Lindsey Graham ‘increasingly optimistic’ about solutions in Syria

Lindsey Graham ‘increasingly optimistic’ about solutions in Syria

100 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham ‘increasingly optimistic’ about solutions in Syria

  1. This guy has absolutely no backbone at all. He changes just depending on what he thinks is getting him a vote. Phony politician. Guys like him is why Trump got elected in the first place. Wimp

  2. Here's the Graham capitulation we were expecting. This man is weaker than the president. And such a hypocrite. A pathetic and spineless human being.

  3. Lindsey, Your just like your boyfriend John McCain. You just can't stay out of Trumps lane. Donald Trump is the Commander and Chief, NOT YOU

  4. People in S.C can't stand Lindsey goober gomer gayham..I sell at local flea mkts in S.C& 90 percent can't stand the zionist corporate warmongering shill

  5. Stormy.. oh Stormy… I love you..
    Donald.. Donald… Put on a cond***
    Stormy.. My dear.. Mine is mushroom sized.. cond*** wonโ€™t fit..

  6. Iran killed their own people? That's why we shouldn't trust them?? Then what's the situation with Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi Arabia?๐Ÿค”

  7. Everything still leads back to Trump and Putin!!!…OIL…hmm???๐Ÿ˜ Oh, yeah…like, The SIBUR OIL CO. Of…PUTINS??? Oil like that kind of oil??? Oh, I'm sure we all want to secure that oil !!! Maybe, Ol' Wilbur Ross…can help offer up…and also, answer some questions there…!!! Go for it…people…do some investigating…start where your at first…follow the OIL…!!!

  8. Thanks for your comments Senator Graham! The Kurds are opportunistic turds now and more likely vultures! Forget about the Kurds theyโ€™re not being humble enough for their own good! Let Russia resolve the problem please! Work more closely with Russia in Iraq and Saudi Arabia please.

  9. The chairman of the Judiciary Committee hell bent on ripping Syria off its oilfield…. and not giving a crap about the Dems corruption, duh!

  10. Thought for a while that Graham might vote to convict in the Senate. Not happening now. They might of told him to layoff Trump as his voters back home are getting pissed.

  11. "A demilitarized zone between Turkey and the Kurds". What planet is this clown living on? Has he not been watching the news reports showing the Kurds fleeing for their lives? That demilitarized zone was where the Kurds were living. If that's all Turkey wanted, why not set up new towns where the Kurds can live peacefully. Turkey's military invasion is an ethnic cleansing designed to get rid of the Kurds. Wake up Graham.

  12. I don't know what dirt the Trumps have on you Lindsey, but it must be REALLY bad to have you to rip out your own spine like this…

  13. Lindsey Graham better figure out who's side he's on. His flying off the handle bad mouthing POTUS'S decisions when he dosnt have all the facts NEEDS TO STOP!…. We don't like it. He needs to keep his mouth shut or pick a side.

  14. Lindsay Graham your from S. Carolina go home and work on your pick up collection stay out of International affairs

  15. It's funny how Trump administration is way different from when it started they have all quit or gotten fired ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ he added more dirty water to the swamp

  16. Disagree. Why did Trump let Turkey in the first place. Now Turkey is killing the Kurds. Lindsey don't dare to stand up against Trump. There is no need for a huge Turkish military intervention if what Erdogan claim is true. Purely BS.

  17. Graham is so far up trumps bum hole trying to get his poll numbers back up heโ€™s lost his dignity the man flip flops more than a fish outa water

  18. "I was so impressed with his thinking about stealing the oil." "That's really the only reason the US has anything to do with the middle east in the first place." "Genocides mean nothing. In fact we will aid in a genocide if it helps our bottom line."

  19. Lydsay Graham is deep cant be a friend and supporter of No Name McCain for 4 decades and then try to make out you are an honest person…. some of the other 28 NATO countries need to step up , its not up to USA.

  20. Folks you are looking at a broken corrupt politician! Ask Lindsey about his 779K profit he made. Didn't trust him before and I still don't!

  21. Lindsey Graham is the first transgender Republican senator from South Carolina; whenever he sees Trump personally, and he is done with his session with him…someone at least tell to remove the milk-ring around his mouth.

  22. Thomas Jefferson made a lot of good quotes on government officials and the out come when they over stay their welcome as an official in office. Love his quotes.

  23. The Syrian oil field belongs to the people of Syria, not the US and its allies. The US has no business in Syria. As we focus on destroying Syria, we neglect the decay of our infrastructure.

  24. Senator Graham needs to wait until he has all the facts before he speaks … he's a classic example of the establishment and why we need term limits now.

  25. Hmm Republican special counsel investigating the Demorats for a change ? Where's Trey Gowdy's number hahaha ? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜†

  26. America is timid, weak, unreliable and unable to govern itself. About 40% of the American population adore a grotesque huckster and grifter & have lost faith in the constitution and it's institutions. America's best friends and allies are appalled and terrified by Trump. He'd sell us all out just because he can, & he'd do it on twitter.

  27. These people were investigated they were found to be corrupt. Bring them two trial in court if they're found guilty put them in prison no more investigations by the senate or Congress. They do nothing but talk talk talk bring them into court have a jury trial and either they're guilty or innocent PERIOD…

  28. ha ha ha Pelosi got a free round trip after ceasefire by Pence n sec of state. what an opportunist – fid she bring family too?

  29. The cease fired is another misleading to the Kurds just to buy time for USA soldiers to get across into Iraq safety. The slaughter of the Kurds will continue soon. When are we going to impeach the mf trump? How much more damage fox and gop? Next week, we will be deploying 100,000 troops instead of 100 troops bc the Kurds no longer going to die for us. White angry men, if you donโ€™t like my country USA, you can leave. Get out of my country. These 3 colors red white n blue donโ€™t run and donโ€™t abandon our allies until this racist con man with no leadership elected.

  30. And what exactly do you do with over 50 thousand prisoners? Isis fighters captured. Back in the day they would all be dead. So we are apparently trying to change the program.



  33. Non sense! So you expect them to break the deal with assad and Russia? That's their only protection.. Not gonna happen after you left them out to dry!

  34. Graham is a good man. He's open to unconventional policies and ideas on how the USA should conduct itself moving forward away from the war mongering conduct of American past. Trump is truly a great great man.

  35. America is responsible for the ethnic cleansing and massacre of the Kurds. These people fought side by side with you against ISIS.

  36. Those oil fields belong to the Syria people and not outsiders.
    The fields themselves are not massive, they hold little oil compared.
    The only reason for holding these fields is to stop the Syrian people from being able to rebuild their land.

  37. By Bajram Angelo Koljenovic Tragedy of Syrians reminded me it is no less tragic than Israeli support of Serbian aggression on Bosnia by Serbia bombing of Sarajevo, Russia supported aggression for years of terror it was a live spectacle on television word wide, we are used to it. Not to worry. For the last 2 years Israel is watching the Syrians die as most of us are indulging ourselves on TV news, it was a phenomena in all of Americas living rooms and perhaps the rest of the world became a movie theater and always having a favorite part in the life drama pretending it is a old and unfortunate prejudges as in movies, natives Indians and cowboys.

  38. I'm glad Lindsey Graham has seen the light and is agreeing with the President now about bringing our American soldiers back home. President Trump is keeping his campaign promise in getting us out of idiotic endless wars over in the Middle East that doesn't involve us.

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