Live update Water Media Mat shipping corrected!!!

Live update Water Media Mat shipping corrected!!!

are you gonna be mad if I tell people that the last thing you said before he went alive was I hate smiling she doesn't hate smiling she smiling is her favorite and just when I have to just do it on the spot we had to do a thumbnail and it's ridiculous okay listen we fixed it we did it yes we figured it out the problem for us well if you don't know our waffle for our water medium at shipping price was crazy we figured I want so I told you guys before that the new USPS thing is they have to use metric as well some have to use measurement as well as weight well it's a big piece right well what happened was what happened our software was telling our other software we have software's that speak to each other they were telling the other software to use a 20 by 20 before box well that's what would happen but we had to go find where the glitch was where it was happening so I mean I went in we looked for it we found it and now we have fixed it so now it says he's been he okay now he doesn't know he's in the woods don't tell him he's in his happy place he won't care we're doing the work but we figured it out so now it's right so like we even tested on a customer from California and the shipping was normal and we did one for me it was normal we don't know what we even went to the post office check this out we packed it in the envelope went to the post office and said we think something's wrong but we don't know where so we started there and they told us the right and it was what we thought it should be so then we came back here we tested three addresses at the post office Washington Texas and Kevin home it's a clan next door Washington Texas in California and now we've got it right so we have I don't know how many we have like we don't even know whether the boys know where they're at I don't know we have like 35 or maybe 40 of them right we started with 35 so I think if you place an order for one when it was crazy the boys how many 30 if you place an order for one when the shipping was crazy and I understand you probably didn't that's okay the boys will refund you the difference so we appreciate your patience with us it was crazy and here's what I'm gonna do and I think you guys will agree with me about this because the comments in the video that I did sort of went shipping heavy and it kind of kind of derailed everything and it should have it was a terrible shipping error that we had to find I'm going to tomorrow morning here's a Monday matter of fact I'm gonna take on there and show y'all oh my room is a mess nope not telling I love you it nope it's like oh I didn't make my bed today no no sorry that um what I'm gonna do is I took some Nouveau drops and I squirted it on the mat and then tomorrow morning when we come me and they'll be firm and dry because you know we're trying to see if they would work so tomorrow morning I'll do a live to show you again we'll just kind of play with it again and it'll make more sense and then people won't be kind of mad at us about shipping I totally get it thanks for a night he's gonna be so excited um yeah that's what we're gonna do so anyway the derail what a day right poor Amanda was trying to do comments figure out shipping error I'm trying to find a place to hold this deal for a second she was trying to do comment shipping airs we had customers whoo oh no girl people got mad but look they don't get mad let me say this no one gets mad it's crafting week we don't get mad but we make mistakes we are not perfect you guys know this right and I don't think anybody was mad I think see I didn't see the comments but I think a lot of people were concerned about it and I get it because I think I think some people thought that we thought we could actually charge $40 first opinion we didn't matter of fact we just put the product in the store like we always do and we don't see shipping until you guys purchase unless we do a test and so when you guys look and we were like what invents was like what he thought he had put it in wrong which can happen and actually it kind of was what happened because what actually happened was our system didn't have a specified um package I was gonna say boss but it did have a boss so did have a specified package for it so it didn't know what to do they just defaulted y'all it's the same thing always computers know what we tell them yeah and we had an error so that's what it was we do need people to tell us when things are not what they think it should be but understand that we will figure it out it just takes us in look can I just tell you all we've been on the phone with our software developers we bet we're like what's going on what's going on you know who finds it us these two we just have to go test and test and that's what we just did so that's a good way like people ask me all the time like what's a day in our life so check this out since the live show this is what we've been doing so the live show went off it would 132 issues something like that I came out I got with Amanda we went up front we've been on the phone with her software developers we've been owned heard that her computer didn't listen we've only found our software developers we on the phone with to app developers Josh went to the post office we have you wouldn't believe and then finally it clicked and we went wait a minute it's a box issue so that's a cool thing so you told the developer that I told our developer I'm like listen I call you you're gonna do this you're gonna they know but the truth the matter I said in here's what's gonna happen we're gonna hang up from you and a man and I are gonna go figure it out and that's exactly what we did yeah so anyway there's a day in the life that memo made it right that's just one of the things it's kind of cool though because um I told him and oh I'll go might well now we know something else like now we'll know before it happens so it's is it kind of fun it's not fun for errors no but it's really rewarding when we figure it out yeah well with both things we had to handle today we figured it out I mean we really did it with the other one I mean yeah I was trying to with the other one ways I knew what was going on I just didn't know how to fix it so yeah it's pretty cool the other thing we had to fix was I told y'all we were staying out of card yeah we had a problem where we had a product coming out of your cart when you would shop and I'm like why is this happening why would it didn't make any sense well I'm y'all know we changed our the way in the back room that you get your discount we changed it to the new way with your club member discount now and so we kept going what is the problem well our old of our old program that was hooked to our system that was that we were using have a good night was still still had code in this system it was still telling it what to do and for some reason when you put something in the card it would take it out so anyway Amanda found that I wasn't in on that Amanda found that so anyway we're pretty dang good at this stuff right anyway it's available for you if you want to go get it it's the Waffle flower water medium at it's amazing and tomorrow I'm just gonna do a fresh new walk through with it so we can look at it again and I want to show you those dudes that drives as a matter of fact if you look at my stories on YouTube I just showed a picture of them just a few minutes ago alright guys have a great night thanks for your patience with us we're all learning forgive us where we fail you were gonna do that guys we're gonna we're gonna make mistakes but we love you talk to you soon

13 thoughts on “Live update Water Media Mat shipping corrected!!!

  1. People should be more understanding. Bringing it up is okay, but some become snippy about it. Trust should cause people to give you a break. Can’t find errors like magic. Need time. Love you all.

  2. Y’all are The Queens of Troubleshooting… love you guys.. I already have the mat and it’s AMAZING..

  3. Thanks so much! I went ahead and ordered when it was crazy because I didn't want to take the chance of it getting sold out. I had absolute confidence that y'all would figure it out and make it right! You problem solvers rock!!!

  4. I believe it. I was the user liaison in IT for several years. It could take days to figure things out.

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