
the change of channel, they had Brock Lesnar, Cain Velsquez, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan all
set to be there and promoted well in advance. I dunno maybe the interest in the ongoing
build for Crown Jewel just isn’t there? Maybe if people wanted to watch some old timers
coach a team of young up and comers to glory they’ll just watch The Mighty Ducks instead?
It’s less politically difficult, unless of course you take into account Adam Banks
playing for the Hawks when he should be playing for the Ducks in District Five. Maybe if people wanted to watch MMA stars
go at it they’d watch MMA? Maybe if they wanted a Gypsy King to face off against a
Monster they’d play D&D? It’s likely not to be the content that turned
people away, but the overabundance of competition and the move. But that doesn’t explain the reported thinking
from WWE’s side of things. Wrestlevotes on Twitter stated that: “Internally, WWE expected this past Friday’s
SmackDown to do similar numbers to what the show was doing on USA Network prior to the
move.” For reference the final Smackdown on USA in
September drew 2.099 million viewers so if this estimate of WWE’s is true they were
way, waaaaayy off base. Something The Wrap’s TV Editor Tony Maglio
thought was a greater problem than a dip in ratings when replying to Wrestlevotes: “If this is the case (I haven’t asked anyone),
then WWE has bigger problems than just #TVRatings. Expecting a Friday show on a modestly sized
cable channel against the World Series to get what a Tuesday version did vs limited
competition on a Top 5 cable network is not very smart,” “(2) Especially in a one-off situation where
no matter how much you cross-promote it doesn’t reach everyone. While it’s growing as a cable
channel and while #SmackDown is better than most FS1 programming, FS1 tied Lifetime last
year as the 40th most-watched cable channel.” So is this a case of internal complacency?
Another fans will watch whatever we do wherever we do it? Just dangle Hulk Hogan in front
of them and they’ll flock to the program. Before coming in with what may be the central
truth of the situation: “FS1 is not a popular or easy-to-find channel.
I assume the DVRs didn’t auto-forward either. They lost the casuals” And that’s a lot of casuals – but you can
imagine people seeing that The World Series is on and assuming Smackdown isn’t this
week, or not surfing far enough down the TV Guide to find it tucked away on FS1. I’m
assuming this, we don’t get FS1 here in the UK, so it might be the first thing that
loads up when you turn on your TVs. I’m guessing it isn’t. Overall this isn’t the death knell for Smackdown
at all – when it returns to Fox proper those numbers should jump back up. Even if they
had been trending down before this week’s channel switch. But it’s worth considering the impact this
will have in a PR sense, especially if sporting events continue to oust Smackdown from it’s
comfy new home, and the viewers dip below AEW numbers when this happens. Because excuses aside, which I have now spent
minutes explaining and going over, you have handed your big rivals the opportunity to
say they’ve now outdrawn two of WWE’s televised weekly shows. And a lot of people
won’t dig much deeper than that. It’s all about optics. And all about optics is this next story, which
has caused some controversy around a certain WWE affiliated Twitter account. The account in question, WWE on Fox, has been
making a name for itself by being the only bit of official WWE communication with a hint
of personality, so it was inevitably only a matter of time before they put their foot
in it. After a fan asked a “where are the people
of color” on a tweet advertising Raw with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Becky Lynch, Kairi
Sane, Seth Rollins and Eric Rowan. The account tweeted back saying: “what do
you think Kairi Sane is?” This sparked controversy and lots of discussion
over on Reddit, because though Kairi Sane is a person of colour which is defined as
“a person who is not white or of European parentage” it was probably a poor time to
dive head first into a racial debate considering what’s happening with Jordan Myles – which
we will get into in a moment. WWE on Fox took the tweet down and posted
on Reddit saying: “It was a bad tweet our on end. We shouldn’t have even replied, or
we could’ve used other examples like The Street Profits, R-Truth etc. But we just should’ve
stayed quiet. Mistakes happen, and this was on us.” This then lead into a rational and reasoned
debate, ON FLIPPING REDDIT OF ALL PLACES, about whether it was right to post the tweet,
some saying the account should have stayed out of it or that they knew what the responder
was trying to say and should have responded accordingly. On the other hand many people from Asian communities
thanked the account for not excluding them in the wider conversation around inclusivity
and that they were right to put the tweet out. I think the honesty from the people behind
WWE On Fox is refreshing here and clearly seems to have de-escalated a tricky situation. Maybe we could get them on board to to defuse
the Jordan Myles t-shirt scandal situation. For those of you who aren’t aware of the
story so far, a t-shirt promoting NXT wrestler Jordan Myles, formerly known as ACH, has been
publicly buried by Myles himself, with him claiming the t-shirt design, and WWE as a
whole, is inherently racist. This led to Myles, the winner of NXT’s Breakout
Tournament, to start a #ForTheCulture movement, changing his profile picture to black and
white, with WWE wrestler Cedric Alexander and various other independent wrestlers joining
the cause. WWE combatted this with a statement claiming
that Myles had approved the design himself, and that no t-shirts had been sold as the
design had been pulled from the online store before being publicly released. Now, the controversy continues, as Myles has
continued to tweet surrounding the topic. In a now-deleted tweet, Myles has claimed
that he only saw the design on a white tee when it was shown to him, and when seen on
a black tee, “you can clearly see the racist intentions”. In a follow-up tweet, Myles stated that “When
I originally saw the design I was uncomfortable. Rather than addressing the issue I decided
to counter offer with another. Baker Landon lied to my face! He said HHH wanted this design
so my hands were tied. I spoke with Triple H in person and his impression was I approved.” After that came another now-deleted tweet
that simply said “Don’t believe me? Email him and ask yourself. GFYS Baker!” which
I believe stands for Good Fortune, Young Sailor. Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of
an email from the aforementioned Baker Landon. Landon is an employee at WWE, seemingly working
in the merchandise design department. The email states that Triple H liked the design
and wanted it to be more “teethy”, and attached is what he liked. Whether this means that Myles felt like he
had no choice to accept, or whether Landon did really go behind his back and tell Triple
H that Myles had approved the design remains to be seen, but the tweetathon most certainly
did not stop there. After that, Myles went after the entire “WWE
system”, naming Hulk Hogan, and his re-hiring to the company in 2018, as a prime example
of why the system is fraudulent and untrustworthy. Hogan, of course, was re-hired to WWE after
issuing an “apology” of sorts for repeated uses of the n-word. Though it was more an
apology for being caught, a factor Myles would mention in his tweet. Myles then branched out from just attacking
WWE and their t-shirt design, instead targeting Ring of Honor and former world champion Jay
Lethal, stating: “Fuck ROH too! The[y] only allowed ONE African
American to be the “Top Guy” while guys like Cedric Alexander and Stokely Hathaway
and myself had to chase this visible carrot a[nd] stick. Name another African American
who [h]as reached great heights there other than this Uncle Tom”, with an attached photo
of Jay Lethal. This then drew a statement out of WWE’s
Titus O’Neil, who, along with The New Day, was one of the most vocal and prominent figures
surrounding the return of Hulk Hogan to the company, and is a figurehead of WWE’s handling
of racial issues, with many WWE fans eager to hear his opinion on the entire situation. In a tweet, Titus said: “Jordan Myles, I am 100% in agreement that
the shirt is very distasteful. That being said, bringing others into this to vent your
frustrations or issues THAT HAVE NOTHING to do with WWE or the shirt is also very distasteful.
If it’s #ForTheCulture Don’t attack those in it!!” With O’Neil being a respected member of
the WWE locker room, especially regarding issues such as these, one might think Myles
may have eased off the gas. Quite the contrary. Myles continued to tweet, saying: “Why should I apologize for being honest?
Why should I not voice my opinion and state the facts about the state of the business.
I’m proud to be a professional wrestler and I’m even more proud to be a African
American. Stand with me and stand behind me. #ForTheCulture” WWE has not responded since their original
statement, but one has to wonder what’s to come in this debacle, with rumours of him
being released from the company, or a big PR press release from WWE doing the rounds
currently. Whatever does happen, this is a little bit
of a media nightmare for WWE, and one they will surely be looking to solve sooner rather
than later. Stay tuned to WrestleTalk and, as we’ll be providing updates
as and when they happen. —————— Thank you for watching and thank you to the
names scrolling away beneath me for being our awesome Pledgehammers on Patreon. If you
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100 thoughts on “Major WWE SmackDown Disappointment! Jordan Myles T-Shirt Controversy Fallout! | WrestleTalk News

  1. You know, I always thought that the most racist people are the ones who are thinking/vocal about it. I didn't really see the harm in the design until he pointed it out. Great, you now made me a racist or inspire others to think more offensively than before.

  2. You know I can I guess I'm here's my thoughts on this whole thing and after sometime this is kind of my thoughts and please if you don't like my opinion you don't have to attack me we're all adults hopefully some of us are anyways one I have a hard time with somebody telling me that that design is okay on a white T-shirt but it's not okay on a black T-shirt because you realize we're just talking about the color of the cotton and the last time I checked African-Americans are not the color black just like that's not actually the color so. Now I totally understand if people say Hey listen that makes me feel a certain way hey get it, but to act like the audacity of them to ever put a red smiling lips on a black color cotton shirt I guess those two things are now outlawed I can if I want lips on my shirt it can never be on a black T-shirt even though I like to wear black t-shirts no matter what's on the shirt I just like having black shirt like at some point people are allowed to not like stuff while other people can like it and like you know it is what it is. I just feel like everybody is looking for something to be upset about why and this isn't just because of the shirt this is literally anything I don't understand how people feel like if I don't like it it needs to go away not that anybody else has the right to have it or want it or whatever but it offended me so now it must go away forever I don't know cuz I I just think we we got to stop all this BS it's the year 2019

  3. This channel needs WAY MORE Fakidor, and WAY LESS Pete. Way, way, way less Pete. His voice and delivery are akin to listening to prepubescant boys screaming into the mic on Call Of Duty.

  4. Honestly who the hell actually cares about this Myles guy? He’s carrying on like an idiot. The dumbass approved the shirt design. But he gets mad that it was actually published? THAT MAKES NO DAMN SENSE!!!!

  5. FS1 is a channel that was clear up in the 900 on the cable that that I have . It was also an HD channel. With the package that is gotten I don't get HD channels . So I got the audio but not the video so I could hear it but ,not see it . When I found this out I didn't even bother watching.

  6. Holy fuck…most boring episode of wrestle talk…nobody needs 5 mins of explaining why t.v ratings are down or about deleted tweets

  7. Honestly speaking, this Jordan Myles outburst is getting annoying. He speaks of racism yet for him, calling Jay Lethal, "Uncle Tom" isn't racist…

  8. so they(WWE) go out of their way to say this is a war(vs. AEW) and have a horrible first month of it? haha.
    I hope Impact has a good showing, would be funny if they pass NXT in ratings.

  9. Everyone making a big deal bout the viewers but there's ALOT of places including where I live where you don't even get FS1 unless you pay for the premium sports bundle through the cable company and if your a person paying for a sports bundle your probably also going to be watching the world series instead

  10. Good on AEW, the more WWE dissapoints the more AEW establishes itself as brand to get behind.
    Hopefully NXT picks up traction.

  11. ……. That shirt…..Was NOT on the Neville Level. I'm sorry I was just reminded of another occurrence where oddly, the wrestler seemed to have no knowledge of their Tshirt design until AFTER the deal was done.

  12. With social media around,
    No one should ever put anything on TV on a Friday night no matter the target age!
    Absolute horrible decision!

  13. I don't get the whole outrage over the shirt thing, I mean I get it. But this Myles guy is being over dramatic about it

  14. The whole reason their ratings were low was because of the World Series and them having to be on FS1 stop making it seem like aew got this major victory when they really didn't

  15. To be honest the shirt design doesn't really look racist. The blackface correlation seems so forced. I just thought it was his name in a red folded square background on a black shirt. Just my opinion.

  16. “I’m for the culture but also f**k the black guy who achieved creates success than I did.”

    Seriously we have to stop doing this. We can’t keep claiming to be for our people and then crap all over the ones that succeed. It’s hypocritical and it makes it seem that your only for the culture if it benefits you.

    I was with him until he took that shot at Lethal.

  17. Hope ACH doesn't get future endeavoured, since I don't think ROH will like to have him back after this bridge burn.
    Also, might be just the corpo environment I have around all the time, but this reminded me of a similar story.
    My workplace just recruited a graduate with a masters, great resume and very talented for the business.
    However after the second week he was starting to make loud compliants on how the management should be like this, how that manager is doing things wrong, how this sucks, that sucks, fire him, do that. The CEO fired him at the end of the month.
    My manager would later tell us that even when yes, there are problems, and that guy may be right, you a newly hired is not in a position to raise voices constantly. A few times here and there is fine, but you are here to work and job, not as a manage to set things right. If you want to change things, find yourself a position of power and make yourself the right example.

  18. I can understand him being angry, WWE should of released that shirt with multiple colour schemes to choose from. However everything else after the T-shirt fiasco is plain retarded and pandering to woke culture.

  19. The worst thing is sites like this give this loser a platform for zero reason , but as per normal click are the only thing that matters

  20. Black people are almost always a joke in this company. Almost always in a goofy position on screen and never took seriously for the main event scene. Yes I don't count Roman Reigns in it, the dude never worked as character in the "Big Dog" position and Vince got this sexual things with samoans. Happy that smackdown dropped in the rattings, it was well deserved. It was a terrible show, with no storyline involved, and with freaking Nazi still working for this company somehow. Jesus Vince, Go Away. For the love of the multiverse.

  21. OK, so I understand this 100% the shirt shown at 7:58 is being called racist? If so, then not to quote the miz, but "Really?"

    Now I admit I am 100% white and I am actually from an area where there aren't a lot of non white people, but I will bet my $3000 RTX 2080ti based PC that a reasonable person, specifically a reasonable black person, would find nothing wrong with that shirt.

  22. there is only 1 way for WWE to fix this:

    Give ACH An Apology, Followed by giving ACH a Huge Push, Spin this Race controversy into an Angle, Make ACH the Leader of the Nation of Domination 2.0! ACH becomes one of the Biggest Heels in the company. WWE YOU'RE WELCOME! I just got you out of a jam.

  23. FS1 is much more difficult to find compared to Fox. That’s the problem I had, and I’m sure many others did as well

  24. Oli, FYI…
    BRIEF-WWE Presents The First-Ever Women’s Match In Saudi Arabia2019-10-30 05:49:43 AM ET (Reuters)    
    Oct 30 (Reuters) – World Wrestling Entertainment Inc :

  25. I'm a black man, I would of talk with my company in private before going out in public, now dude might not have a job at all. Blacks are to fast to cry out racist! Don't get me wrong Vince does have problems with blacks. Mark Henry had to wait 15 years to win the world heavy Championship. Kofi 11 years and then how he lost it, the list goes on 😩

  26. Never thought of the T-Shirt design as racist its just poorly designed to be honest. Jordan Myles seems to be using as an excuse to be outraged with Modern Culture on Social Media of Outrage/Cancel Culture. He also called a Black Wrestler in Ring Of Honor an "Uncle Tom".

  27. I honestly didn't see anything wrong with the T-Shirt, it just looked like shit/horrible/disgusting to me, but I guess I'm blind and this shirt is racist and etc. etc. etc. I swear people always need to play the victim nowadays. As a black person myself I've seen a lot of them always making everything out of proportion or using the racist card.

  28. The WWE promoted change and didn't deliver. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. People tuned into the new WWE and didn't get what they expected or wanted, so ratings went down.

  29. I feel like they should have pushed to keep smackdown on tuesday or maybe thursday. Its less likely people are going to waste their friday evenings watching wrestling. The only reason the first show did that well was due to the Rock appearance

  30. He needs to be fired. If something is racist then its racist, not racist under certain context or on a different color.

    Also, this is supposed to be an internal matter. The fact that he is not only doing this so publicly (like a wannabe oipe-bkmb promo) but still collecting a paycheck from the same company speaks volumes about Jordan Miles.

    Funny enough I showed this tshirt to some of my mates ( I'm from South Africa) and even after I explained what blackface is (and then got dirty looks for explaining what blackface is to a black person), everyone unanimously agreed it's not racist and he needs to be fired. Turns out black South Africans think hes a professional victim

  31. Wwe busy to make comedy, wwe busy to make lana kiss to bobby.. Wwe is nomore a wrestling show.. Wwe is a comedy show..

  32. our fs1 is a special channel you have to pay quite abit for it, i have it for nascar but i did not watch wwe have'nt watched main roster since brock came back.

  33. I think Jordan Myles is using a legitimate gripe with a horrible racist t-shirt design in order to get over. I don't blame him. WWE would bury him for the color of his skin so might as well use their own racist hubris against them to get over.

  34. Can someone explains me the problem with the shirt? And Am I the only one that thinks that Jordan Myles cries for attention? Also if he gives himself the freedom to express himself the way he wants, why is he trying to prevent or discredits Wwe to do the same ?

  35. Anyone who has watched SmackDown and raw the last few months realizes that the product is shit and not worth tuning in for no good storylines rinse and repeat 50/50 booking and the Roman Reigns and Barron Corybon as your main event a match that has been seen like 30 times in the last 2 years. I didn't watch it I saw a review I didn't miss anything but I did watch AEW Dynimite and NXT this week. Good shows means loyal fans bad shows means I am not even bothered to go look for it what else is on TV because this show sucks.

  36. The shirt wasn’t racist. He’s just too sensitive to have merchandise. The easy solution would be he just gets no merchandise and no money from any sale that it would have made.

  37. I mean, to be fair, I don't have FS1.

    But also to be fair… I wouldn't have watched anyway because I had better things to do that Friday night

  38. Keep in mind that Jordan shouldn't have been the end step in the approval of the shirt. Somebody higher up should have caught the design.

  39. myles needs to go. hes an average wrestler at best and hes full of drama and problems. let him go work for $30 a night at some shit promotion

  40. Wwe is never going to improve! Calling ufc and boxers to come wrestle knowing they have a good roster in the back is ridiculous

  41. Their Biggest Mistake is Promoting FUKNEWS Propaganda
    It’s actually too Right Wing Infested for me to Watch
    It’s Fox that’s making them die
    They are losing half their Fanbase on Friday

  42. Myles is talking about getting pushes, i knew it. Nice one Myles, if people can't see through this they're blind and if the WWE puts a strap on him after this then everyone gonna suddenly accuse them of racism, prepare your anus Vinny Mac. WWE evidently unprepared to deal with entitled millennials

  43. OR maybe they have become SO shit that people no longer care what gimmick they try to run because AEW is just a MUCH better product.

  44. Apparently he forgot the wrestlers in the past, he needs to look at the past wrestlers from the past with color as he says and maybe he’ll learn to not stick his foot in his mouth about others.

  45. For the culture? Sounds like people who are hateful and don't care about True fellowship and who want true equality. Sounds like people who want to take over shit and bust a claim at any moment they were discriminated against.

  46. For all those into this "for the culture" thing, how about stopping being "African American (or whichever ethnic group you're ancestry is from) and start being just plain "American". You'll probably be surprised on how far you can get when you stop the pretense that you are somehow "special". If you were born there, that's what you are. I'm from old European stock, but I don't call myself "Euro-Canadian, I'm just Canadian. Let the past die. Remember it, yes, but stop living in it.

  47. WWE has always been racist look at the history they have always been from another time plus HHH has been known to be racist back in the day to luchas wrestlers but ppl saying its because he is not being booked that is dumb maybe black ppl are just done being treated like shit they are always "complaining" because there is never any resolve, im white boy im just not ignorant to what I see everyday

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