100 thoughts on “Live: Fort Worth Police Department hold press update on shooting of Atatiana Jefferson

  1. The guy(neighbor)who called if he knew her or them like that why didn't he just go over himself and check things out ijs that's what I would've done

  2. You can't question somebody in a homicide shooting until 48 hours later huh.. if there was a video tape of me walking up to somebody's window 3 in the morning also unannounced and then killing them they're coming to get me soon as they view that video tape.

  3. When a Police tenders a letter of resignation, it has to be accepted for his resignation to take effect. And since he resigned and is no longer afforded due process of a police officer, why is he not charged right away instead of being allowed to roam the streets freely to possibly interfere with witnesses and evidence.

  4. Back in the day, a "good" neighbor would have KNOWN their neighbor and checked on their neighbor WITHOUT calling police.

  5. This ๐Ÿ‘ฎ Police Chief is #Stilllllllllllllllllll being on #CODE; check out the SHADE he gave to her having a GUN.

  6. Letโ€™s stop beating around the bush. Just give him your โ€œhugs, kisses & bible copyโ€ and 10 years like you crooks already planned.

  7. That cop "must" get the death penalty. (no excuses) And everything he owns and all his pay & retirements must go to her family. It's time to disband the police departments nation wide, they are a carry over of the racist Pinkerton agency, who's "original job" was to hunt down slaves. They are still operating on that mandate and code. This is no different from 1866 when the new orleans mayor got the police department and murdered the black founded Republican party and killed over 130 people, and then white people took over the Republican Party. No one was ever charged for those murders.

  8. This is obviously a Metroplex Management problem! I hope the FBI can teach "proper procedure"! Management had to have seen these situations coming! They were aware of the shortcomings of both forces! FW had a trial run with Amber Guyger!

  9. What kind of America is this these days? Why are cops so damn trigger happy in America? I'm more afraid of cops than potential criminals. At least with criminals i know all they want is my valuables and to get away asap. With cops they just shoot on sight. WTF. I'm so sick of the same old b.s. line. "I was in fear of my life" as an excuse for every incident. C'mon!!! WTF Enough is enough. Then all the upper officials ever say after things like this is "we need to do better training"? WTF That line has been used for decades upon decades and nothing changes these types of outcomes. WTF. This is sickening and frightening because they wear badges. SCARY stuff.

  10. This is the result of the training police officers receive. They are trained to shoot if they feel they are in danger. They are trained to be the controlling force in any interaction. They are trained that the city and the union will defend their actions as long as their actions are within policy. Policy allows police to shoot someone of they become fearful for their life. The cop only needs to show the suspect didn't follow commands. Killing justified. Once in a while the cop's actions are so outrageous that they must throw him under the bus. But no policy, no laws will be changed, and this is how the city and union want's it.

  11. Blacks literally need a law to defend ourselves from law enforcement. One of the biggest threats. Other than black on black crimes. Had to put that before someone say it.

  12. This apology only means they can't find a way to justify the officer's actions, they don't care about her, she's black. Meanwhile on secret pages #thinblueline #bluelivesmatter #alllivesmatter Republicans and trump supporters are saying she should have listened to the officer's demands. Nothing will come of this, #blacklivesmatter had been trying to get stuff like this changed a long time ago, along with the kneeling NFL players. Instead of proving they wanted a change so this stops happening, they all resorted to anti civil rights tactics

  13. That police captain apologize all he but sorry is not going to bring that woman back that so I would have sent that police chief we don't need your apologies fix your Police department that's how you apologize

  14. Sound like they dont want us Blacks to meet aggression with aggression. That's the only way these whites will understand

  15. What a joke with this country. Specially Texas. How about them charges. This police officers need to start getting charge for their trigger happy hand. Disgusting!!

  16. These cops are out of hand….we need to come together and police our own communities. This really breaks my heart and angers me. Praying for her family and friends. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ™Father God please have mercy on Ms Jefferson's soul. I don't believe there was a weapon involved and I hope the nephew is old enough to say so. Texas law enforment is on a legal lynching rampage….smh!!! The officer know he acted inappropriately that's when he resigned. I'm more than sure she wasn't sitting and playing video games with her nephew with a gun beside her. Smh!!!

  17. this is not just a tragic accident!!! this cop is an idiot and should be ripped out of his job and lock him up forever

  18. When is The Gun Violence gonna stop!!!? It used to be gang banging and now it's Civilians against Law Enforcement like it was predicted in the past.

  19. The neighbors that called the cops is the one I'm side eyeing. He said himself there was no threat or danger. So why call the police? He dont look like the scary type. He could've went and hollered through the screen door. She heard the cops in the back yard. So she wouldve heard the neighbor

  20. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญomg if the roles were reversed she'd be fired, dragged and prosecuted immediately and expeditiously put that murderer under the prison๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Š๐ŸพโœŠ๐ŸพโœŠ๐ŸฟโœŠ๐Ÿผ

  21. What I heard from Ft Worth Chief is we will be investigating ourselves. We all know what they find No wrong doing after looking at all the evidence. They tried getting Texas rangers smh if it was solely up to the Texas Rangers Amber Guyger would have been acquitted. Already see problems with this investigation.

  22. And you'll notice that the news headlines now SCREAM "W H I T E C O P" despite their refusal to treat black criminals equally. Those who demand "equality" the loudest, are the onew who actually DON'T WANT IT!! They want special treatment for themselves, which is the definition of "RACISM"!

  23. Black People, its been 400 years and counting, its time for us to get out of the this God-forsaken country. Things are only going to get worse if we stay. America need to pay us reparations for slavery and systemic oppression so that we can leave this strange land. #Blexodus2020

  24. Cops are not Humble most of them are Thugs and Bullies.. who Violate Citizens rights.. 80% of Police shootings are justifiable ..

  25. Shot through a Window while playing video games with her 8 year old Nephew at 2:30 in the Morning.. So you are saying she had a Video Game controller in her hands in her own home in front of a TV ..
    These Incompetent Cops need to lose their Pensions too .. Getting put on Disability for PTSD for $40,000 per year is a reward .. for many Cops ..

  26. He resigned means he can a find a job at another place in just as much charge. How the mess did they accept a resignation and straight out not fire him.

  27. Also welcome to Texas every other house has a gun so her having her own gun in her private house does not matter the cop couldn't see her holding a gun through blinds. Also you guys heavily edited a video so you weren't trying to get that out fast.

  28. Park in the front. If you have another person with you. One in front other the side or back . Observe the area, door for force entrance , look for signs of struggle/blood, listen for screans, but first and foremost announce that you are the police ask if anyone is there and are they ok. I'm a civilian!

  29. The Mayor seems sincere and her words of encouragement are felt. The Police Official sounds torn. This is a tragedy, and there is so much anger and pain in all the comments sections Iโ€™ve read concerning this case. Please pray for the Jefferson family, that Fort Worth Community, and the United States of America, please!

  30. Condolences to the family this is a very sad moment in fort Worth Texas feel for the entire family what there going through and also the law offices of the state of Texas. We need prayer and healing too move on.

  31. Well now all we need is the victims family to hug the cop for a lesser sentence and I'm being sarcastic. This cop honestly needs to be jailed for longer than 10 years (5 years with good conduct)

  32. This is so Sad, I hope this officer get more than 10 years with out a HUG from the Judge!! This kid have to remember this for the rest of his life,, GOD please be a fence around the nephew and the family !!

  33. And police departments and their officers wonder why they aren't trusted.
    So many cops out there need some S.uper H.igh I.ntensity T.raining

  34. R.I.P atatiana Jefferson u were a angel in every one's eyes dieing after a nosy neighbor calls the police just while being beside ur nephew play Halo everyone will miss you and God will take care of you up there in Haven God bless ur family . Don't worry someone will seek fingence or this cop hopefully will be locked up forever

  35. The police had the audacity to publicize photos of a gun in her home. Police always try to paint their victims in a bad light after they've killed them. They try to dig up old rapsheets, arrests and any previous run-ins with the law the victim may have had. They always publicize any weapons their victims had in their possession to make their victims look like bad people. Sometimes they even mention traffic violations their victims had from previous years. Sadly, we buy their stories all the time.

  36. Why does no one start off with a prayer for this woman and her family. Iโ€™m not related but I cried for her.

  37. These cops are DISGUSTING & DESPICABLE. Donโ€™t call the police, you cannot trust them. TWO innocent people murdered in their homes, because their door was open. My God. Satan in the flesh.

  38. Wondering – was cop trying to catch someone in the act of doing something dirty? Did Atatiana die due to civil forfeiture policy?

  39. No neighbor please don't call the police for me, I'll handle it myself and call them my self after the fact. Plz don't be a good neighbor and call the police for me, Police shouldn't be walking in someones home/yard, I look out the window too when I hear something outside, if you are going to, do a wellness check, go to the front door knock and announce, wait to hear something.
    He wasn't working for long hired 2018
    Some ppl are not cut out for the job.
    Of course she had a gun, somebody was sneaking around outside, they should have went to her front door and knocked, She probably was scared to death.

  40. The same damn thing happened in Greenville SC and nothing happened to the cop.
    The man he shot through the window in his chest a groin was white. Wonder if that's why nobody ever heard of it.

  41. Step 1 – All the police have to say is what they're already saying, that a gun was found just inside the window. Step 2 – All the cop has to do is say she had a gun in her hand. Cop gets off, free as a bird, case closed. The cop already quit. The city is now in civil trial defense mode to keep from getting their butts sued off. Cops lie in court all the time. Whoever lies this time will be a hero in the eyes of the city.

  42. Police and ambulance nocked on my door. A girl called 911 because my son told her he was gong to harm himself. Police asked os Nick here i said yes.He asked where os your phone. My son said in that drawer, police said get it for me my son said no you get it, you might shoot me.

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