Mahesh Bhatt Blasts Indian Media For Propaganda On Imran Khan

Mahesh Bhatt Blasts Indian Media For Propaganda On Imran Khan

20 thoughts on “Mahesh Bhatt Blasts Indian Media For Propaganda On Imran Khan

  1. One great person mr mahesh bhatt is.finally it's nice to listen to sane voices.thanks very much for standing up.i have gotta PHD degree on imran Khan.dude is different.dont know shit about straight forward upfront genuine human puppet to army as he has gotta leadership qualities on him and he likes to make impossible possible.peace is everything and he understands it pretty well.unfrtunately mudi government is under pressure from forgein elements to keep Pakistan under pressure to get rid of is another way to get an honourable exit from Afghanistan by American forces otherwise ground reality is way different and on the other hand mudi is fighting for his upcoming election victory.its kinda shitty dirty or call it a real cheap low lifers game and greed to stay in power by hook or crook.just because they know that they need only hindu votes to win the election and you can get more hindu votes if you impose war on Pakistan.and on the other hand pakistan has got nothing to lose.india is going to lose more than Pakistan.pakistan forces are not a piece of cake as they are still fighting the war on terror and have proven that they are successful in their mission along Afghan border.combing operations ,getting rid of extremists now they are all set to fight any other war.anyways peace is everything .everyone has gotta right to live in their homes peacefully and why the fuck we hesitate to give others their right.its the thing we owe to them.

  2. That's not breaking new. I noticed one thing Pakistani and Indian media is Less news channel more like video game….

  3. Pakistanis should favor Modi to win 2019 elections because he is the only person who can divide the country on the basis of religion and so called nationalists and anti-nationalists (those who questions Modi and BJP on real issues of country).

  4. Such a fake news yaar…. Abhinandan release hote hi itne saare prpoganda faila raha hai sare k saare. Aaj subah se itne saare fake newa nikal rha hai Pakistan kisi taraf se.. YouTube flood ho gaya fake news se..

  5. Indian media se neech cheej to dunia mein kuchh bhi nahi reh gaya hai . In ki harqato se aur kuch indian army ke bude langde ghode kuchh paise mil jaate hai media se phir wo wahi bhonkte hai jo jo bonkne ke liye uneh paise diye jaate hai. Aap aman banaye rakhiye imraan bhai in beaklo ko bhonkne do aap ne bht achha kiya hai aap sachhe insaan so veer ho bahadur ho . No one like you.

  6. Imran bhai ki tareef ke liye mere pass words nahi hai imran bhai ne pakistan ko aaj bilkool pak saabit kar diya hai aur ye dunia ko bataya ki asli islaam kya hai. Bilkool yehi islaam hai imraan khan bhai ne kartab ker ke dikhya hai..,…….

  7. India media can not priase their own leader as a stateman,plus Modi have not done any gestures of peace for humanity in his history of poltics!,This is God bringing out the good aganist evil. Of course PM IK has come out as a stateman ,a leader ,who loves humanity! It is the ground reality ,India media can barks, but the truth world seen in real time!,

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