Major 4000 Watch Hours Update From YouTube!? [Monetization News]

Major 4000 Watch Hours Update From YouTube!? [Monetization News]

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  1. Beard?
    I just thought you'd forgotten to shave today…

    But, to the most depressing news of the day: I just watched the YouTube Creator channel – where they explain about the new audience-setting.

    What is UNACCEPTABLE is that they are using an algorithm to decide whether or not to disable comments on videos (by tagging it "made for kids").

    Is there a way to make 100% sure that that tag is NEVER set on a video? Preferably without using rude and foul language in the first minute of the video. I would be uncomfortable with that. But if YouTube forces my tongue… make no mistake – I WILL DO IT, if necessary.

    I know I can set a channel-wide "NOT made for kids" tag. But it is my understanding YouTube can (and most certainly WILL) override that whenever they see fit. And without advanced warning to the creator. Of course.

  2. What if I accidentally made all my vids private? But that was an accident click, within just a minute I put them all back to public. Would my watch time be lost?

  3. it's crazy, I watch countless videos on fast it takes to get approved to be monetized. And shockingly it only took my channel around 24 hours. But I had 4,008 watch hours when applied. Super weird, but things could've been different back in September.

  4. Is there any way to upload a video on Mobile with the new creator studio? I'm on android and only the classic studio works for me

  5. Thanks for this! In other news, are you from Yorkshire!? We have been learning about Yorkshire dialect/accent in our homeschool! 😉

  6. Thanks for clearing it up, Yes ! grow a beard in November in the Uk men are growing a beard in support of Movember it’s to support men living with prostate cancer and testicular, the aim is to encourage men and women to move their bodies more and get back on track with their fitness and also to donate money for research. I’ve got a few fitness videos for anyone who wants to get fit.

  7. It might have taken me 13 months to get 4000 lifetime hours. 13.5 months to get 4000 hours in last 365 days. Then I was monetized quickly. I am almost 100% public vids.

  8. I have some answers i actually used the unlisted strategy to grow my channel by harnessing local community pages with off content videos.
    Would love to chat about it. This is the first i have seen any one else talking about it

  9. But I think i figured it out, So, this is why it happens, surely its a technical fault in algorithm: if in any time through your youtube journey, you had listed a video as private or unlisted, even if you make it public later, that won't count! As far as I have calculated my channel watch hours that seems to be the reason! Further, another possiblity I see is that, youtube studio does not give live update of your watch hours and shows consistent increased stats daily, which is not quite appealing but might also be a possible reason!

  10. Hey Rob. When YouTube launched the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours in February of 2018, it has always been only public Videos that count. And as you mention, unfortunately the hour meter has been showing total hours.

  11. yes, I have 1.9M watch time, but my monetization has dropped by about $600 for the last 28 days. that $600 equates to about 25% of my monthly earnings. my subs have kept increasing by over 2k per month, and I have uploaded 8 videos this month. I'm baffled, and would like to know where I'm missing the mark.

  12. Love your content , you inspired me to start my own journey to create my own YouTube channel! Thanks for motivation!!🙏🙏

  13. Vidlq has been a great support for me and this has inspired me to start my own channel please anyone might want to support my channel,thank you guys

  14. I accidentally deleted videos twice because it's too easy to happen when you have one of your own videos among other in a playlist for casting from the YouTube app and just trying to remove it from the playlist. It's frustrating enough that the video has to start its job all over again. And then it doesn't even count the watch time from the first upload. That's sad. 😔

    Thanks for the information! ☺️

  15. So that means I can’t watch my own videos to gain watch time? Or does that mean ONLY public watch time from OTHER channels/creators??
    Somebody please let me know.

  16. 1050 hours lost when the discontinued classic to the new you tube Studio. WHy is it so hard for them just to do the right thing and be more transparent.
    Oh well just means i have to keep working for it till i make the threshold again and we will see if there's another change in policy.

  17. I think they've been showing the wrong numbers for years. It doesn't seem to matter how many videos I put up or how many views I have the 4,000hrs seems unattainable! 😔

  18. Same as mine from 3900 down to 3400 😿😿😿😿


  19. Am I the only one who sees this as legit? It makes sense to me why private and unlisted videos should not count towards the views needed.

  20. Same on me.. i have 250k views but i only have 179hours.. how is that's:( im sad always

    But it increase 177
    Then after a days. I've got 175 its like increase and decrease

  21. I'm a Newbie here . 1 week ago i started my Channel and gained 70 hours watch time.. support me i will support u… 😁

  22. I had around 2,111 hours, now I have 1,015 gutted! Correction now gone back up to 2,147 on 19/11/19. What are YouTube doing lol

  23. I had one viral video and got over 100k watch hours then when I applied to monetize they said my video isn't original so I delete it, now I have 400 watch hours and can't even apply to get monetized lol

  24. On my channel monetisation page, I have 391 public watch hours. But my YouTube studio app on my phone it says 18,157 in total, since I launch my channel. what gives!

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