67 thoughts on “‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell on PTSD defense

  1. Paid murderer for war zones! !!!! Killed bad guys??? But we are looked at as terrorist in USA and the war was to keep bad dictators in power!!!! So who r the bad guys

  2. Don't get me wrong USA are excellent country, I agree but sometimes I think we as americans especially the government take on toooo much at once

  3. Slow down and really see who's our emeny really is in the 3rd world. Now sleeper cells will come back from war looking at this as what it stood for all these years and why do u think some exchanged sides from the start?

  4. Because they'd realized who they're fighting against aren't enemies they r people who are innocent and they now see but some see it and still don't care

  5. I still respect this guy even if he'd did killed innocents, not saying he did. He did what he thought was right but really its wrong. Wars are evil

  6. Hate he's they are dead and sorry for the lives he and others taken in wars around the world. I pray for world peace

  7. Everybody is hating on Kyle huh..calling him a murderer ..etc..glad to see all of you walked in his shoes,.glad to see that you know what your talking about..wow fact is.he had to kill to protect others..now..i didnt know the man..you know..like most who hates him do..geesh..i wish i were like you guys that hate him,.guess hes more hated dead than alive..but then again..guess he isnt here to defend himself now is he you chump pussies..😉..goodnight

  8. What a Gomer…….What's the diff between Anderson Pooper and Life of Brian?   AKA  RPG Williams? This shit heel CIA front man hasn't been caught. Yet. 

  9. PTSD is something I personally suffer from.  I've learned over time to control it, but I disagree that you always know right from wrong.  I grew up going to private schools and I sent my kids to private schools.  I know right from wrong and I always have.  However, when there is a trigger that reminds you of a horrible experience that you lived over and over for 15+ months straight: there are physical and emotional "feelings" that literally take over your mind and body.  There have been many occasions that I see or hear something that sets me right back in Iraq..  I literally "wake up' and realize that, yes, I'm indeed baking a cake in my kitchen.  For everyone who doesn't grasp this concept…you will never understand unless you have been through a situation that disintegrates the fear of horrible death in you over and over again…..

  10. Having ptsd doesn't mean you'll have a flashback and go on a killing rampage in every case there are cases where people have flashbacks to combat ad someone gets hurt but it's not as common as people make it seem

  11. Rough you can rot in hell. Long live kyle . rough is getting fuck up the arse in prison every day ha ha ha


    SO TOO MIRRORED HERE BELOW…                            ///////\\\
    LIVE HIS ONGOING VERBS OF…                               "SACRIFICE"
    pages 12 & 166                                                                                       -gilpin 7-24-15

  13. Chris Kyle was putting his money in accounts to shelter it from his wife in an upcoming divorce. He promised all the proceeds of his great book to help wounded veterans. He made over 3 million dollars. He gave LESS than 30 thousand. Less than 1%! Yeah, a real hero…maybe at the box office.

  14. Chris Kyle did not deserve what happened to him. I don't care what you have been diagnosed with or claim to have doesn't mean you take justice into your own hands. No one deserves to be killed and especially when you are trying to help a veteran who lied as if Chris was an "HERO." If he didn't like Chris, he could've kept his distance and not try to befriend him. He knew he had a wife and kids and didn't care anything about that. He served his country because that's what he signed up to do and he did just that. These people overseas have no consideration for our lives and families and Chris (You served this country very well…I salute). Regardless, you are an HERO and forever will be. You did not deserve what happened to you and I am glad that justice was served; however, he should've received the death penalty. May God continue to bless your wife, children, family, and friends. You've made an huge impact while you were here on earth. RIP "HERO"

  15. There real medical proof of living people & the brain scans that some people are more pron to violence & also why are some people just straight out angry all the time, anger management issues right, but i will say this all they need is a brain scan of Eddie Ray Routh & it will either be yes he's brain is showing full sings that he is in a depression, but of course he just shot 2 people, but then, why not scan peoples brains before they get released from service & put a hold on gun control right, most of those men & women that served would show some signs of mental issue's its find to what degree its at, by putting them in stressful conditions right especially while a brain scan is going on, because of what those brain scans show if they show signs of mental issues. Then i am sorry NO GUNS FOR YOU, but it will still will not stop people from getting hi powered rifles from the underground, where most of the shootings / killings happen.

  16. Though I walk through the valley of Darkness, I fear no evil. For I am the Baddest Mother Fucker in the God Damn valley.

    RIP Chris

  17. so if he didn't have ptsd then why did he kill these guys, why would they take this guy shooting who obviously didn't seem ok. they weren't very smart

  18. "For there are none in the flesh, who reflect the Actions of The Author of Sacrifice Himself More… Than Those Sacrificial Actions Of, The American Soldier in Their Severing Of, the bonds of oppression." -Former Recondo Sgt. 82nd Abn. 1/504 Inf. 71-74

  19. PTSD is a serious problem but I feel like more people say they have PTSD then actually have it. Take Chicago for example you walk down the street and 60% of the homeless people you see have signs that say Iraq Vet with PTSD. I've met people with fairly severe PTSD. Our neighbors son with PTSD unfortunately killed himself a few years back. But I have met people claiming to have PTSD and have shown absolutely no symptoms of having it.

  20. I think it's AMAZING how they both made history in the War they trained together they are both from Texas they have books and movies out. I truly believe God aligned them together 💙

  21. SO1 Luttrell absolutely spoke the truth here about everything. From what PTSD is, to the fact that being overseas or in uniform doesn't automatically mean that you have it, to the realisation that you don't need to have even been in uniform to face it.

  22. Its the ones with the most empathy amd sympathy that have PTS, Ive battled with it, I was a medic amd saw some terrible shit, some of which I wish I could rewind and just try again, just something different, maybe try harder, if that is even possible. The only lofe Ive ever considered taking because of my own sorrow is my own…and thankfully for me amd my daughters Ifailed at that task 7yrs ago, found bleeding out on the floor by my section sgt. So like Marcus said, to cop out to pts as being the reason to murder 2 people in cold blood…I dont fucking buy it!!

  23. The people that say this on fat, yellow belly, jealous cunts. If these YouTube cowards were in Ramadi in 06, or in any forward area they would shit the themselves. This wasn't a movie. I was in Ramadi in 06, and it wasn't pretty. IEDs fucking everywhere, ambush hit and run attacks, they had bo problem killing children, or women. They will just never understand people like Chris Kyle, and Marcus Lutrell, Dakota Meyer, and others went through hell not for the paycheck, but to serve something bigger the ourself. I would love to drop these trash bags into Al Anbar. Also that count, pro wrestling liar, and all around douche should have handled any problems with Chris like a man. That what we do in the military. We have a problem with another member we dont take it to court to smear the fallen. Jesse could have publicly stated it was all bs, or talked to Chris personally. I want there dont know if it happened or not, but I dont really care. He broke a code, and he's a shitbag liar. Ventura claimed to have hunted men in Vietnam. Then someone got wise, and saw he never spent a day on any battlefield. He's a coward, and sure he can call himself a SEAL, but he was UDT. He wasn't a SEAL team jungle fighter. So, if Ventura claims to have all this honor why did he lie over a bunch of shit before Chris Kyle was even heard of. I dont care if the Kyle's estate didnt lose a penny. It was a pushy move, and Ventura is a disgrace. He was a pretend jungle fighter, and then went to the WWF, and became a pretend wrestler, not to mention a pretend politician. Ventura is a twat, and you that mock Chris Kyle if he were alive you wouldn't have the balls the say it to his face. Unless you served in Iraq, or Afgansistan theres no point in explaining, or trying to make you understand something you never will. Just know your safe tonight because all over the world a Marine, Sailor, Soldier, or Airmen is on a frontline protecting you from those horrors you only see in movies. Show a little respect, or fuck off.

  24. If the spineless who trash Chief Kyle or ANY service member for that matter were to tread a few “kliks” in their shoes they may identify with them a bit. But we know they won’t because let’s face it: Chris, Marcus,Mike, Axe, Danny And all the dudes that literally gave their all,They are Men. And the punks that talk shit are mice. May all of them Rest In Peace And their foes rest in pieces.🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸

  25. A great lair as well. If he was taking guys to the range to learn how to shot, how were they ever soldiers.. Was he a doctor what qualified him to take a guy with PTSD to a active range and put a loaded weapon in his hands. Chris Kyle was a narcissist and the perfect example of what war does to your brain. He's no hero.

  26. I cannot believe those scumbag lowlife punk pussies kid the lone survivors dog!!! Wtf is wrong with people they killed his Labrador that was given to him to help him with his PTSD!!!

  27. Wow so tragic Marcus has had if really rough losing his brothers on that mountain those people executed his poor dog he named after the brothers he lost an his best friend getting murdered

  28. Are you fucking kidding me, people are calling these guys liars and pussies when they are the people like them are why we are still fucking here. The shits these guys have to go through not only becoming a navy seal, but every grueling mission. You guys wouldn’t last a FUCKING DAY IN THEIR SHOES. Stop disrespecting them you pieces of shit they risk their lives to stop terrorist pieces of shit from murdering us while we just sit and type away at our computers.

  29. The guy that shot Chris did not have PTSD. He was crazy in other ways. This guy didnt fire a bullet. He was a fuck up, and killed a hero.

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