Louis Farrakhan WARNS Donald Trump & U.S. Government for FINAL TIME!!

Louis Farrakhan WARNS Donald Trump & U.S. Government for FINAL TIME!!

and I have not failed you in warning you of what the government of the United States of America has been planning of these black people generally but black youth in particular and the Nation of Islam now you may not have been listening but you gonna listen today because we're at the end of this now I had to think about this Reagan met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff okay in early September Wow who the was against he didn't say that was for me to study but the formula was so deep I went on a tour world tour and while I was in Africa boy America you have been something because you knew when you heard me in 84 that Elijah was back and he was back in that young man that was talking he's back today and now in the fullness of these 32 years I'm gonna run real quick over six presidents that have met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to plan a war in the Islamic world and to plan a war against black people in particularly black youth and we're at the end of it now the plan is to genocide and kill you all listen to me good now I'm gonna drop it in the president's lap cuz he's the last one Reagan ain't never loved us when Reagan was the governor in California he and edwin meese who later became his Attorney General they were planning war games in California and the war games were not against some foreign enemy the war games were against black people and this has continued from six presidents in the slickest of them all tricky dick was before but Slick Willy you caught more Hell in under the Clinton administration and you thought he was our first black president but I want to run the presidents down so you could see that the government of America has been planning our demise any members of Congress here any members of the civil rights movement that are here you love this nation you've suffered every indignity to make America better that she might be great and every time you forced her to make a law that was in our favor they came right behind that law with skill and chicanery to make the law of known effect this started in 1876 in the haze Tilton Tilden presidential election it was so close they didn't know who it was who the winner was so they met here in Washington at the Wormley Hotel it's not here now in 1877 but the election was in 1876 thank you I know what I'm saying brother I need help though but when I needed our calling [Applause] in the Wormley hotel the white members of Congress made a deal that Rutherford B Hayes would be President but Tilden being in Congress the deal was that when we were so-called emancipated Abraham Lincoln fence sent federal troops into the south to make sure that black people were treated better but the deal was if you let Rutherford behaves be president we'll take all the federal troops out of the south and then you all can go back to doing what you do that was called the great betrayal of the so called American Negro in 1877 now to them Jewish people in this hall you weren't there but there was a Jewish man named levy who was in Congress and he sold the agreement that was made in the hotel to the members of Congress and it became policy and reconstruction then was over in 12 years black people had built over 60 towns because we were the artisans we were the craftsmen we were the builders in 12 years we were in Congress we had high positions but after that agreement came the Ku Klux Klan the night rider's slave codes Black Codes and members of the Jewish community who owned a lot of the plantations please don't get angry and upset because this is real history you put us back on the plantation as sharecroppers you began riding down on us and if any of us escaped the plantation many of the Irish that were coming over were they they calling the paddy wagon they would come after us and bring us back to the plantation those were hard days hard days yes what when the Emancipation Proclamation so-called set us free we were the builders we were the architects we were the brick Masons we was a top and as we were the plumbers we were all of that if you saw a white man with a hammer in his hand he was going to beat some black man but he wasn't building nothing [Applause] then in this book which we researched from Jewish scholars historians rabbis over 2000 footnotes and when they told me Phaethon that book is a great calumny against the Jewish people they said we want you to denounce that book because it's false I said to have cups in it rabbi Shulman and a few rabbis I met in their home they said Farrakhan you must denounce the book I said fine if it's false I don't want to have nothing to do with it I said but everyone we quoted is a Jewish scholar a Jewish rabbi or a Jewish historian so I'll denounce it but you have to denounce everyone that we quoted as liars left all is fair in love they told me if you want our friendship we have to watch you over a protracted period of time imagine and I was supposed to be like a little Negro because I'm in their house and say yes sir when we got finished with them that day the wall was on because I told them I don't mind being your friend that's why I'm here but it being your friend means I got a denied the truth then yours is a friendship I don't need and yours is a friendship I don't want so you all know that when you got a black man is not gonna bow to you then that's trouble because you've been waiting for the Messiah and you know that he comes to end your civilization so when you hear black men talking like Farrakhan is talking you hear incoming and if you can stop him if you can shut his mouth if you can kill him [Applause] Ronald Reagan wanted to kill Qaddafi when I found out the war was against Qaddafi I was in Benin and in Ghana and in Wagga dugu in Burkina Faso and I sent all my family back and I flew to Libya and if all of Qaddafi government was in my hotel and I told them my vision they ran out of that room like raid had been there and the next thing I knew brother Qaddafi said he wanted me to speak and introduce him the next day and 80 nations of the non-aligned movement were in Libya and I stood in Tripoli and repeated that experience on the wheel and told Qaddafi what they were going to do they were going to bomb the airport destroy your mum a water project he listened he got his airplanes out into the Sudan the next thing I knew American plane was shot down and one of those fine aircraft carriers that mr. Trump bought over to Asia was in the Gulf of cert but something happened to him by the time I got to Saudi Arabia it came out in the Arab news that there was a bright object over the Mediterranean them just listen to me I'll die on what I'm telling you [Applause] and I said to those with me I said the wheel was there the electronic equipment on the aircraft carrier was messed up so it had to go back to Florida in the meantime I was able to get out of Libya I got into Saudi Arabia and a few days later the bombs dropped on Libya who's the greatest assassination attempt most expensive in history so they always wanted Qaddafi but what I did not know was the war at that time was on two fronts it was war with a Muslim country in Africa but war on the Nation of Islam and Islam period in America Regan was doing war games in California when he became president he brought all that stuff with him into the White House Meese came and the war games were practiced even more so because they expected since 67 and 68 when the riots broke out and dr. King was assassinated the government of America knew that the black youth were dangerous black folk were becoming more militant and instead of seeing that there has to be a solution let's separate the two people but he didn't want to do that kill them raiga now well i start with nixon cousin that fella was so bad did you know that nixon the whole thing about Nixon was the left Westy anti-war group and all blacks not some so the plot was against black people in general notice how many black people we sent to Congress or made mayors or police chiefs and all of a sudden they accepted a box of candy or they they went to a basketball game or baseball game and the next thing you know they're before court and going to jail on some foolishness that white people do all the time they made mayor Marion Barry look horrible they they had brother on TV smoking the pipe did they they made Mayberry look so bad that black people who were in the spirit to vote for black people after seeing mayor berry like that isn't what are we doing man so I was somewhere in Atlanta and they came the press mr. Farrakhan you seem to be an upstanding man what do you think about a man who is highly respected and he's using drugs and and having illicit sex I said who you talking about JFK that black woman froze she wanted me as a black man to condemn another black man but the white house all you members of the press you knew what kind of man John was you knew what Bobby was you knew they were sneaking Marilyn Monroe into the White House but you never said a damn thing now all of a sudden everybody's groping [Applause] in the Holy Quran Allah says of the Prophet did not I find you and often did not I find you groping and showed you the way groping only means you're trying to find your way because you can't see so you feel now if you go to Congress and ask will all the grope us please stand up frankly the whole damn Congress will say damn I've been found out now just hypocrites Oh but then came Bush HW and they say he's a groper tune from a wheelchair I mean the press is having a field day in that packet you'll find two letters that I wrote to President Bush George W but we want HW of what was in his mind toward the Muslim world did you know that after 9/11 Wesley Clark a general talked about seeing a memo ten years earlier out of the Pentagon I want you to listen carefully they were going to take down seven Muslim countries in five years ending with a war on Iran so the spring came and you saw like dominoes members of the Muslim world fallen but when 9/11 took place which we challenged the government's interpretation of 9/11 it's a false flag operation you knew that the country was divided in the election of George W Bush over Gore so while he was walking down the Avenue was an imminent Avenue in Washington Pennsylvania Avenue instead of people say hail to the chief they were saying hail to the thief and the country was so divided that what it needed was some event that could pull a divided country together so here comes 9/11 and they say Muslims did it he had some pilots that had gone to Florida to take flight lessons I don't think they passed off of a Piper Cub and I don't understand how they had gained enough knowledge to get into the cockpit and over 500 miles an hour drop that plane down and then into the tower do you know that there's a CIA man I think his name is Cosby Crosby that man said when the American people believe in whatever we have said and they believe it's true we have won you are a misused population so when mr. Trump talks about fate news he knows what he's talking about now the press you you you say you the Fourth Estate I would say you're in a hell of a state because you can't say what you really know to be the truth unless it passes the muster of those who are your bosses some of the press are assets of the CIA did you hear me they have deceived the American people so George I mean I Donald J Trump is busting up the institutions of a democratic country my god Congress has 10 percent of the people with Congress the media the people don't trust the media so every time he say fake news if you study an article 70 years of the CIA the criminal arm of the US government these are criminals they go into countries kill presidents overthrow governments create civil war and back away like they did nothing they're crying about Russia's hacking into your little election when the American government has interceded in 81 countries to fix their election and put into power those that would be in favor of American interest but let me come to the end of this now tricky dick and Slick Willy we went from a small prison population and a crime bill was directly against black people white folk can afford to smoke or use powdered cocaine but they think something in the crack cocaine and we became addicted and they sent us to present once we called the felon they knew we couldn't vote anymore so they were killing us at the voting booth by putting us in prison and it all was a plot and mr. Trump the consequences of America's evils over time has fallen in your lap do you know that we've been a problem for you ever since we've been here you fought a civil war over what to do with us Wow think about that poor black brothers and sisters you so conscious now you pulling down the Confederate flag you know because that was the flag of the South in their breakaway rebellion against the north but that's history you don't feel their pain and they sure don't feel yours but do you know how many white folk in the south lost their homes lost their farms lost their lives in that war so when you force them to take down the flag that represents their commitment to slavery yes and to the way of the South you jump up and pull it down and you don't think you're gonna get a backlash from white people robert e lee he's a great general when america won the war with japan they sat down with the general first world war they shall respect one general to another one warrior to another so now you want to take okay Robert we don't like you but get your statue out of here so president troops everywhere isn't going to end because the first five presidents were all slave owners you're gonna tear down to Jefferson Monument you see how it's getting so now white folk as I said when mr. Trump was elected the onion was being peeled back and white civility was no more they're not acting by you like you think they should they are angry and they're killing us and they know they have a genocidal plot against all black unmarry starting with Nixon and Kissinger and memorandum 200 go look it up they want to code the population of our planet by 2 billion people this is not human this is satanic they've got their scientists in laboratories how to control your mind so dr. Wesley our Minister and analyst and researcher he put out a book on weed I mean that's like talking to a pig eater and telling them don't eat pig and they'll beat you up and sit down and eat a hog head when you talk about weed to black people without God you better put God in the equation brother cuz weed is alright if it's pure it has properties in it that can be used for medicinal purposes but there weaponizing the weed now and they're doing lobotomies on the black man's brain with chemistry biology and electrical energy stimulation you're under assault black brothers and sisters why is the sperm count in black men falling because of the food you eat in the water you drink the lead in the water in Flint is not an accident it's in Cleveland that way and if you're not careful it's hand Chicago you can divert the water into the black community and then drop some stuff in the water you drink in the water you bathe in with the water and all of a sudden you act in streams do you know that homosexuality can be produced through chemistry don't be mad at me think you can be turned into something through chemistry and the misuse of biology so now the ball is in the court of Donald J Trump mr. Trump you met with your Joint Chiefs of Staff in August and in early September you had your generals that Camp David they weren't talking about taxes you don't use generals to talk about taxes you were planning a war Sir George W Bush after 9/11 said he was gonna divide the Muslims against themselves now a 1400 year dispute between Shia and Sunni is about to take into a war President Trump went to Saudi Arabia and called 50 Sunni nations through the king of Saudi Arabia and instead of inviting Muslims to sit with Muslims to find out what's the point of contention and bringing peace about he took those son name nations yes you did mr. Trump and you aim their anger against Iran and the Shia nation just recently you sent much weaponry into the Middle East you've sent missiles into the Middle East you didn't send them you would urge them to buy them a war is brewing President Trump you just left Asia and you carried with you to Asia three of your largest aircraft carriers with f-18 f-16 a nuclear sub in the water you had an armada around Kim Jong you went to talk but you had firepower to aid your lexicon of language Barack Obama you hate him you call him a wig president because he's not like you mr. Trump and he's not like his predecessors he is like Jonah who was a reluctant prophet Barack Obama was reluctant to be the type of wicked man that you're presidents are have been and like you said let's take the oil see that's that's not presidential the presidents would say let's see if we can make a deal and give them money for their oil because we really want it all that's presidential we'll send our Secretary of State he's such a diplomat but you mr. Trump will take the oil you remember and with Stephanopoulos on ABC will bomb the hell out of them see mr. Trump is real he is what he is now you either got to see him as he is cuz all the rest of them were vampires that look good in the day but when night came [Applause] mr. Trump and I say this to my brother Barack you really tried to make America better couldn't succeed because the moment you went over seasons started talking about the mistakes that America has made Romney and the Republicans said look at him he's over there apologizing mr. Trump more than an apology is needed mr. president you're gonna have to deal with either the thought that's in your mind that will destroy America and her future because once the trigger of war is pulled it will escalate now I'm gonna tell you what my teacher told me you have planned a war the war that you have planned you and your generals is to the Middle East you want to use the sunny at the prodding of Israel to attack Iran just like you did with my brother Qaddafi you Laidback leading from behind you in Syria now but this is rough and mrs. Clinton she encouraged you to give the go-ahead to kill Mormo Qaddafi Qaddafi had come in out of the cold Qaddafi gave up all his weapons of mass destruction and Bush used to be so proud to say Qaddafi got the message he's come in and then under Barack Hillary Clinton imposed her will and they murdered muammar gaddafi and the killing of lama qaddafi wrapped a ribbon around kim jeong-hoon and it was given to you as a gift you will never get North Korea to give up what she has as a trump card [Applause] that's over mr. Trump can you live with North Korea with nuclear weapons I think you're gonna have to even though you have war plans already to knock out North Korea but China said if you attack North Korea we have to defend them China's right Allah don't love aggressors he said but if North Korea attacks you America will lay out of it so you went there thinking that you makin friends wrong you didn't discuss with China his plans for war you have laid out in the Pentagon how you can wipe the Chinese out but you don't want China not yet and you don't want kim jeong-hoon yet but you're looking for a softer target and you think that's Iran wrong if you permit Israel to push Saudi and the Sunnis into war with the Shiites I want to say this to the Muslim world see you are so blinded that you think with America's backing you can win wrong you are Muslim if you got the backing of Allah you can win but you don't have that backing not as an aggressor Pakistan is sitting there with nuclear weapons I noticed mr. Trump he didn't mention Pakistan although at the United Nations you did mention Iran you mentioned Venezuela you mentioned Cuba and you mentioned Kim jong-eun you'd rather fight all of those three and leave Kim jong-un alone but guess what guess what they found in North Korea six to ten trillion dollars in mineral wealth and guess what they found in they dropped the mother of all bombs in an empty space letting us know that you've got it and you will use it but what did you uncover you know that in Afghanistan there's another 10 trillion in mineral wealth so Barak tried to get you out of there but you agreed you back in it now and you're not just in there they found oil in the Golan Heights and Israel say she wants to get involved in the fray in Syria but Russia is there and they found tremendous oil reserves in the Golan Heights and Israel wants to take that oil so that she will be oil self-sufficient seeing just as you reaching for it your hands are gonna get burned and Israel you are making America lose big time you don't want me to say how much control AIPAC has over the US government and I know the press is here you can't even say it except you tell something ugly so that your editors will give you leave but brothers and sisters let me tell you you're gonna be set free because that kind of cowardly news person who knows the truth and afraid to tell it if you love this country you tell the truth to change America for she is going down and fast mr. president you won't make America great again not in our time she became great killing Native Americans she became great enslaving us bringing us from Africa into America to work the cotton fields you're not going to get that opportunity back anymore we made America rich and strong and you can't tell me fuck on you down like America you're gone back to Africa let me tell you something way folk you don't have a place on this earth that you can call your own except what we gave you and that's in Europe now I'm closing my god fair hand are they planning war yes is it against black youth and black people absolutely I want to close with showing you the signs that I had to watch in order to know what to say to mr. Trump today I was right and you see it in your pet with President Bush I was right with Ronald Reagan when we had the Million Man March in this city do you know that you were looking at a miracle let me tell you something I can't take credit for what I know God helped me to do we had the support of the nationalist community we had the support of the church 82% of the people present were Christians 12% were other and a Muslim called it with the help of a Christian pastor the Reverend dr. Ben Chavis we could not have done it without the Black Prince be et under Bob Johnson took out a a full-page ad and USA Today back in the Million Man March mayor Marion Barry gave us the greatest support we have ever had from any mayor I can't even get a police escort in Washington DC suppose i'm assassinated here but you're already planning to kill me that i know to the government you're not coming into the black community looking for black identity extremists and not looking for me you're not coming looking for separatists and saying you're not looking for me and the Nation of Islam Muslims do you know that we are the only thing that stands in between their wicked plan of the damask EULA's ation of the black man the only thing that stands between there is the Nation of Islam now those of you who are in love with Jesus Christ I want you to know that a black man from Georgia was raised from a dead state Elijah Muhammad and you tried to kill him and you thought you had succeeded that's why when I was taken up on the wheel he said make known to them their plans and tell them you got it from me Elijah Muhammad on the wheel what was he asking me pardon me ordering me to tell you that for so you would know that he escaped your plot to kill him he's alive he is in power I want to introduce you to Jesus the Christ that man is on the wheel with his teacher he's been up there now for 42 years he said that God studied 42 years to deliver us from the hands of our tormentas he's ready now to not listen I'm not playing now they don't want to give you up but I'm saying this to you President Trump the ball is in your court now what do you have for me to do I think you should repent for all the evil that America has done to us to the peoples of the world like it was in Nineveh the only city that ever was saved in the Bible from the judgment of God was because Jonah a faithful prophet warned them and they had the heart to repent and never live for 300 more years we're at the end of America as you know it but if you let us go you don't have nothing for us to do but you have planned to continue to work of your predecessors not Barack Barack is out of it yet in it poor fella he wanted to be Pharaoh and he's not a good Pharaoh I mean the the pod is not made for him he tried out for it and they gave him eight years you know and look at the way they talked about it we helped put him there they called him a monkey they mocked his wife and children mr. Trump Don me atop the White House getting every aspect of him out of there before he moved in you hate our shadow he was a good man and you hamstrung he could have helped you not to be great again but to be better better than you are and better for the world because you taken the world down with you now I have delivered a message and a warning mr. Trump because I don't have an armada I come to you no army no Navy these brothers that are around me they don't carry any weapon we're forbidden to carry weapons we're forbidden to store weapons in our home so if you want to kill us we're here I'm not running from you I'm running to you because I had one more thing to do and I earned me a first-class ticket to the wheel and unfortunately I had to learn but that one more thing was I tried doing many things said what is that one more thing what is the one more thing that Jesus had to do before he could go to be with the Father he had to go to Calvary and Golgotha and be crucified and died I told you from Reverend Willy Wilson's Church I know the price that I gotta pay not for lying but for telling the truth I've suffered all these years for telling the truth my family has suffered all these years for being with a father and a husband that tells the truth but I'm at the end of my journey among you a temporary pause and when you hear that I'm gone I will get away you're not gonna kill he told me Ana cryptic sentence he said brother if I lock can't save me that's a sign that he can't save you I went to a funeral that was supposed to have been here I saw a body I was supposed to have been here I kissed the forehead of that body and I believed that my teacher was dead but if he was dead all the things that he taught me wouldn't make any sense because he gave me so much to do that I couldn't do it if he were not alive to guide me in the doing of it so in 1981 I said no he's alive I learned through study and through help from those who heard him say things that he never said to me because he knew his servant I would be dead now if I believed he was alive because I would have fought like hell to keep the work that he had done alive but he wanted it destroyed fulfilling the scripture unless a seed of corn fall to the earth and die it can't bring up a new stock I've been among you now 40 years and I have not wavered one time and they have not been able to make me bow down neither have you my black brother and sister I have fought for you and I asked you for nothing so mr. Trump has a decision to make I don't go to white houses if his study of what I'm sending him in the mail to let him see what the CIA is doing to black people and what the government has been doing if you wish to talk to me I'll be glad because it's not about that kind of deal it's about letting our people go because you know you have nothing for them to do you know what do you want some of this earth that we can call our own how much do you owe us have you ever added it up in today's dollars isn't trillions what you owe us so just like you push the palestinians out to give the jews a homeland and we are the real ones push some of your own people out and we'll take eight states oh now you music blowing off your wagon yeah well you didn't have none on yours let me tell you something if you don't give justice to us you will lose everything you got including your life because god now said he's ready to fight you for our deliverance and he told me to tell you you don't have no fight against the forces of nature I know you say it's global warming no brother and sister there is global warming it's true and man and woman have done something to produce a warming but what you've seen that ain't global warning that's the judgment of God and so I'm here to tell you that I come to you but I got back up I don't have no aircraft carrier but he already told me what he's gonna do with the 6th and 7th fleet you squeezed me a little I'll tell you a little more

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  1. فرح خان گه نخور حرام زاده ترامپ خيلي هم خوب و كار درسته تو حروم زاده نميخواهد از رژيم ايران دفاع كني

  2. Louis Farrakhan is one of the most Asshole who bettered his country by giving supporting words for most brutal blood thirsty regime the Islamic Republic of Iran which they are killing and rapping the Iranian people inside the prison on the daily bases for just listening to music or not covering enough their head scarf on the head .. shame on you Farrakhan that you claim you’re Muslim but you don’t see the Iranian people are kept hungry and treated brutality by the same regime that you’re supporting, Farrakhan you don’t believe in God you believe in fame and name only shame on you Asshole which you don’t have heart to feel the pain of Iranian people # love you uncle Trump
    فرح خان بي شرف حرام زاده تو نميخواهد از اين رژيم جنايتكار دفاع كني لعنت به توي كه ادعاي خدا پرستي و مسلماني داري ولي در حقيقت كافر ترين و بي خدا ترين توي

  3. MAGA i am an Iranian (Persian)you demonstrate made the chaos and blood shed in Middle East your Jimmy Carter betrayed our King on 1979( the Shah of Persia) and sported the most bloodthirsty regime of the region in the world history The Islamic Republic of Iran next recent disaster of you democratic party was OBAMA who gave billions of dollars in cash to Islamic Republic of Iran to sponsor all the terror groups all around the world , your party only created the poverty disaster chaos unemployment and Benghazi’s humiliation for the United States of America and havoc for Middle East, we as an Iranian stand by PresidentTrump he is doing wonderful job may God bless Uncle Trump and his administration and may God punish you disaster party for all the blood shed you people created in Middle East.# love you uncle Trump

  4. Anti-Semite…. But I'm a racist…. Why does he all ways look like he's pooping in his depends. I love being a white Christian nationalist, a lover of all American races and a supporter of Isreal. Why does Farrakahn speak of himself in the third person? Visions of grandiose?

  5. Trump better never talk about him his stupid and racis but his a punk ass white boy 😎😈😈👿👿👹

  6. Egotistical piece of shit had Malcolm murdered.. Betrayal at its finest. He will never be a quarter of the man Malcolm was.

  7. Aquil Your first lie. according to a New York Times article published in June 1927, a man with the name and address of Donald Trump’s father was arraigned after Klan members attacked cops in Queens, N.Y.

    In 1927, Donald Trump’s father would have been 21 years old, and not yet a well-known figure. Multiple sources report his residence at the time — and throughout his life — at the same address.

    (To be clear, this is not proof that Trump senior — who would later go on to become a millionaire real estate developer — was a member of the Ku Klux Klan or even in attendance at the event). Despite sharing lawyers with the other men, it’s conceivable that he may have been an innocent bystander, falsely named, or otherwise the victim of mistaken identity during or following a chaotic event. ( If Fred Trump got in a fight
    with a KKK member, that would be disorderly conduct.)
    A person answering calls at the N.Y.C. Police Department’s Records Section said that arrest reports dating that far back were not available in any form. Your second lie….A conflict arose about crowd size estimates between March organizers and Park Service officials. The National Park Service issued an estimate of about 400,000 attendees,[4] a number significantly lower than march organizers had hoped for.[5] After a heated exchange between leaders of the march and Park Service, ABC-TV-funded researchers at Boston University estimated the crowd size to be about 837,000 members, with a 20% margin of error. Farrakhan's greatest achievement is brainwashing the ignorant into believing lies, living by the lie, profiting on the lies.

  8. Why did they the US CONGRESS established a FREEDMENS BANK & never protect it from thieves or restored it!

  9. The Bible and the Quran are both books of false Gods and false profits. More the Quran then the Bible though

  10. I would love to see all the blacks have their own state. Then they won't be riding life on my paycheck. Screw this racist and all of you supporting him. #getthenoose

  11. I was watching a program, run and owned by JEWS called 'democracy now'' that had a JEW 'female' complain about Minister Farrakhan about so-called 'anti-semitic' speech. The important point is if you gonna talk about JEWS< there is no other kind of speech that tells the truth about the INSANE, PARASITIC JEW< born anywhere, loyal only to israel and themselves, that can't be anti-semitic as long as it's the TRUTH. Minister Farrakhan is not anti-semitic, he is a realist that reveals THE TRUTH and the TRUTH IS, the JEW CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED.
    Joe Magnets

  12. It's not about walking in bravery it's about speaking in truth. Farrakhan speak alot of truth. He is a well acknowledgeable black man but he really don't speak the true Gospel. He don't believe that Jesus is the Messiah! He don't believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we are taught that the only way to God is through Jesus. He think it's through Elijah Muhammad, you get to God. He is a good man but he have the wrong idea about salvation!

  13. They stuck a knife up Qaddafi’s ass. Damn savages. That was the Obama/Clinton regime. Sold dat brother out. Our own people voted for Hilary. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  14. Very disappointing to see the contrast between this video and the link provided https://youtu.be/BGeyc4nGEts I guess I will need to review both and see if I am not hearing the double speak that I think I am hearing. What a difference 9 months makes. I guess the baby is ready for birth which message should be aborted? Totally different perspective here

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