LIVE Waffle Flower Water Media Mat | Re-Demo

LIVE Waffle Flower Water Media Mat | Re-Demo

hey guys it's made me my trusty sidekick Oh Vinnie is in the house on a Friday morning oh it is Friday that's why you're so cheerful it's Friday it's Friday hey guys okay so you know we had that terrible lag yesterday terrible so we decided to do this demo again of this mat because it was a terrible video the lag was so bad oh it just didn't work well so I hope you will understand we're redoing it the other thing I wanted to do was last night before I left I told you guys if your own a little live where me and Amanda we're talking before we left last night that I came into my room and I put these down to drive them my lag is back again oh oh gosh well it works cuz that one just flew off um so I just night I Drive these last night let me see if I can fix my lag we were gonna try something so I don't really know what's causing it it's really weird so let's just see if this will fix it on a refresh please there we go let's see if they did it if it didn't I'm just gonna go with it and not watch myself ok I'm back so here's the deal this is the water media map from Waffle flower and here's what I'm gonna do today ok I'm going to test the claims for you guys and I am redoing this so if you saw this on before it's just a redo last time I will say that so I'm gonna test the claims there's several things I want to tell you about it I think are amazing number one it is food safe oven safe up to and why are you doing this let's say this – real quick you guys work like dogs yesterday and figured out what the shipping issue was so the shipping issue is fixed now it's like normal so I know some of you were getting like 40 bucks to ship this to your place and that was a mistake on I don't want to say our part but kind of gets kind of our part but we got it all fixed and rectified so we're good to go ok it's food great and oven safe silicone so for me that's important because I don't really care about the food-safe part because up but putting it in your oven makes you feel okay but like for me I do shrinky dink craft with my um with my kids at church a lot we do really cute stuff they love to watch this a shrink I think this would be cool to use in the oven in place of like aluminum foil for that craft and I'm probably going to test it out and when I do I'll Instagram it or something so I can see it okay the other thing I love about it I want to make sure I point these things out again because I felt like yesterday's video was so laggy right here see these two little I don't know what to call them indentions I'll call them indentions there's two here there's two at the bottom down here and what this is for what I want to read what they say the large oh in dent that's like they call them the large indented work area you know the guides for framing videos include the standard sixteen by nine video format and multiple square positions for popular social media sharing now why is that important if you're like me and you're a youtuber or you share on social media there are different aspect ratios that we have to keep like Jordan be the first one to tell you that I'm the worst about it cuz I can get out of frame and he has to fix it and stuff like that especially like thumbnails are hard but because we have these little guideline marks we can see exactly where to zoom our camera into and we know we're in our I think it's 16 yes 16 by 9 ratio how brilliant is that the lady who invented this is brilliant to me the other thing I love is there's a little bitty divot not divot divots not the word invention that's what they said there's a little indention out here shaped like an arrow right here that's hard for you to see that little indention lets you know if you need a square ray so where's my Instagram folks if you're posting on Instagram we're doing those women at videos on Instagram if you stay in this section you can show your water color whales or your your media whales here as well as this work surface here and be square how cool is that I know you don't want to be square but you can be squirting that way and sometimes it's hip to be square it's hip to be square sometimes um the other thing I want to read all the little um oh this is one of my favorites it's non reflective okay so we have lights in here almost called this the studio this is far from a studio we have lights in here I'm going to turn them on face it me and your prop maybe not there's one turn no oh I'm going the wrong way okay I turned those on you see how bright I'm getting here in my face but notice how this is not reflecting the bulb if I were using something else I've had this happen so many times like plastic I'll show you like when I put plastic here you can see all the reflections this hat look you don't even see my camera setup that's really cool so it's non reflective so if you're a filmer whoo God love you for sitting under those Oh No I can't reach that one yeah so if you're a filmer that's awesome the other thing is the smooth matte white surface makes colors pop look how these are popping I don't want to give it away if those work I keep moving it look how these colors just go pal the reason that that's important is because when you're taking photos or if you're using it on a social media you want your colors to show it's basically for a watercolor there was another thing I want to try – dad didn't try yesterday so I'm gonna try a couple more things we didn't do yesterday that I thought about last night all right this guy sticks to your work surface as long as you if it ever stops sticking it's kind of like a stamp set you just um rinse it with water and it'll come right back the stickiness will come right back and it's really not sticky its grippy so I want to say it's sticky it's just grippy you can clean it with soap and water or dedicated cleanser dry it says dry with a paper towel and store and store in a horizontal position I don't think I draw it with a paper towel because the paper towel just like with your stamps you don't want to put that that fuzz on to them I would use a non what are they called a lint-free I was gonna say a non non lint use a non lantau and something like that I would steer clear of dry baby wipes not wet baby wipes they're fine but you know when one gets a little dry and you're trying you guys know if you're a Stamper you know time talking about you try to clean your stamp with it it's the fuzzy stay behind the same thing what happened here there it is this piece of paper is nine by 12 so you can see that that little hole holding on by 12 now I'm gonna tell you something else I discovered I thought about last night check this out so for those of us that are frugal serious about this you're gonna think I'm crazy but my crackers will love this this packaging is a keeper okay right highlight my description that will fit in the thingies now listen if let's say you have listen I'm gonna give you a couple scenarios let's say you have a grandchild who wants to work with he wants to craft with you okay and they want to be like you they don't want to have but you don't want them to stain your mat necessarily or decorate it as we learned yesterday what about if you use that for your alcohol markers okay this being acrylic this is totally usable the thing I was thinking it would be cool for you like this idea if you're doing any bead work these little um whales would hold beads seed beads ponton pony beads right anything that rolls around yeah and that a good idea for that okay great one more thing before you do it hold on one more thing for your question it also has the same room the same lip in it so the same paper fits in that and you can use this you guys tell me what you'd use it for and Vince can share it with us as we go I wouldn't throw this way I would cut this down to where the little to make it almost just like this just cuz that's extra you don't need to have to store um let's see I don't really know I think it will squeaky squeak squeak-squeak the other thing about it that I think is cool I'll show you in a second nope alcohol doesn't wipe off because it's um alcohol and can be permanent but don't worry I can get that um well don't worry it's pretty clean to the rescue no just hair the dog is what that is all right oh yeah squeaky clean to the rescue you can't beat it I need to just do a video on what will squeaky clean not clean all right so these forever says should use baby wipes with or without alcohol no I just don't bomb with alcohol in your craft room just kind of get in the habit of that there's so many things we use that that asked us not to put alcohol on them so I just kind of steer clear I just make sure it's pretty easy to buy alcohol free baby wipes nowadays cuz you know you don't want you I don't guess you wanna use alcohol on your baby I don't have a baby I don't know hmm I mean I had youngsters okay so what was the other thing I thought of less uh-oh okay let's talk about these all guys so I can clean the mat off first off I want to show you this we tried this yesterday and this is cool I'm gonna put some glue over here and I'm not gonna get in the way of it today I'm gonna let that dry and I'm gonna show you how that will peel off I'm getting used to my new glasses so I did it oh my gosh that's so good yeah okay I'm gonna flatten this out sort of get kind of squishy by the way these are the baby wipes out I like I don't know that you can get these everywhere but these are the Dollar General unscented and they're a really good price you get 72 in here but they come in like a three pack I just like them the one thing that I would caution you about is they can get very linty very linty alright let's take these guys off now you are not supposed to use razors razor blades pokey things that poke on this because it's not self-healing it's just nonstick so if you cut it you gonna cut it that's right so last night I'll show you what products I used I use this one you move this all the way I think I've done all the claims on there I use this one I use this one I use deep No yes this no I don't wait but he's this one or this one I don't remember I think it was this one this one this one and this one and I also used these one which is our favorite and we're trying to get it back in stock we're struggling with that but we'll get it back so this little guy right here is crystal glaze and I wanted to see if it would make little these mimic and namo dots you know a lot of people try to make their own enamel dots there's lots of different ways this is one way to do it so I squirted this out onto my mat there's two spots right there onto the water medium at I squirted the red here I did the pink and here well here you can see I did some tinier dots I wanted to see just how tiny we could get so to remove these I'm not gonna use anything pokey from from my stash I'm just gonna try this little spatula from Nuvo and see what happens and if I do this it comes up it moves well we'll like pick them up in a second that moves them for sure that one already moved while ago and I did not treat this mat in any way like I didn't adding that like this it's a nonstick coating on its own I didn't add any kind of nonstick or anything and then look you can just move in with your fingernail or you can pick this up it's it's bendy so you can pick it up and do it let's just try it with my fingernail it seems to work just fine so check that out we were able to make really tiny ones I made tiny this size all the way up to the biggest one this size look at that if you were doing if you were doing something water-themed and you wanted like a bubble like a like bubbles coming up from a fish or something that'd be super cute to do that with this and it's nice and it's fairly flat but there is a little bevel to it not bevel butt lift I think we had how many did you say oh these we had left seventeen and they'd so um if you want to get one the first batch we still have 17 left so this is a heart and I want to show you how I did the little heart it's it's interprets its its interpretive as a heart it doesn't it didn't land perfectly for me but I want to show you what I did I'm not gonna squirt it I'm just going to show you so I took this little guy and I made a bubble and slid down and made a bubble and slid down to that like should I show it yeah let me show it on paper and not on the mat because I want to use the mat for something else somebody who's on cardstock real quick so I made a bubble at the top and then I slid down okay so I made like a reverse teardrop and then over here I made a bubble so that it would meet the other one and slid it down that one's actually better so a little practice got me a better shot at it so that's what I did to make the little heart shape but you can do I mean you could probably do all kinds of stuff the other thing I was wondering that was pretty cool this is nonstick I was wondering if we couldn't take stencils and put them down on here and then rub like media pesar mousse or something and kind of create like a piece we could put onto other things does that make sense I may be overthinking it I don't know all right so then I'm gonna pick these guys up into my hand to get them off the mat well I got some of them these are cool these are right here perfect for if you just need some embellishments and you're like you know what I want to get in my craft room I've got 15 or 20 minutes what I want to do take out your media mat make yourself some little embellishments put them into little cups or trays or containers whatever you keep them in and then you've always got you know dots I want to call them dotty I'm gonna comb Dottie's like after my aunt dotty mmm you'll always have daddy's picking them up okay okay you want to challenge me I have a tool for that I thought I did where's my quick stick a bet it has been taking a thumbnail of where's my jewel picker nope that's weird okay I can't find it but you can certainly use your little pickup tools that's weird y'all oh well let's see if I can do this again flip I got one flip okay I can pick you just can't hit your hand well you know how I am with aim I'm not good at it okay so move those off to the side those are super cool now I will show you this two really quick let's say you did it with the clear um how's that feeling it's feeling alright alright so you did it with the clear and you needed a red and you didn't have red if you did these clear ones or if you don't have colors you can color these with your alcohol markers I don't get my finger dirty hold it down you can color these with your alcohol markers and make an e any color you want so maybe you wanted them blue for a fish card or something you were gonna make bubbles on a fish face or something coming out of a face that would be funny okay okay so this way and I'll move it down because I don't want to get dirty there's a little red dot now pretty good right you did up with any of your alcohol markers even sharpies will do that hmm okay I think I'm giving lots of information I hope I am nail then yesterday I showed you what these whales were used for I'm going to show you again today oh no did I take my water cup out of here do you see it if somebody's listening can y'all bring me a cup of water please all right so what these wells are used for is for taking your little this is so good to me any ink will do this it doesn't have to have to be these one by ones one by one just fit in there perfect but any ink you can just take the corner I'll show you remember this some okay I have to say this to you some pigments and some inks are going to stain your mat as a matter of fact the back of the instructions I mean on the packaging itself it says avoid sharp edges like pencils and knives some colors and pigments may stain your mat so they want you to know that up front that can happen these distress inks don't don't stain so we'll do this put a little orange in there and I'm going to show you the other thing I thought was so cool which is you can use these as mixing whales so you can create your own colors too cuz well let's do it right here I didn't like the color I mixed yesterday let's make something different that color well ugly I think that color was you GL WA alright so a little bit of one color in the whale and then a little bit another color I still want to say Timmy's in the whale um so here you can then take yourself thank you you can then take yourself a paintbrush here's one dip it in some water just have water and you can create watercolor puddles you know that you can color with on your paper your cardstock your watercolor card shot this is perfect you are gonna see this Matt used a lot I saw there are a lot of reviews if I went and did a little research last night I saw there was a lot of reviews of the mat a couple of months ago I think there was like a press release of the mat and a lot of especially watercolors and things like that we're showing it so go check those out there's some really good ones I know Lindsey did one the frugal crafter this is the one that was the two colors and see how I can mix and make myself a whole different color in here it's really cool and then this you can use to watercolor let's get our little scrap paper over here I don't know why you would use that color that's not very pretty I think I mixed it and then you know and with real watercolors I think what I saw Lindsey do I'm not real good with watercolor I'm pretty sure she used to water colors that she actually squirted it into the well and used it that way that was pretty cool okay and I bet you money y'all tell me if y'all think this is true I've been thinking about this thing a lot I've been studying this Mac because it's cool I bet you money you could put your tube water you could squirt your tube watercolors in here and use press and seal and like put it over it and be able to come back to those watercolors the next day or even later I bet you could because I've been written I bet press and still would stick to this good now try it before you you know test that before you say for sure okay now then to clean these I'm just gonna use a baby wipe it cleans off super easy yesterday we did the alcohol marker test where I to see if alcohol marker was saying it yes it does stain it I was able to get it off pretty good I did not try the alcohol on it I would try some hand sanitizer on there but I just forgot to but that might get that off alcohol marker will stain it okay here's what I wanted to test one moment or something I don't know this one I want to say I'm gonna take some of my mementos you guys remember I told you these mementos probably do this with distress too but the memento markers are water I mean inks or water-based poor choice of colors but I don't see my big tub of them in here these are water-based right so I was even talking on my Facebook group last night about the fact that these water-based inks tend to pool especially on new stamps and especially on silicone stamps no one's told me this but just from me using inks over the years I've kind of discovered that a water-based pulls more than a pigment-based because i could be mistaken but i think this is right i think a pigment-based has more of an all to it or this is a lick as a water so it pulls that makes sense I wanted to see something I know I know I can do watercolor on here and smash things into it do you guys remember when we would do the back in the day I have a video on my channel where I just did this across the page let me show you where I just took I'll use the back of this page where I just took the inks and I made this pattern like this and then I stamped over it and I have a beautiful card doing this it's so easy you get this really pretty look and then you just do an image on top of it I wanted to see if I could do something that simple look I did it on here one I think I can it feels very wet too it slides so easy let me put the lid on this for I put my hand in it and three oops okay now I want to see if I can pick it up and I think I can just rub this down on here see you look that's pretty cool to do that straight from the mat just to kind of play that's not groundbreaking I just wanted to see how the ink reacted to being rubbed on the mat itself and it does really well I kind of thought it might drag or skip and it doesn't so that's kind of cool I see that somebody saying watercolors do dry and you can use them again yes that's true I just I don't understand that I don't I don't do watercolor I do know a little bit about them but since they're in the tube and they come wet if you wanted to keep them wet for some reason I think you could yes he says if you let it dry if you just need to reset it they just turned into a cake at that point and you can just wet it but if you wanted to keep it wet for some reason I think you could press and seal over there I really do I think it'd be cool okay the other thing I wanted to do today was what was it there was something I want to show y'all I showed you the plastic I showed you oh one more the sets you miss this I'm gonna plug this up and show him this because I thought it was pretty cool didn't you think it was yes you said it was heat-resistant and I don't remember all the details that you said but you did say you could put it in your oven up to so many degrees but I don't remember the girl I also can use our heating tool on it oh yes you did you use your heat tool to dry something yesterday on it and you even put it right over it I did I even held it on it like this not that close I held it like this and let it get hot I do think okay at one point yesterday afternoon I did one up in this area and it bubbled a little bit like not not like my grid mat will do but it could I could tell it had been hit with heat but it flattened back out so I would caution you to not use it to the extreme if that makes sense like use it because you want to use it for a heat tool but not like mm-hmm you know what I'm saying hot glue guns gonna heat up while it does or when it finishes will do hot glue roses I'll show you that let me show you this in case you want more information or watching to those videos this is their little information also guys if you're using these products be sure to use these hashtags that's a great way for people to see your your projects and stuff and what else what else what else oh I was going to show you all this I'm not a watercolor you know this right oh that's wrong ones I went into Brenda's rendus thing and got the wrong thing so here's the deal yes you have watercolor in here and you could just use it from here but I think what makes these wells so cool if brenda was here she would tell me what that's like where'd my brush go it's right there mm-hmm if brenda was here she would say this is why it's really cool so I can pick up paint out of here and then I can put it in here I mean I guess I could scratch some of this cake out of here but I don't want to do that so I put that in there then I can come into another color like maybe yell i brenda got one of these by the way so I know she's gonna be using it on the product pray Channel she will show y'all how she'll use it then let's say I put the yellow in here like so and then I can move this off of my work surface and now I can mix these guys here to use it onto my project if that makes sense so I can pick this one up and put it in here and then without contaminating I can pick some of this up and put it in here and now I have orange so that's I think that's really cool don't tell fate I think that's really cool Oh someone said this I meant to say this while ago I was just a talking did I not say this I don't think I did on the not to get rid of I meant to say this you can cut around this but just cut that little tab and it'll hang on your wall if you if you hang stuff on your wall so we're crafters we figured that stuff that we figured out stuff out water way down there okay now I will tell you this there is a mirror stamping technique you can do with this and I'm going to be doing a video on that it needs dedicated time it is not something I can do here however in my here's what happening ideas so I went and googled it and it's not it was done by Waffle flower on their channel first that's great they do it using the Misti tool a lot of you guys don't have the Misti a lot of you do I'm going to do the video and I'm gonna show you using your Misti tool and I have a couple ideas for being able to use it really well without any fancy tools I think we can do it I think there's a way to do it without fancy tools but that's gonna need time and it's gonna need a dedicated video so that's coming probably next week but it's got to come before July because July's Christmas in July oh man my channel let's see oh oh I did this yesterday as well I didn't media paste on here and I didn't try the mousse we wanted to try the mousse so this is some of Brutus Monroe's media paste if you're not familiar with it it's kind of a product that keeps its body it dries let me move that so it'll focus it dries with some texture and I put this I wish I had a it in color I don't and now it's a little harder to remove off of there I will tell you that but it peels up after it dries so let that dry for a second are there any questions about the mat itself no ma'am not so far no questions well you did have the couple questions about the technique that you talked about but all right you answered that oh here it is Oh embossing let's talk this because I talked about this yesterday yes you can use your heat tool over this tool over this mat this is just a mate advice do what you want with it I wouldn't do my heat embossing with my dry powder on this mat because the more powder and the more grit you put on this mat the more you're gonna have to wash it to get the kind of the nonstick and the and the grip eNOS back to it I don't think this would be ideal for that I kind of like this using this in a setting where I can just tump this back in here really easy and I wouldn't want all that I also feel the same way about glitter now I think somebody yesterday said they would use it for glitter projects that's fine if you want to I wouldn't number one cuz you're i'm not using glitter and number two i'll use glitter if it's chunky but number two i don't want it to stick to this mat and we have to go wash it off etc you saw how grippy these little guys were on their you know just me getting those off of there it's it's it's not sticky but it's there and i have a look i'm struggling to get it up now let's go okay got it next we didn't try this one yesterday well you ain't got no fingernails either so that I don't have no fingernails hinders your picking up stuff like that we did not try this on here yesterday I don't know what's gonna happen it could stain it it might let me do it so you don't right alright so there's a little Nouveau mousse we'll see how that does how it comes off now some people also talked about the fact that they like the the glass matte better that is perfectly fine I feel like these two products except for maybe the mirrors taping I feel like they're kind of um interchangeable maybe except for their non reflective which makes it better for me as a filmer for some people that like for the average crafter and like at home that doesn't matter to me but they're reflective the non reflective coating or the nominal active issue I love because of my filming situation okay it's so quiet here today we did this early we're not hyper yes we're still like we had a bunch to do this morning we've been running because we have stuff stuff we have to do today and I wanted to redo this and so it's kind of like we've been we have not been hyper today see Oh own memento means one moment well okay I used acrylic you should be telling me so I don't what was it somebody said yesterday I was using southern French was that southern Spanish all right here we go so I think this might be hot let me see it is can ask for question the hot glue gun gets hot right do you guys shake with y'all no I shake I really shake when I'm squeezing a hot glue gun it's just a thing so if you see my hand shaking it's a thing I don't know why okay so I put a little dollop out here it does not hurt it most of you guys probably know that you can use like silicone mats from the Dollar Tree or you can use like what was that thing I had oh there was a tool put out one time a kit put out by Mod Podge may still be out they had like a zebra print squish silicone mat and I used it to put my glue gun under one thing I really like is the stability I get for the glue gun because of the grip enos of the mat I like that so it just sits there but this kind of reminds me of those other mats all right I'm gonna show you how to make a hot glue Rose and know this when I show you this I wish I had some but I don't but they make the colored glues like Mod Podge has some colored hot glue and maybe some glittered ones you could do that with it I just either use a marker to color these or use paint but here's what you do to make if you want to see a detailed tutorial of this I have one on my channel I keep getting distracted because I want to make sure I tell you everything I have a detailed tutorial that's on my channel you can go watch that and see it alright watch this so I'm going to take this glue gun and I'm going to run it down and I kind of want a roughly edge on my strip here and I can add more if I need to and I'm gonna do a little bit extra I'm running out of hot glue where's my ugly let me add a piece in here and I'm gonna do a lid a bit extra underneath it well why is my gloom not going in there we go alright a little bit oh I went crazy I'll cut that off I pushed you hard ok glue gun be my friend it's not quite where it needs it and it's not quite where I can use it alright we'll push it out of the way it's not quite ready for one there we go hmm okay grab a little alright so you just want that to be a little wide and then let me make sure I didn't push that in the wrong direction I don't want that to get stuck I'm so mean to unglue guns I'm so mean so we'll let this dry for a second don't touch it let it dry but look right here this one that I just did I can just lift it up see it just comes right up because it's nonstick so when this dries I'll show you I wish I'd have made it a little flatter watch this let's do it see if we can flatten it out why not right it's nonstick it might have flattened it maybe not now we'll peel this up now that little thing there I'm gonna cut away because I don't need it just do it like that there we go okay so to make a hot glue rose you want that kind of I say roughly but you see how that edge is not even you want that edge to not be even and then you're just gonna turn it you're gonna roll it on itself just roll it back and that uneven edge is gonna give you the roughly edge of a rose am I on camera sorry I wasn't watching I was watching this rose mmm-hmm looks like you're in there then you put a dollar what is what have I done there I didn't have the thing reset okay you put a dollop of glue down and then you sit this in it watching your fingers sit that in it and let that cool had somebody when time I would always say and let that dry and had somebody when time tell me hot glue does not dry it cools they're right it cools I'm gonna try to not get burned is that okay with you today I would rather that you did not get burned that's that's a good thing for you to do i'ma try to not get burned okay Oh Marian says that's my everyday Spanish and grippy is a good word that's cool okay now then is that cool it's not cool time let that sit there for a second let's see if anything else is drive that we can start peeling off this is the fun part let's try the glue at the top I can't see it anymore I bet you guys can't so look how that just peels off I want to try to get it where you can see it kind of peel it up so glue doesn't stick I didn't put very much on there today is this dry now this is the one yesterday that was a little more of a work that I had to do not too much yeah look so that I'm kind of having to scrub up there it goes this is the medium at No what's it called media page maybe a paste this is the media madness this is the media paste so I'm having I had to work a little harder on this one to roll that up it's cool though y'all I love this thing I love this thing I have a feeling I'll use it a lot especially in stamping because it'll be cool to have something you can use I mean I just use my little um acetate sheet but I know y'all think I'm crazy the way I'm sitting but I'm trying to see what she's doing are they saying that no oh it's just your look funny you know cuz I'm all leaned up trying to look over your stuff what blocks you your computer what other computer your water bottle your water glass my hanging cuz I'm like don't look me okay Nile then get that off of there I don't know about this well it's dry that dried quick now my hands wet I better let my hand get dry second I mean it says I love this mat and all the things she's showing but I'm also thinking with my granddaughters crafting what a great table protector yes water-based markers would be great – you wouldnt have to worry about again she's gonna blame it on the kid of course you'll blame it on the kid okay that's working with my fingernail scrubbing it I'm gonna try to do it with my bone folder because that won't damage the mat that's not pokey all right that's me trying to do it dry let's see what happens if I just try to wipe it off wit so this is the moose oh look much easier when you just wipe it off with a wet wipe much easier alright so for for ignorant people like me why would you just take it and smear it on there oh I got because you'd be stenciling well no you'd have a you'd have something on here you're working on yeah and it would run off okay or it would get on it so that's what you wanted to say okay now if you're a mixed-media artist you tend to play outside the lines and sometimes outside the lines is outside the edges so if you're mixed-media you're messy yes and when I get me sorry I don't mean that in an ugly way when I get mixed media no that's the part of the that's what they love like there's that's why you hate it cuz I don't like messy if you don't like like Brenda Brenda loves it Brenda's like are you going that way like is there two different kinds like mixed-media folks love that that messy craft that get in there with your hands it's kind of like okay here's a good example when I cook I only use my hands for biscuits and like one other thing like I watch people's Cooking Channel's and they'll you'll do it you just put your hand in something to mix it up that's not who I am you will do it you've done it plenty of times I don't do that I don't know why it's just a thing I'm not that person but I know like with Brenda if Brenda has been here for 15 minutes if you run into her afterwards she's always picking stuff off her hands you know or got ink on her hands or whatever and I think that's a think that's a characteristic that we that we have his artists so I know I you know I you I want to say that I don't care about this stuff and what she's doing but I do I like she fascinates me more than she does y'all because y'all are at least into this stuff if it's if she fascinates me enough to want to look at it and I don't care anything about it you know that's uh but your curiosity wants to see what she's coming up with the other thing is y'all got to know this y'all know what he's asking look you already know that that's not a question you'd ask well they already know the answer right they wouldn't ask it I got a little too much hot glue so I'm going to trim the edges of this because I squished it out the sides to make my rose please go watch that video I loved that video it is from back in the day you'll even see my little zebra print mat I'm talking about I still have that thing somewhere no no al said her husband will only watch us yeah he will not watch any other YouTube crafters well that's awesome all right here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put this down here this is my lil rose I'm gonna take this red maca alcohol alcohol a marker and I put paper down there just cuz I want to protect my surface I'm gonna take this marker and get in here and kind of color this you can also color it before you roll it if you want to okay Katy asked what I think is a good question she says could you use in place of a gel press I would think so I the only thing you're not gonna get from this that you would get from a gel press in my opinion or a gel a gel plate jelly jelly plate I think is this is the depth of squish does that make sense like a jelly plate is a little thicker so if you wanted to squish or maybe use that as part of the technique I don't really I think with gel plate it's usually more of a kiss technique where you're just picking up what you've put on the gel plate I totally think as long as you know that some products that you use could stain it and you're okay with that who was it yesterday said not staining it decorate it somebody said that you just have to know that some of the products you use am I on camera some of the products use might stain it so if you're okay with that and I and most mixed media artists to see that is decoration Oh Barbara I don't know whether it's brave or just glutton glutton for punishment but anyway Susan asks what video I'm assuming your video you're talking about is the detailed video that you did on hot glue blue roses can y'all I always put my girls on the spot if y'all can find it that'd be cool I'm still coloring this rose to be honest in my first video this was long before I ever used alcohol markers the one that wouldn't send you to I used acrylic paint in there cuz I didn't have alcohol markers at the time if I did I might have just had I might not have known them very well but look it makes a cute rose oh my gosh it's so much better not having that that lag I can see where my hand is look how pretty that one is – it's almost translucent see that it's so pretty I love that you want to see it up close it's a little rose saying that's sweet you would never know that's hot glue and that's a good way to make some inexpensive embellishments alright his questions are Amanda says his questions are what new viewers may be thinking but afraid to ask it's true I hope you always do that well I mean in in this in our society today any time you use a phrase that's derogatory or that people interpret is derogatory like when I say I'm ignorant ignorant mean that I'm stupid or less intelligent it means I'm uninformed so when you ask a question you know some people are ignorant to a lot of things okay Kathy say what happens when cope it gets on the mat this is my Nouveau alcohol marker which is the same as a Copic there alcohol markers there it is boom there Amanda did it she put it there it does stain your mat Amanda is there any change danke bring me some hand sanitizer I want to try this with hand sanitizer it's stained my mat yesterday can you see that tiny little pink dot it was a red dot I decided that's just how I would know this is mine now listen again I'm a little more anal about this than most folks most folks don't care this stuff it gets stains and stuff on that the reason I'm that way though is because I feel them and I I like for everything in my videos to be clean and neat and look like this the first time we've ever used it I really do to the point let me tell about em so this is suck this stamp sets such a good example so in video make sure y'all can't see it yet until I show you in video I will say to you this is the stamp set we're gonna use today that's called defined emotions look how beautiful this stamp set is right this is the one we're gonna use yes she keeps one that she uses and one that's still in the wrapper this one is the one that I'll actually use and it'll be and you probably thank you you guys will probably notice like when I go to stamp it'll be this one and you'll be like well that stay what in red when she used it when she showed it in the package that's because what I do for video because I want it clean and neat I have this one that I show you guys and then I sit this on top of it and these go into my Brutus Monroe pockets which is amber sit I want my hand sanitizer back woman you'll get it sticky little girl she's not yes Beth you can say PayPal in the new system and you do still get your loyalty points I should say a germophobe little girl I'm a I'm about that too ok listen about that just really quick I don't want to derail this conversation but we are still having a little glitch with our app that lets you do both of those coupon codes so there's one of two ways you can do it go make sure you put your club member in because that gets you the the biggest discount while you're shopping if you're not able to use your loyalty points at the end the the app developers are working on that we talked to them yesterday they're still trying to make it work seamlessly it works for some not for others just either call us and tell us how I play I made this order can you go give me my discount or email us and I mean I mean the amber can go in and do that before you guys I want to try this from yesterday I know it's a tiny pink dot and it's hard to see Oh got a little not mean for that much to come out oh look what's that on my hand I think that was on my hand now that's great I think that was on me all right now it's on the mat okay let's turn this this way let's try this let's just see if it got it off okay it did not get rid of my little pink dot now it might have if I did it quicker this one's been on since yesterday yeah that's probably been soaked in listen you let me try another one no I tried on top of that well that won't tell us anything I'll try in a different corner wait just so y'all know Vince recommended that I tried on the back but the back is a different um can you say true here The Bachelor different see that and I don't think it would release this so just so you know why I'm not trying it on the back I'm gonna try it right here dot I'm gonna wait five four three two one and I'm gonna do this alright it stained it okay and now quickly I just want to go that puts out so much oh I still have some on my finger try oh well yeah that's it's still a little pink but that's much better I mean that's not gonna stop me from you now you're on my antenna don't sweat with me okay nothing wrong with taking care of your tools I am that person now to look in this room you won't believe that mmm you know what I wish I could do for y'all I'm just too chicken to do it I wish to goodness I could put a time-lapse camera in here you know have y'all seen I know y'all love this like I do you know how people do the time-lapse of cleaning I love towards that I love to watch a messy space be time-lapse to clean that is so cool I wish to goodness I could do that my room but I just tell something I'm too self-conscious about my body to walk in front of the camera over and over again yuck not y'all I was gonna say y'all people wouldn't probably not be kind about my body once it these women are brave they climb ladders and film their the whole backs of their bodies right in the camera and I'm just like I'm not brave enough for that I'm not doing that now if I can do a time lapse and Jordan can edit me out every time that'd be fine it's funny I think about that I'm like no no no and if you're feeling that you have to think what your clothes look like from behind who wants to look at that you're getting way off track so wrap her up there you go I love this guy I'm just gonna tell you I love it I'm looking forward to trying the mirror stamping but again and I know everyone wants to see it I literally thought I'll just tell we're sitting at lunch yesterday I had had seven minutes to eat tacos before we went live I'll tell you how I know so I wanted chicken tacos and I an Amanda went to get him I said get me two chicken tacos and when she came back Jordan said you got ten minutes so I went oh ten minutes I got time to eat so I went in there to sit down and when I sat down I must have gotten sidetracked on the way in because Thomas went you got seven minutes I went seven minutes I can do it and we were sitting there and I put taco I'm out then I looked at you in a went I think you can your stamp on that thing and then I realized and then I come live and everybody say it and I'm like it wasn't my original idea now I'm sad because I wanted to surprise her with it it's okay things happen it's okay I am silly Bobby Debra said she wondered if the magic eraser would take off the stain I don't know I think their magic eraser texture and this texture might compete have you ever used a magic eraser on silicon before somebody might know yes this one will stay up I want you to know when I took the other one down it the lag I don't have the lag today y'all probably y'all don't have the same lag I'm talking about I kept looking at my screen trying to show y'all something and I would have to wait to get it to get into focus for me and Jordan even had to come in and refresh it for the crafter after show and you'll see in the crafter after show it didn't do that so we left the crafter after show up and yesterday afternoon I told him and I said I'm gonna redo it because the the Matt deserves better in my opinion the Matt deserved a better video because it was awful like I would say I would pick up this corner the Matt and I would go look at this blah blah blah and it wouldn't catch up with me for a while and I'd sit there and I thought if I have this much lag and they have lag on top of it that'll be miserable okay Kathy said thanks for showing the what kopecks due to the Matt is is those alcohol markers the same as because that's not a Copic markers this is not a Copic a Copic is an alcohol marker Nuvo markers are also alcohol markers these work just the same same thing they blend thank you um where where the differences are gonna be I'm not doing this over this Matt I have not taken a chance of dropping this marker on this Matt we're your biggest differences are gonna be you know even in your Copic markers your nibs are different you know you have the ciao and the regular Copic and they have different nibs this these have a bullet point on one end look at all the ink I got on me today and a chisel point on the other and these the other thing about these that I love is these come in a three pack I don't have any impacts right now but they come in a three pack of colors that already complement each other and you can blend them together and I mean to correct me if I'm wrong should I wait on you to correct me before I'm wrong how much are these like and we have a bunch of those on order and I did see the type today that diversifying Claire's came back in stock today so I'll be putting those in the store here in just few minutes didn't come back inside they came back in in an order he put them in stock in a minute I'll put them back in stock shortly this right here do you see that Charlie Rogers watch the lady clean her shower in her swimsuit yesterday that is a brave woman I guess what she said that's a brave woman these are like I want to say it but I'm gonna get in trouble if I say it but somebody tell me how much kopecks are I haven't bought them I haven't bought them in years actually I started my collection years ago I mean like five or six years ago but my problem was I couldn't afford to buy them and so I would get people to give them to me as gifts but trying to explain to people what colors I needed and stuff and also picking out the colors was hard for me my brain needs to work in it in a kit situation yeah I'm using the sanitizer thank you um I get so many questions about this watch man Amazon I get all my watch bands on Amazon they're really affordable um and I and they're just silicone this one actually is a little faded and I clean it with hand sanitizer as there we go $5.99 not my band this these come in a 3-pack for $5.99 and the colors are already complementary and I love that and the other thing is there's only so many of them so I can collect them like I can get a list of the colors and I can collect them and like in my family y'all have family murders like this say like my mother-in-law does not want to give you a gift card or money that's not what she wants to see she wants to give you a gift something that means something to you and that you want this is just one example so what I would do is I use to go to the craft store or go online and take pictures because she didn't do wishlist or anything like that I would snap photos and give them to Vince and then I just it would still be a whole bunch of stuff so at Christmas I wouldn't know what I was getting but she would know she was getting me something that I wanted so if I have a list of these of the collections I can say I want this collection this collection and she would know she was buying me something I'd really use and want and so that's kind of how I like to do these kind of things I like kids right Oh Michelle we miss you too we miss you too but I've been keeping up with my emails and all the videos yeah yep okay so kopecks are five to seven dollars depending a piece Bobby is that a piece I think it is I want to make sure before I say but there's also and I don't carry this line but I used to use spectrum spectrum noir markers I really like those two but what I liked about these was the fact that they came in those three packs that complement each other and they were so inexpensive it is a great price that's why we have a hard time keeping them in stock and they work really well there's lots of videos out there I love the nouveau line I haven't met anything from Nouveau I don't love I can't think of anything try to think about there might be some colors I don't relate to but I love their products you know they're the ones who do all of this I love all of this stuff it says a 3-pack of kopecks is 1755 see I don't but let me say this in my opinion y'all take it for what it's worth as a card maker who does not focus on alcohol marker coloring these work for me just fine if I were an artist who did graphic design with Copic markers if I if if coat if alcohol marker coloring was my thing I'd still invest in those those nicer markers that's a fair statement I think corpses are $8.99 each in Central Florida where she shops and the thing you have to remember is you're comparing alcohol marker to alcohol marker because you know there's even markers less expensive than this the big market March markers are also alcohol the difference with them is they don't come in the complementary colors they come in colors you can work together pretty good but they're not perfect okay I think that's it I think we're gonna call it let Vince go put the product in stock and yes videos our staff wants our paychecks to be on I'm gonna go film I'm gonna play with his mat and see if I can make it a mirror image okay all right we love you guys very much I think that is a much better better review for you without the lag the delay the blah blah blah all that stuff look look how sticky this is see if I can show you so this is stuck to it look that's a good way to show you how sticky it is it's clinging it's clingy grippy grippy that's what we said it's a grippy mat so it grips to your surface alright guys I love you very much I hope you enjoyed this one thanks for being here today don't forget at 12 o'clock today I have a top tip on my Mei Mei Mei Mays product parade channel I mean it could you throw a link to that in the UM in the chat product parade is a super fun channel and right now every Monday and Friday I'm doing top tips over there so you get a new top tip every Monday and Friday and in the month of July after yesterday's so many of you guys said you like this idea for the month of July I'm gonna be doing top tips gift gift wrapping related or gift packaging related I love gift packaging I think it is super cool and I'm gonna do all my top tips like that so just for the month of July because it's gonna be Christmas in July oh man I made it then so I'm gonna let I mean to put that link up because I just flung that on her really super fast and don't forget tomorrow you have a video that goes up at what time any wolf named Venus vittles new video goes up at 11:00 tomorrow so if you haven't checked out Venus vittles check that out tomorrow is a pizza bake it's really good five ingredients simple quick delicious delicious all of my made videos go up at noon I've been trying to think of a word to be like May noon or something like to let you know that I'm a bit um live it I'm not lie about my videos go up at noon all my videos go up at noon Monday and Friday on the product parade Tuesday Thursday Saturday on this channel Wednesday on this channel and then Sunday on this channel they're all at noon so you won't miss them there's the link to the product parade please go subscribe here's another thing once we reach a hundred thousand subscribers on the product parade you might want to look away we're giving away heard we are giving away a electronic cutting machine so the winner the person whose drone will get to choose which machine they want Cricut silhouette scan and cut you choose paddles I don't know you choose up to a dollar amount we'll have that in the giveaway because some machines can get really expensive so we'll have it up I won't hurt you we'll have it up to a dollar amount thank you so or we may um oh I mean it says she may have gotten a taste that recipe you just talked about it might have been yummy alright guys we love you very much we'll see you next time pick up if you want these water media mats we had 17 and start when we started the show if they're sold out Vince place another order right away and they'll be here super-fast love you guys talk to you I guess

24 thoughts on “LIVE Waffle Flower Water Media Mat | Re-Demo

  1. Great review… I'd love to see a video tutorial on your Shrinky Dinks you do with your church kids. Hugs, Maranda ♥♥♥

  2. Looks like a nice mat. I can see uses for both this one and the glass one. With this one, for people who do video's, you don't have that shine/mirror finish catching every light/reflection. I do love the glass mat though, but I'm not a video maker. Hugs, Brenda

  3. Here’s a thought… this mat would be good for people who like to scrapbook because the little squares can hold tiny embellishments and the 9”x11” area is where you can put you scrapbook paper/pages so that your desk surface does not get messy and also it help people line things up straight. What do y’all think?

  4. Thanks for redoing the video. I’m excited to get mine! I’m so glad you fixed the shipping so quickly so I could order from you. Normally I am so impatient but glad I waited a day. Love ya’ll!

  5. Thank you for reminding me about hot glue roses. I was trying to think of an embellishment to put on my niece's keepsake box, and I think these will be perfect. Since I most likely won't be able to find the color I want, I can just use my markers or paint. 💗💗💗

  6. I don't need this but, May May, you make everything so cool, it makes me want it anyway! 😂 Love all your videos!

  7. I just received my Easter pack and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Vinnie for pointing out they are useable year round!!

  8. Missed you live cause I wasn’t home, sorry! It’s a very neat product! 💕 Vinnie, you’re funny 😆

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