Looking for Alaska: Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

Looking for Alaska: Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

[MUSIC PLAYING] I am fascinated by last words. My favorite last words ever,
“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” [MUSIC PLAYING] You must be the new roommate. Welcome to Culver Creek, Miles. I call him Pudge. Ah, The Colonel and his irony. Who is that? Alaska Young. Alaska? My reputation precedes me. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, scrub? You grow this summer, bud? You’ll have to
excuse them, Pudge. They had everything in
life handed to them. Looks like we’re going to war. There has been an outbreak
of pranks on campus. I hope you two are
staying out of trouble. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ooh, hot damn. I didn’t think
you could look any more handsome. [LAUGHTER] Simón Bolívar. You know
what his last words are? “How will I ever get
out of this labyrinth?” What do they mean? That’s the mystery, isn’t it? And which is he trying to escape,
the world or the end of it? I’m interested in
those things, too. [MUSIC PLAYING] You ever going to ask her out? Hi, Lara. How could I say no? What’d Alaska say about
dressing for a first date? You do realize you’re going on a
date with Lara and not Alaska, right? Maybe the girl I was
supposed to be with was right in front of me. Trust me, Pudge. Hang on to your innocence
as long as you can. [MUSIC PLAYING] How will I ever get
out of this labyrinth? What if Bolívar wasn’t
talking about life or death, but that part in between? What if it’s suffering? Are you suffering? [MUSIC PLAYING] Did you hear about the
students who were kicked out? Going home isn’t an option. Alaska is going to
get what she deserves. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) I swear I
never meant for this. We’re the same. We are not the same, because
I would never do what you did. We are lost in a maze. So how do you get through it? She made us accomplices, Pudge. We have to live with that
for the rest of our lives. How are you going to defend her? This ends tonight. Eternal sadness. You guys don’t trust me?
Something terrible has happened. It’s not fair. We don’t have a choice. It’s the human condition. [SCREAMING] Even when your heart
breaks, you have to find a way to keep living. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Was an honest mistake.

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  1. Alaska was blonde and traditionally beautiful. She wasn't goth or emo or grunge or whatever. He described her at the beginning of the book as a tall,skinny,beautiful blonde girl and the actress fits that to a T. Please don't give up on the show just because the person casted doesn't fit your personal interpretation of how a fictional character looks

  2. Everyone's saying that this isn't how they imagine Alaska, but this is exactly how I imagined her. She stands out more from her presence rather than appearance and that's what I always focused on. She didn't dress dark because she didn't want people to realise the extent of how messed up she was on the inside. I always liked that contrast, because I would relate to her myself as a teenager in some ways.

  3. would be better/make more sense if they were all goth/scene kids trying to be edgy and pretentious (which they're already doing). i have been saying this since i first read the book and i will continue to preach my truth. thank u for having me

  4. This book emulsified my soul when i was 17. I don’t know if i can re introduce myself to the story again. I literally was in a daze for like a week after finishing it. Hit WAY too close to home, honestly a book that changed my life and the way i perceive the world around me.

  5. I watched this show without having seen the trailer or even reading the book. Pretty much no expectations or any clue of what the story was about whatsoever. It was really great. And I will definitely read the book to see where this story was derived from. I see some mixed responses in the comments about the trailer. I assure you the story is very touching and absolutely stands out from other 'teen shows' that exist. I can't see too many people truly being disappointed with the portrayal of the book.

  6. the casting for alaska is so bad, shes too soft n would’ve been better for lara. they should’ve casted halston sage for this role n had her dye her hair mahogany

  7. I always imagined Logan Lerman as Pudge and Alyssa Violet as Alaska whilst reading the book. I imagined other famous people for the other characters too, but I forgot it was years ago. Anyways it’s too late now cause they’re making this movie, and the actors are old now..

  8. Okay everything aside, the teacher was exactly how I imagined him to be. It's great.

    Edit: By the teacher, I meant "The Eagle" or Mr. Starnes, but the old guy looks pretty accurate as well, though I imagined him to be white.

  9. i read this book years ago when i was like 12 and it was the book that got me into reading. before my grandma made me read this i hated reading and i wished so bad it were a movie back then and now its a show and im just unbelievably happy rn

  10. The characters look nothing like how I perceived then in the book. Alaska seems alright but the colonel… omg. When I read about him, I thought white southern boy who's dad left him to take care if his mom and takumi I think of as this big Asian nerd and purge I see being a unattractive but actually somewhat very good looking shy quiet boy. I think they did an awful job with casting from the looks…

  11. I'm here again after watching the Looking for Alaska show and oh my god this trailer does no justice to the show. Its amazing. I never feel like a show does justice to the book but this show really did. The actors were incredible. Especially Kristine. It's would've been easy to portray Alaska as melodramatic and whimsical and over the top but she was the perfect book Alaska, nuanced, sad, self destructive but also playful and young.
    And the show included all the scenes from the book that we loved! GAH!! JUST WATCH IT!

  12. I finally finished watching this, the book that i used to read, the words that i used to love back in 2009 made me cried a river today, it took them so many years to make this happened & I’m glad that they didn’t give up on this & im so glad that they made this into a series. Just like you all, I have my own casting who is Alaska and Miles while reading the book but trust me the cast did so great with the characters & how they executed their scenes. I didn’t put high expectations with this but they didn’t disappoint me.

  13. why is no one commenting about the fact that the main guy looks and sounds like chad michael murray?? i’m confused

  14. I read the book years and years ago and today I just discovered that they did a series of this??? I dont know should I watch the series first or reread the book because I completely forget how the story goes

  15. Read the book in 10th grade almost 8 years ago I think and I fell in love with the book, that being said I watched the first episode and was skeptical about everyone's appearance, but I stuck with it and everyone absolutely grows on you what an amazing series does an amzing job following the book.

  16. The actors they chose were questionable lol pudges face annoys me sm they could’ve picked someone who didnt have incel shooter vibes

  17. I was skeptical after I found out that Kristen froseth would play Alaska at first she just seemed like she wouldn’t embody Alaska enough but as soon as I started watching the actual show I had no doubts

  18. don’t get me wrong, i think kristine frøseth is an amazing actress and she doing a good job but i feel like she does not suit alaska really well. like i pictured alaska as more dark personality, with dark hair and maybe a little more curvy also. but i’ll still give it a try

  19. Hulu, congrats! I did not imagine that this could be soo amazing! I just love it <3 THANKS for bring it to life.

  20. The show was actually really good! I haven`t read the book so I watched it without any expectations but I really liked it!

  21. After watching this, I can confirm that this is the best adaptation of a book, maybe ever. Everything I looked forward to was included in the show.

  22. Alaska seemed pretty selfish about her suicide, the problem I have with the story is that people can never be helped and don’t want to accept help from people who love them, you just got to accept that they don’t want to be here anymore and that they are damaged and broken, even if you’re extremely good to them? Life’s really not that depressing. I would love to discuss this with someone

  23. I don’t like the actors! I always picture Alaska more badass and Miles more like Dylan O’Brien-stiles (don’t know why). When I read the book and found out there was a movie coming up I was very excited but know I think that I just going to watch the movie for curiosity

  24. Bruh Alaska is dark haired and CURVY that’s like emphasized so much also I might just be dumb but I thought the Colonel was like white or Mexican? Idk

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