41 thoughts on “Lucky Break: The Main Event Push of Bob Holly

  1. Love how you tell the story and just use facts, I hate wrestling content that have narrators state their personal opinion so copiously, just stick to being a good journalist not a unappeasable critique.

  2. If Lesnar and Holly could have had a full feud, with Holly winning the title, it would have been one of the best.

  3. Lets be honest. Holly had a great physique, cut great promos, great wrestler, and he was over af when he returned. Plenty of less worthy "talent" have held that title. There is only ONE reason Holly didn't hold that title. HHH

  4. Surprised that you didn’t show that injury he had when his back got cut wide open. Say what you want about Bob Holly but he was tough as they come.

  5. People can say what they want…. THIS FEUD with Brock made me a Hardcore Holly MARK! lol. So at least SOME good came of it.

  6. Im actually liking these. you explaining storylines from when i was a kid and didnt understand totally what was happening is great

  7. This was amazing this is the kinda content I love to come across when watching my random taste in videos

  8. Bring hardcore holly back. Give him a last run like goldberg. Put him in the 2K20 game and give him a higher rating than brock lesnar . wwe's rating might comeback too.

  9. Leznar's bear hug gave The Hulkster internal bleeding. Holy Shit! But Mr. Holly was never really gonna win that main event push.

  10. Honestly with the horrible stuff he allegedly did on and off camera he didn't deserve to be anywhere CLOSE to the main event scene

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