34 thoughts on “Macro 3.2- Inflationary and Recessionary Gaps with Fiscal and Monetary Policy AP Macro

  1. Amazing… I wish every teacher teaches like you on YouTube..Your videos are On point,short and Easy to understand..

  2. The best you tube economics teacher, well done 🙂 with all your videos i understood economics wayyy easier. A big well done for all of this help.
    thanks Mr.Clifford

  3. How does the government decrease the money supply? The federal reserve surely can increase or decrease the money supply but what can the government do?

  4. You are amazing!!! I bought the packet as well and it has helped me soo much. To everyone watching, this guy and his work is grade A and deserves every econ student to watch him and support him! You helped me pass MICRO AND MACRO and I can't thank you enough!!!

  5. why are you trying to decrease AD? dont you want to stay where you are? beyond full employment? what are the negatives for an inflationary gap?

  6. This is wrong mr clifford – . Recessionary Gap is drawn wrong. It has to be below the EQ point – Production is fallen below the natural rate of employment – Peace outskies

  7. Instructions not good enough.  It's been 3 months, the video is still paused at 0:48.  I don't know what to do.  Someone send help!

  8. Isnt it the Fed that changes the Money Supply in monetary policy? just wondering in case im asked to explain it. thanks

  9. This is backwards I think. The inflationary gap should be after the LRAS and the recessionary gap should be before the LRAS?

  10. Oh wow so this subject matter can be easy after all. There should be a small board of teachers in every category who own their category and make the shitty teachers watch their videos so that they may learn how to teach simply and effectively….because this makes sense. 

  11. Wait I have a question. With the monetary policy, aren't you increasing supply and not demand? Because lower interest rates would mean more firms would invest and hence supply would increase

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