Lindsey Graham on inviting Giuliani to testify before Senate

Lindsey Graham on inviting Giuliani to testify before Senate

100 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham on inviting Giuliani to testify before Senate

  1. Kurds have rebuilt many Churches since their autonomy in Northern Syria. The quickest converting to Christianity.
    We need to remember the Christians genocides in Turkey in 1900s. If Christians had been converted into ottoman’s dictatorship they hadn’t been trough genocides. If Kurds have to make 1 choice between surviving or facing genocide they definitely will choose surviving rather living under neo ottoman regime. USA has to protect Kurds otherwise Russians will change everyone’s opinions including Kurds, Greeks and Armenians.

  2. Somebody ought to spay blood on fox Network to represent kurdish blood spilled by Trump's permission to turkey to invade Syria .

  3. Lindsey Graham, without values ​​will perish America! Follow your president, I follow people with values ​​like John McCain! Has nothing to do with Obama, has only to do with you and your values!

  4. After Horowitz backs down Grahamnesty will join with Romney and push for impeachment. He's been looking for an out and this it. Once deep state always deep state.

  5. Pence eulogized GWBH and announced his '24/'28 run. Graham VP locks it in. Both know – and possess the mettle to trim – DNC's global deep state hubris. Stay frosty, LG. You own it. And DNC will remind you of these words.

  6. Republicans let Mitt Romney know that he's a piece of s*** who is leading people in the Republican party to vote against Trump in the Senate

  7. You guys are full of speculation the president said that he would do Financial sanctions on them and if that didn't work we would try something more aggressive am I wrong there he might have just given them a chance to have peace or f*** off and die
    the way I see it is they just begged for us to Nuke them that's the only way to stop the war there the only way…
    prove me wrong 200 years of fighting you think you're going to f**** stop it if they don't see benefits to stop fighting they won't
    Trump gave them options they chose other things now they're going to have to pay. Love you so much Lindsey Graham you're awesome but I don't think you're a negotiator sometimes a negotiation needs to come to a head

  8. if the msm and the swamp is against it…then you know its A GREAT IDEA! Nice going President Trump…you've beaten the swamp and the NWO again…..ISIS = black ops…PERIOD

  9. I'm always amazed at people who say things like…"we need to bring our soldiers home…let these people fight their own wars"…WHAT DO YOU THINK THE MILITARY IS FOR? The people who join the military understand why they are asked to do the things they are asked to do. When you say bring our soldiers home…you DISHONOR their job. The purpose of the military, is to address problems in the world that could potentially affect America, BEFORE it gets to America. You don't want to bring our soldiers home and then when the problems mount because they are not out in the field preventing it from growing…one day we wake up and the problem has reached our doorsteps and now, the soldiers have to fight, but now, instead of just worrying about their lives, they have to worry about the lives of their families, because the fight has come to our doorsteps. Everything Trump does, is for VOTES. No President will ever talk about bringing soldiers home if they truly care about America. Those soldiers are out there risking their lives and in some cases giving their lives to protect us here…they are out there fighting to stop the problem from getting to US here in America and to talk about bringing them home…you dishonor them. They are out there giving of themselves to protect us, but, people here are so selfish…they would rather have them here doing nothing because they want to see them or they want to know that they are safe…guess what?…people die every day in various ways…these people have decided to risk their lives to ensure our lives can be lived without the violence and the problems they stop out in the field from ever getting to us. What we need to be doing as a country, is making sure that when these people's careers in the military end, that they are well taken care of by this country…what they do and what they sacrifice cannot be repayed…it's not about bringing them home…it's about taking care of them and their loved ones when they can no longer take care of themselves because they have sacrificed themselves for US. It's amazing to listen to Trump talking about bringing our soldiers home…this is the same man who didn't want to call the families of fallen soldiers to offer his condolences…this is the same man who is considered a draft dodger…ofcourse he thinks they should come home, because he can't understand why they would want to do what they do, because he knows he would never do what they do…HE DISHONORS ours soldiers…They give of themselves for our safety and well being…he just manipulates and takes for his own gain…he will never understand why they do what they do and why it is necessary for them to be out in the field in these parts of the world. No matter how much people like Lindsey Graham try to explain it to him…he will NEVER understand it, because HE would never do what they are doing!

  10. "The kurds have been good allies" is just more BS lingo: they are NOT "allies"; maybe friends, except "kurds" does not designate a nation-state, but an ethnic grouping, without a head, so they can't actually be anything to the US government.

  11. I'm beginning to doubt Lindsey Graham's patriotic bent. He seems to be falling back into his old ways. We should keep an eye on him in the present and the future. I no longer trust him.

  12. What is wrong with true Americans and the American public…what happened to decency, honesty and patriotism? Following the idiots in the WH and all his minions is truly insane!!!

  13. I wonder what Sweet Lindsey thinks about this idea today? Rudy is going to be testifying sooner rather than later as it turns out.

  14. Pat robertson sell out to israel gimme a break will fukers ever wake up and realize nobody is anybodies chosen anything , they wrote that about themselves they arent the creators chosen people and they know it

  15. Giuliani will never testify. He is a deranged, obsolete, nut job. But smart enough to only lie on local news stations, never before anyone who can get him to tell the truth.

  16. Finally waking up Lindsey? Stop supporting the backstabbing soab in the white house. He is already sticking a knife in your back for going against him in this matter.

  17. 50 troops? That’s a platoon plus a few more, to keep the Turkish Army in check. The Kurds are Communists. The last time we supported Communists, the Soviets stabbed us in the back and we wound up with Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War! Turkey is our ally in NATO. We are choosing Communists over our NATO ally?

  18. Hey Lindsey, And now you don't have any friends anymore, neither left or right. See all the comments of all the idiots still supporting Trump. You are no longer one of them. Now grow some balls and say what you really think of Trump. We all know how you really think about him. You told us before he became powerful.

  19. Rudy should testify so he can give all his evidence that he keeps waving in the air but Dosnt let any body read. All his witnesses are pro Russian thugs that pay him for non existent cyber security for access to trump.

  20. President Trump is saying on TV that he never knew those two men , and that he has his photo taken with anyone and everyone . So he says the 3 photos have no meaning.

  21. we need to understand the difference between the Christian Kurds and the Communist Kurds-and who is fighting now with Turkey.

  22. Donald J Trump 2020 boycott Fox News Lindsey Graham you’re a blowhard🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. Ever considered honesty? (all of you _ _ _ _ _ _ s)
    You should give it a try at least once.
    You never know… it might actually work.
    (but only if you try)

    President Trump has the right idea… and you should follow his lead.

  24. It occurred to me while fixing dinner to feel sorry for Lindsey. Imagine that everyday you either have to keep your comments & laughter about trump's misspelled tweets or his interviews (bad idea for Turkey to attack or Kurds weren't at Normandy) to yourself or have to have a staff that laughs with you but can't leak it that you laugh at trump.

  25. I now know Lindsey is working with the Democrats. If Guiliani goes before his committee then he has to go before the house.

  26. Hey Dumbass Lindsey: Do you still want Rudy Ghouliani to testify? How many more times are you willing to stick up for Trump only to get kicked in the nuts the very next day?

  27. I'm sure he wants Guliani to testify now that we have him on camera having lunch with two Ukranians born in the Soviet Union, who were just arrested for working with Guliani to insert foreign money into Republicans elections. I'm sure that's why he wants Guliani to speak. Oh, wait, this is a day old and that just happened after this video


  29. Thank you President Trump, by time!!! Bring our people back to our Nation. They are good soldiers and belong here!

  30. Trumpet it’s drawing a red line in the sand he’s not like stupid Obama who draws a red line and doesn’t do anything about it in the turks go after the Kurds all Hells going to be paid.Trump knows where his red line is

  31. We condemn fully Lindsey Graham and anyone else who supports wars without meaning, irrelevant, cruel, destructive, deadly. Trump is a Godsend.

  32. Rudy will not be testifying to tell lies because he will be in jail with Trump. How about sending Rudy and Trump over there so they fight to be disposed of. How dare Lindsey ask for prayers while he is one of the gatekeepers of the organe face devil. Lindsey the proper request should of pray for America from your idiot boss.

  33. media setting policy for the world again a minority of Kurds hold the rest to ransom they have killed there own to enforce there rule

  34. You people are cowards know wonder you lost the civil war i cant wait to see every rebel flag outlawed burned and every confederate monument is melted down

  35. You are such a LIAR Lindsay of course he has alot of evidence enough to sink this White House for good way to go Giuliani show us the light Lindsay show us how righteous the Trump administration is

  36. Lindsey Graham clearly would do ANYTHING, say ANYTHING, to feel "relevant." The result is that he is now widely regarded as Trump's feckless shinebox, a person of no relevance whatsoever.

  37. Where is Syria? Where is their alliance Russia? Turkey is invading Syria!!! Not the u. S. A. This is insane! Kurds need to side with Syria. Kurds didn't fight Syria if they would have Syrian government would have beeen defeated! C. J. And Ruthie B

  38. Turkey as we speak is bombing Kurdish bases. It’s displacing over 70,000 innocent civilians. The presidents argument of ending endless wars is phony, this does nothing but destabilize Northern Syria and lead to the potential of the Islamic State of making a return. Please don’t ignorantly side with the “unmatched” wisdom of our president on every decision.

  39. This is a Mockery to Lincoln and values he gave his LiFe for.
    Bet he's turning in his grave.
    Republican Party😔😔

  40. Its going to be American blood spilling instead of allies because of this. Graham is spot on. Trump said we were pulling out of Syria after his famous meeting with Putin. It's very obvious Putin asked for this.

  41. Thank you senator Graham.
    I dont think President Trump is abandoning the Kurds. He is counting on good people to help.
    President Trump is aware of the danger of ISIS, and aware their rebirth may be in the U S A.
    Small potatoes compared to our corrupt Congress & government.

  42. Trump's entertaining, but not a good president. Being president was on his 'bucket list', something the feed his ego. Make a few extra bucks…Americans just got caught in the middle of it.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  43. Someone can fact check because I’m not the expert, but I heard we can’t fight Turkey with the Kurds because they are a NATO ally. Turkey has been part of NATO for years, so we can’t take up arms against them. This has put us in a bad position….

  44. I know South Carolina people are compassionate and patriotic to U.S. But to see Lindsey Graham backing Trump like this sadden me. I visited South Carolina and hike that appalachian and I met some of the kindest people.
    Is this what South Carolina people want to represent them, a man who change his ethical value at the drop of a dime?
    As to whoever hold the oval office he backed that person. What happened to a man impeaching Clinton , a president who unfit to hold the office of presidency. Is Trump fit to hold the of office of the president? I thought South Carolina people are upstanding citizen who believe in the American value and the Constitution. South Carolina was the state that help wrote made the our United State Constitution. What happened to South Carolina and her people to accept and approve Trump type of character. Are they telling people in the U.S. and around world that they are accepting of Trump: cheating his wife, unpatriotic words/actions, hate fill rhetoric, faulting the factual truth, limited intelligent and divisive words and action against America . I'm not understanding this.


  46. Let me say this to Lindsey Graham. Don't you think we been in enough wars. Now Lindsey don't you go home to your wife ? Our military deserve to return home to there wives if some of them even return home. But in reality Lindsey how do you think these wives fill when they lost they love one in a war. So you need to stay out of that one. And if you want to do something keep staying on the Democrats and find out why they keep breaking the law.

  47. Mr Graham I understand that you want to protect the Kurds but sometimes when you do for people you enable them and look what is happening now the Kurds are working with the with Syria to stabilize the Border against the Turks and we didn't have to do a thing the Middle East is going to fight for thousands of years and do their s*** we ain't done nothing to change anything there but lose American lives and 💰

  48. Mr Graham I’m kinda seeing the way you and dumb dumb did before he died… you’re playing both side of the field …. SPY!!


  50. no more wars ….means no more wars…don't ever compare Tump to obama…OBAMA IS GOING TO BE EXECUTED…IF NOT ALREADY DONE…

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