6 thoughts on “Luciferase Reporters in Circadian Research

  1. I don't think that anyone who searches for or clicks on a video called "Luciferase Reporters in Circadian Research
    " would need the first two minutes… But apart from that well done video 😀

  2. Excellent Video! My company Regis Technologies has Manufactured these Chirally Pure and Enantiomerically tested Luciferin products since the 70's. We often sell these to diagnostic testing kit clients; however, I will recommend your video to my new scientific clients to provide them a better understand of the mechanisms; function and applications for Bio-luminescence Reagents. Will you be including in the future a Video which features applications for Coelenterazine? It is still in the "firefly" family of Reagents but can be used for other novel applications with respect to gene reporting; whole animal assays; Live Cell assays for detection of Calcium Ions, Eliza; and (BRET) Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer. Thank you for your very thorough video!

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