31 thoughts on “Main Event Final Table – EPT Monte Carlo 2018 – Part 1

  1. 8:49 What's with this dork talking to the cards as if he has any power of the final outcome? What a unstable superstitious 🐟…and the high five afterwards was cringe as fuck

  2. "Jozonis turned a set of 4s yesterday too" – oh no shit? Great fucking commentary. Maybe add the outcome of that hand or some other reason for mentioning it? Then a minute later different announcer "I don't know if there's a greater feeling in poker than turning a set". Facepalm…wtf do you even mean? How about winning a hand, making quads, making royal, hero call, I mean ffs there's a hundred things better than turning a set. Why are poker commentators so painfully bad? What did we do to deserve this?

  3. why is that douche clapping after Patrick lost the 3.4 million pot and why does Patrick have his shirt unbuttoned??

  4. Why does this fuckin' idiot want a SEVEN? And why does he scrunch his face up like a cat's asshole to say it?

  5. Gyorgi is a joke. Wants glory and acts like a tool when he wins. Ridiculous actions glad he didnt win.

  6. No le entendí ni madres a este póker no hay como el póker que jugaba Antonio Aguilar, Vicente Fernández y Mario almada. !!! 🤪

  7. That guy is behaving as if the solution to world hunger and poverty depends on his winning this tournament.

  8. The camera man is a pervert… Focussed on the dealers backside multiple times.. that woman is hot, who is she…

  9. Another great episode!! I can't remember if it was this one or the previous one but it was great when Stapes tried the Du hast reference and Maria had no idea what he was talking about. I wouldn't either had it not been for one girlfriend I had who was into Rammstein. I love all the commentators, and I miss Broughton. Is he still part of the ept team?

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