Locke & Key | Official Trailer | Netflix

Locke & Key | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hey, check it out. We’re here. Welcome to Keyhouse. I could never get your father
to talk about his life here. My kids need a home. Does it have to
be this home? Hello? Are you my echo? Yes. Keyhouse is filled
with amazing keys. Listen for them. They whisper. You hear that? Bode? Holy crap. How is any of
this possible? This isn’t a game. We don’t know
what these keys unlock. You woke me up. You have no idea
what’s coming. There is a crazy
evil thing who wants these keys. Bode! These aren’t toys. They’re weapons. These keys… they’re our legacy. They’re something that
connects us with Dad. The past is
always with us. You can try
and run away… but it’s always there. Whatever you think
you understand about those keys… you don’t.

100 thoughts on “Locke & Key | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Classic, they know the house is creepy, yet they still move in. The keys look suspicious yet they still use it. Still gonna watch it though, just complaining.

  2. 1:16 "This isn't a game, you don't know what theese keys unlock."
    Okay the voice of responsibility
    Netflix: Let's show him opening another door while thoose words play

  3. I hear the graphic novels are acclaimed but this looks pretty terrible. Kind of looks like an attempt to make a mature source material accessible to tweens ( in the line of IT)

  4. The comics were pretty dark and disturbing, and that's part of what makes them great. So far this looks like some fantasy story.

  5. It looks really impressive, the main idea is unbelievably interesting and the story is also very attractive. I'm sure I will give this show a chance, especially because of the amazing mysterious breath that adds to the atmosphere. My overall impression of this trailer suggests that it will be tuned to horror, but I'll let myself be suprised, Locke & Key has my attention.

  6. The pilot that was made in 2011 was said to be amazing when it screened at a few places but didn’t end up getting picked up. I’m glad we’re finally getting a show but I have always wanted to watch the 2011 pilot.

  7. That's why disney can't beat netflix, the only streaming service with equally good originals is HBO, disney has nothing to watch after mandalorian

  8. Is the ending whispers a secret code or something? I tried reversing it, slowing it down, speeding it up, and cant figure it out.

  9. Has potential, hope they clean up those Shadow VFX shots, a bit cheap looking. Everything else looks great. Don't skimp on the VFX budget Netfilx!

  10. YES!!!!!! I read the graphic novels so this is awesome!! Loved the story line and can't wait to see it brought to life

  11. Y'all ain't right with that whispering at the few seconds left at the end. The apple never falls far from the tree called King.

  12. Not to be that guy, but this is another one of those kids-move-into-new-home-and-weird-shit-happens movies right?

  13. I am listening to the music in the trailer and wonder do they know what are the themes and mood of the comic books? Also considering how utterly awesome the head key is that colorful room is just mundane. And why show Licas on in his female for, he spend so very little time in it. I am not looking forward to this which suck because I adore the comic book.

  14. What are you Netflix!
    You brought Heaven on my phone ,make me dream in Reality
    Netflix you are a true symbol of technology with perfect scripts vfx stories and visualisation.
    Thankyou so much.
    Waiting for Chilling adventure of Sabrina♥️

  15. All modern movies "look" good now with modern cinematography and cameras. But they could be bad movies with a crappy story and acting.

  16. 80's=Kids=adventure=Steven Spielberg=Stephen King=Stand By Me=Goonies=Stranger things=Star Wars=Lightsabres=…..what else?

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