39 thoughts on “Main Stream Media goes insane after 'Crooked Hillary' loses Election

  1. The Left hate the one true GOD; they think they are all individual GODS who can set their OWN morality & their own truths! Satan loves the Left; he plants chaos/confusion/hate/violence into brains of Leftists & the Left welcomes Satan w/open arms/hearts. Satan uses emotion to fuel hate, violence, emotional outcry.

  2. Damn, we conservatives were hoping for MASS SUICIDES on the left. It could have eliminated so many stuck on stupid people. I guess they'll destroy themselves some other way.

  3. I’m not yet a citizen, so I can’t vote, but looking forward to a 2020 Trump landslide.
    I’ll be watching the Young Turds just for fun.

  4. Give the damn snowflake Democrats a Participation Trophy. thats what they are used to when someone else is #1

  5. This fucking hilarious….The babies all crying …TRUMP 2020.
    I can watch this over and over it's so funny ..

  6. I hope we get a pt.2 once Trump gets re elected in 2020. I get the feeling their reactions will be even better!!

  7. I Try not to laugh at other ppl's pain but the left is so self centered that when they don't get their way they break down like 2 year olds. AND that is funny.

  8. Why Van Jones. You blame the white man for everything. That's what you tell your children. Forget tee hat minorities have way more programs than whites. Forget that blacks are 12.7% yet 19.7% of the nationwide government. Facts you dumbass liberals. Facts will bring you down

  9. The military has to follow orders. In rare extreme cases a subordinate officer can not follow an order. But it's very rare. Military loves him now

  10. The only reason Obama, who was a second year senator, won in 2008 is because Hillary was a terrible candidate then and is a terrible candidate now

  11. Love these, can't watch them enough. Eat it you communists, choke on it. God Bless our duly elected United States President and Commander and Chief Mr. Donald John Trump!!

  12. My school is mostly Hispanic and white remember going to school after this election and some my white friends were say that they were sorry about what happen and were freaking out and some of the teacher were making speeches on what happen and that we must stand togeather but almost all the Hispanic students and some Hispanic teachers were so unfazed by it like they knew that trump was going to win, some of us were even making jokes about it

  13. Why is the clip of rachelmadcow in there at the beginning? That's way out of context! Hurricane Matthew dissipated a month before the election!!! CMon man, you're making us look like democrats!!

  14. It doesnt matter how much she spent, if she won the debates etc. its what the voters do, what do you expect Tim kaine to say about Trump being commander in chief he and hillary got their asses beat big time.

  15. The Dems certainly worked to make all those things come true – achieving more than the Russians could have ever anticipated.

  16. I downloaded the whole 11 hour Young Turks broadcast. First 8 hours they were the usual liberal jerks, all happy and gay. Then the slide began. Chenk got more and more vulgar and they all became shrill. I rewatch it all the time.

  17. no child need be scared, if their parents, were not criminals or invaders… and who's fault is that?? UNFIT PARENTS……

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